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HOW A VIDEO POKER STRATEGY CHART IS ARRANGED. The strategy charts for all non-wild card games are organized the same way. The hand with the highest average. Expert Tips on How to Win at Video Poker · Stick with One Type of Game: variety is the spice of life, but it can be hard to memorize the preferential hand order. Most video poker strategy is just presented as a list. You start at the top, work your way down, and stop when you get to the hand that matches what you're. CARA MUDAH BELAJAR FOREX UNTUK

The payout for Full House is 45 coins and for Flush, 30 coins. Tens or Better Jacks or Better has several variations itself, the most popular being Tens or Better, which is very closely related to it. It is practically the same but instead of a pair of Jacks or higher , the lowest winning hand is a pair of Tens, hence the title of the game. As the winning odds are a little higher and the payouts lower, even with an optimum strategy, you will win less in the long run than in other, higher paying games.

Aces and Eights Another variation that is very close to Jacks or Better, and therefore, easy to learn by novices is Aces and Eights where you earn more if you collect a Four of a Kind of either Aces or Eights. This game is also played with a single deck of cards and the pay table is quite typical.

These two hands — four Aces or four Eights, however, pay out coins if you play with a bet of 5 coins, compared to a winning of only coins in Jacks or Better. Sometimes, four Sevens will earn you twice as much as a regular Four of a Kind hand. If they get a winning hand, players are also given the option to try their luck against the dealer in a double-or-nothing bonus round.

They are presented with 5 cards which are face down. One of them is exposed and the player needs to choose one of the other 4 cards. If its value is lower, the player loses the bet. The main difference here is that all Twos serve as Wild Cards. If you have a Two and a pair of Sevens, for instance, you instantly form a Three of Sevens.

The Twos in the deck will substitute any card so that you can achieve a winning combination easier. Due to the great odds, a pair of Jacks is not a winning hand in the game and the pay table starts with a Three of Kind. The Wild Card can help you achieve a Royal Flush — in this case, the hand is called Deuces Royal Flush and it comes as a second best ranking hand.

Sometimes, four Twos or four Deuces rank second in the pay table, directly after the Natural Royal Flush. How to Play Video Poker When a player starts a new video poker game, the first thing to do is place a bet and then, he or she will be dealt 5 cards. In order to achieve the strongest winning hand, the player can choose to keep some cards and exchange others. The decision which cards to keep and which to replace with new ones will make the difference between winning and losing the round.

There are certain strategies one can employ to ensure the game is played the best way possible but they significantly differ from each other for each particular variation of video poker. Of course, the goal should always be winning more coins than you originally bet.

It is recommended for new players to start with the lowest bet possible, learn the game, and then, proceed with placing higher bets. It is also important to determine what amount of money you are planning to wager, or in other words, how much you are comfortable with losing. Of course, even beginners will probably win several rounds just by guessing, so it would be very hard indeed to lose all your money.

Still, it is very much possible if you play enough rounds. For this reason, it is better to have a fixed budget for gambling and never go beyond what you are prepared to lose. A lot of experienced players prefer placing maximum bets in video poker and in fact, this is the best way to ensure maximum results. The logic behind this idea is quite simple — the payout for Royal Flush when playing with 4 coins takes a rapid jump when betting 5 coins, from 1, to 4, coins.

So, playing with lower bets also means lower theoretical returns. Statistically speaking, the odds of hitting a Royal Flush are approximately 1 to 40, Finding the Right Video Poker Variation The variety of video poker games, especially online, is huge and can be overwhelming to new players who are still to learn the little differences between the games.

This is why they should always look at the pay tables first where they will find detailed information about the payouts for each particular hand and bet value. Of course, many online casinos also post the payout percentages of each variation, so the higher the return, the better the game. You need to look for full pay video poker games with the highest possible RTP rate. When looking at the pay table of a particular game, players need to take into account not just the payouts for Full House and Flush, but also for the lower paid hands, including Jacks or Better.

There are variations where gambling operators make up for their losses from bonuses and Wilds by cutting on the winnings you get the most often — the winnings from lower ranking hands. Usually, there are the ones with the highest house edge.

Additionally, new players should stick to one or two games, as different variations have different strategies. And while some are really simple, others require more advanced skills and greater experience. Strategies When playing video poker, one of the best ways to ensure your success in the long run is using a strategy list. It shows in a simple, straightforward way how to win when presented with different hands and is a useful tool, especially for those who are less experienced.

However, each variation of video poker has its own strategy, based on the different pay tables and winning hands. Three-of-a-Kind — a group of three cards of the same rank e. Two-Pair — a combination of two cards of the same rank and another set of two cards of the same rank e.

If, for instance, your initial cards are Ace, Jack, 10, of Spades, and 4 of Hearts and 5 of Diamonds, you can discard your 4 of Hearts and 5 of Diamonds in hopes that you can get a Queen and a King. One best way to win the game is to memorize the combination of the poker hands for you to know what possible winning hands you can make with the dealt cards. But would you just settle for a payout of 1 to 1 or 2 to 1, when you can win as much as to 1?

Study not only your cards but also the community cards or those that have already been laid on the table face up as well as those that are yet to be dealt. This way, you will know the possibility of you getting the cards that you wish to hold. But if you are playing video poker and you know so well how to play the game, playing with max bets is the best way to maximize your win.

Imagine betting all your coins and getting a royal flush, which is worth a big to-1 payout. All casino games require you to make a risk. But if you want to make the most out of your video poker gaming sessions, it is better that you make the right decision before you throw or keep a card. Now that you know three simple steps to increase your chance of winning in video poker, why not try playing a round or two?

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How To Properly Play 10 Common Video Poker Hands with Gambling Expert Linda Boyd

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