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Edgesforextendedlayout scrollview can host

edgesforextendedlayout scrollview can host

Returns a Boolean that shows whether touches within the scroll view, specifically touches on subviews, can trigger a scrolling or stop the current scrolling. Swift can “access all of the Cocoa Touch frameworks” and that it constitutes “a without the user being aware that it resides in a rectangular host. If true, input view will remain on-screen even when non-input control is tapped. (Inherited from UIViewController). EdgesForExtendedLayout. THIEM VS ANDERSON BETTING EXPERT FREE

So if the user opens the skill which initiates the LaunchRequest, we can give them a welcome message with hints on what they can ask about. You can do this directly in Visual Studio or in the Azure portal. Now make sure that you can hit your App service API endpoint. Then enter the URL for the endpoint in your app service and choose the subdomain ssl cert option: Once this is done, you can save, and build your skill then proceed to test it!

Here you can also view the JSON that Alexa is sending to your skill and use that to test against your skill directly using something like Swagger or Postman. Once you enabled testing, any device that is assigned to the same email address as your Alexa Developer Account will have it enabled.

Now get out there and build some Alexa Skills in. Interested in sponsoring developer content? And why is it so confusing? Frankly, it's easy to get confused because the top and bottom layout guides are prominently presented to us as elements that convey layout information about translucent overlaid elements. However, they are not the only "translucency-aware" layout mechanism. They are directly relevant only for positioning of "normal" subviews, i.

Content within a scroll view or a subclass like UICollectionView and UITableView will always be positioned in a more complicated way involving the scroll the view itself, affected by properties like contentInset, contentOffset, etc.. Really, if scroll view layout were a straightforward thing, why would Apple have dedicated WWDC sessions to scroll view layout for the last four years running?! To summarize, as the steps above indicate, the three distinct translucency-aware mechanisms for managing layout are as follows: Extends Edges determines if the view controller positions its root view so that it underlaps the nav bar.

Layout Guides provide a metric that tells where the "main" content area is, taking translucent bars into account. You can use these with Auto Layout to position normal views so they don't underlap. Or you can access the numerical values in code. Scroll View Insets are the right way to ensure that a scroll view's content can underlap but doesn't always underlap.

The automaticallyAdjustsScrollViewInsets property on the view controller can do this for you automatically in simple cases. Presumably, this property just causes the view controller to update the scroll view's contentInset based on the same values it exposes via the layout guides. So if you needed to manage the insets yourself, that's how you would do it. If you do a ctrl-drag from the scroll view to the superview, when it pops up the menu of possible constraints to add between those views, it might try to get you to constrain the scroll view against the view controller's layout guides.

This is because IB mindlessly prefers layout guides to superview edges, when the superview is the root view. But when you're working with a scrollview, this is the wrong thing. For instance, suppose you accept a constraint against the layout guide.

Then you will end up with a top constraint on your scrollview that constrains it to topLayoutGuide That So what happens when one fine day the nav bar does not equal 64pt? Or when you simply turn off the nav bar entirely? Or want to re-use this scene in a context without a nav bar?

Answer: then you get a broken layout. So how do you force IB to add a constraint from the scroll view to its superview's edge, as opposed to the layout guide? As far as I can tell, the answer is that you can't add that constraint correctly in IB by doing a ctrl-drag between views. Instead, you need to select the view, and then use the "Pin" control at the bottom of the canvas. This is the one that looks like a capital H with a box in its middle. In the top section of the Pin popup dialog, the section with the little diagram showing superview space constraints, you can use the dropdown controls next to the text fields to configure if the space constraint binds a layout guide or a superview.

Update: Only need to set the height constraint in storyboard to Greater than or equal to, no need to setPreferredMaxLayoutWidth. View Transforms Autolayout does not play at all well with view transforms. The reason, as far as I can discern, is that you're not supposed to mess with the frame of a view that has a transform other than the default identity transform - but that is exactly what autolayout does.

The way autolayout works is that in layoutSubviews the runtime comes dashing through all the constraints and setting the frames of all the views accordingly. In other words, the constraints are not magic; they are just a to-do list. And it does it by setting frames.

Edgesforextendedlayout scrollview can host john c bogle little book of common sense investing tom edgesforextendedlayout scrollview can host


You want your table to start where the navigation bar ends, because you wont see the whole content if not, but at the same time you want your table to cover the whole screen when scrolling. In that case, setting edgesForExtendedLayout to None won't work because your table will start scrolling where the navigation bar ends and it wont go behind it.

Here is where this property comes in handy, if you let the view controller automatically adjust the insets setting this property to YES, also the default value it will add insets to the top of the table, so the table will start where the navigation bar ends, but the scroll will cover the whole screen. By default, this parameter is set to NO. If the status bar is opaque, the views won't be extended to include the status bar, even if you extend your view to cover it edgesForExtendedLayout to UIRectEdgeAll.

If you set the value to YES, this will allow the view to go underneath the status bar again. If something is not clear, write a comment and I'll answer it. Solution 2 Not sure if you are using storyboards, but if you are, to make your view controllers start below the status bar and above the bottom bar : Select the view controller in IB, In the attributes inspector, deselect 'Extend Edges - Under Top Bars' and 'Extend Edges - Under Bottom Bars'.

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