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palla csgo betting

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palla csgo betting

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If not, there are always our CSGO betting advice you can utilize to your gain. Some key factors to look at are the players and map pools of both teams. Map winner Here is another bet where having knowledge of the game comes in handy. If you have watched both teams and know their strengths and weaknesses on different maps, it can be a good way to deduce who will win when they play each other.

Selecting individual map winners while match betting requires knowledge of both teams and how they perform. It is not an easy bet to make unless you know the matchup intimately. Handicap The handicap bet is an interesting one. Sometimes in CSGO match betting, odds makers will give a team a map advantage in a series in order to create less lop-sided odds. In other cases, some teams will be added or deducted rounds in the final score to determine the winner. Example: If you play a handicap bet that adds 5 rounds to a team, even if the team loses you are still a winner after the 5 rounds are added to the final score.

Total number of rounds per map This bet can be a bit more of a gamble. The reason this can be more difficult is you can never know if a team is going to perform decently and win more rounds than they normally would while still losing the match.

Example: Cloud9 before having disbanded lost several series to top teams. However, in almost all of those games, they won at least 10 rounds and often more. The fact that they always had long games would have made them a good bet for the over in this CSGO match betting market.

Race to Rounds Another volatile bet that offers great returns is the Race to Rounds option available in the dynamic markets section. The idea behind it is to select the team that goes to a specific round count first out of the two teams. Some maps heavily favor the defending side and some the attacking. On top of that some teams are excellent at protecting a bomb site, but quite bad at taking control of one or planting the bomb.

This market offers great odds, but comes at the cost of being very well informed about the teams. You can read our CSGO betting advice guide if you want to get into researching specific matchups and potential outcomes. The nature of them is that they are often a coin flip, regardless of who is the better team.

This means that there is a lot of volatility in this bet, making it a risky but fun one to make. The bet can be extended as well, as you can bet on both pistol rounds in a match. Tournament Winner This one is fairly straightforward. Before the tournament, you place a bet on who you think will win the tournament.

Generally, this bet has decent payouts due to how hard it can be to predict a tournament winner. Gambling is done in much the same way as with other sports. You will be able to bet on anything from the overall team winner at a tournament through to the number of rounds your team wins or how well they do within pistol rounds and many other variations. Many CSGO team betting sites also provide streaming of the games as they are played and you will be able to make live bets as the action progresses.

There are no sites that are able to reliably provide you with any good analytics for the many teams that are out there. So you are going to need to undertake a lot of the hard work yourself if you are to be a successful gambler in this arena. You will need to: Play the game yourself: if you can understand the ins and outs of playing you will have a much better understanding of what the teams are trying to do and what they are capable of. Most will provide a clear commentary allowing you to understand what they are doing.

Watch the tournaments: actually see the teams in action against one another so that you will get to know their levels of performance along with their strengths and weaknesses. It is often best to start with just a few teams so that you can analyse their performances with care so that you will get to know them well. Trying to keep track of too much can just leave you making guesses, especially if you are a newbie to gambling in this area.

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