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In football betting - or in betting on sports in general - the outcome is usually determined by the athletes' effort. This couldn't be more false when it. What is Cards Football Betting? When you visit a bookmaker such as bet and click through to the football match in which you're most. Betting on yellow cards is one of the most frequent options on the football betting source GH. Violations in games make football fans more. LITTLE CAESARS NEAR MENU

The most popular cards betting market is Number of Cards in the Match where you might get the following selections: Over 3. Bet on Football Players to Be Booked For a long time, the bookies have offered customers the chance to back players to score the first goal, last goal or at any stage of the match. However, leading operators such as William Hill and Betfred now allow us to back individual players to get a yellow card at any point in the game. Bet is always my first port of call when it comes to betting on cards.

As mentioned, they have a section of the match betting markets devoted to cards betting markets and these are some of the most popular ones: Card Handicap — a three-way market where you bet on which team will get the most cards. One team might be given a start over the other for betting purposes. Alternative Card Handicap — you could choose to back Manchester City -2 6. Asian Total Cards — like total cards but sometimes better odds Asian Handicap Cards — like Card Handicap but a two-way betting market First Card Received — which team will have a player in the book first?

You can also bet on the Time of the First Card betting market and this can provide some excitement for your money. A bookie might offer these two options: Card Before It helps to identify the best cards betting market along with the bookie who is offering the biggest odds. Ten Golden Tips for Betting on Cards Look at the average number of cards that Team A has received this season Look at the average number of cards that Team B has received this season Look at the recent head-to-head record and look at the cards given Wait for the match referee to be appointed and look at their average number of cards Consider what is at stake for both teams and whether the match will be played at full tilt Weigh up how the match might play out — will it be attack v defence and involve lots of tired challenges in the second half?

Check out team news and work out whether the dirtiest players are likely to be fielded by their managers Wait until closer to kick-off as you will get more competitive odds for cards markets. A bookie will tread carefully with their prices when they first go live.

You might not fancy a bet on teams to win their respective games, although a bet on the number of cards in each match might instead be an attractive proposition. For the Arsenal v Norwich game, bet make Over 3. Regular WhatAcca. You can also see that having a bet at 1. The Reason Why Punters Love In-Play Betting on Cards Once you have done your cards betting initiation and placed a few pre-match bets on the number of players to be booked in a football match, you are then ready to try your hand at In-Play betting on the cards market!

This is not for the faint-hearted although it can be an excellent way of having fun and also striking a profit by correctly judging the pattern of a football match. Types of Bets Yellow card betting can be categorised into two types; player bets and team bets. Player bets target specific players while team bets target the whole team. Player Bets Bookmakers place different odds on different players for yellow cards.

The odds of a specific player are determined by their field position and history. Field position includes whether they are a striker, midfielder, defender or goalkeeper. Each position has a higher affinity to receive a yellow card. Defenders are more likely to be involved in tackles which makes them susceptible to yellow cards.

Player history is also important to determine odds when combined with the field position. Some players are more aggressive and temperamental than others. Team Bets Team bets are bets made on yellow cards by a team or teams on a match day. The categories include: Total Number of Bookings: punters can bet on the total bookings of one team or both teams in a match.

They base the figure on the average total of yellow cards which is five. Totals Booking Points: are based on a points system. The idea is to predict whether the total points will exceed the specified limit by the bookmaker. Minute of Booking: this allows a punter to bet on the minute they think a yellow card will be awarded to a team. Tips You Need to Know As a punter, you should remember some key things that will inform your betting.

You want your bets to be as accurate as possible. Pay attention to the referee. Stricter referees are more likely to hand out yellow cards than more lax referees who try to keep the game moving. Research the rules and booking history of the teams. Players may have different motives to get a yellow card in a specific game.

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