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dime superfecta betting guide

If you are correct, you take that ticket back to a mutuel teller to receive your first half “payout.” You then get a chance to pick the “Superfecta” (first four. First, there is the standard win-type bets: you can wager on any horse to win, place, or show in the Preakness Stakes. The shortest odds to win. Exacta/Trifecta/Superfecta: Picking horses to finish 1st and 2nd, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd or 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th. More information is available below. Exotic. ETHEREUM ETH PRICE PREDICTION

Key: Keying a horse means taking it on top by itself and adding others in behind it. So a Trifecta Key means choosing one horse you think will win then any combination of other horseo fill second and third place behind it. Wheel and Partial Wheel: A Wheel means to take the entire field in one leg of a wager and a partial wheel is taking a given number of horses in one leg of a wager. You need to know how to calculate these or at least have this guide handy when you bet.

Daily Double Costs The Daily Double is a really popular bet in which you are tasked with choosing the winner of two consecutive, pre-selected races on a racecard. You can choose do place a Daily Double Part Wheel, increasing the number of horses to give yourself a better chance of success. Exacta Costs This bet is also sometimes known as a Perfecta, depending upon which track you are betting at, and it involves choosing the first and second horses home in the correct order.

This sort of bet is not as simple as it sounds as so often in horse racing even when a hot favorite wins there can be a surprise outsider filling second place, though the harder the bet is to get right the bigger the payoffs will be. Once again you can play an Exacta Part Wheel in which you choose more horses to increase your chances of success, but always remember that by doing this you are also increasing the total cost of the bet.

Quinella Costs In terms of how you select this bet, a Quinella is essentially an Exacta Box under a different name. You choose two horses to finish first and second in either order but without the unit stake having to change or be worked out, i. Some sharp-eyed horseplayers keep an eye out on the probably payoffs for both the Quinella and Exacta Box just to see if there is any slight advantage to one or the other before deciding which one to place.

To work out the cost, use the same calculations as the Exacta Box and the divide the total in half. Trifecta Costs This bet is like the Exacta but with one extra horse, so a basic Trifecta means selecting three horses in a race to finish first, second and third in the exact order. The Trifecta Key means nominating one of your horses to finish first but the other two to finish second and third in any order and of course you can add more horses in behind to this to increase your chances of success.

Much like the Exacta, you can place a Trifecta Part Wheel whereby you can have one or more horses in first position, one or more in second and one or more in third. The amount of horses you nominate for first, second or third is up to you so to figure out the cost simply multiply the number of horses in first position by the number in second minus 1, multiplied by the number of horses in third position minus 2.

Choosing four horses means 24 combinations, 5 horses is 60 combinations and so on, times by your unit stake. Superfecta Costs The Superfecta involves you picking the first four horses to finish in the exact order. You can place a Superfecta Part Wheel under the same rules as above or a Superfecta Key meaning you can nominate one horse as your "sure thing" combined with a number of horses to finish second, third and fourth.

This is because horse 5 has to win, so the only possibilities are , , , , and The more horses you nominate, the more combinations there are and the more you will pay to place the wager down. You can play a Superfecta Part Wheel with one or more combinations in each of the four positions using the same math as in the Trifecta Part Wheel but, given the huge combinations often involved with this bet, some tracks may offer the Dime Superfecta meaning your unit stake can be just 10 cents.

Superfecta Box Costs Boxing your Superfecta of course means a simple bet, but with lots of combinations depending on how many horses you choose to include. Those races have the highest potential for chaos, as longshots sometimes sneak into third and fourth and cause massive payoffs. A textbook example came in the second race at Belmont last Saturday. The top four finishers went off at, in order, 6. She ran easily the best race of the four first-time starters in that race, and should get better second time out.

She was a solid second with a career-top speed figure last out at Finger Lakes. She could run a big race first out. Related News.

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