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forex mega droid earbuds

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All major carriers, unlocked Dec. It adds Qi wireless charging, and as ever has that distinct Xperia look with glass front and back. The phone is water resistant and it has a vibrant p IPS Triluminos display. It's powered by the 2. This Android 4. Verizon Dec. It has the same elegant design with a metal frame, but it adds goodies like a removable battery and microSD card slot. The specs are dropped down from the more expensive Lumia Icon, and the Lumia has a 5", x IPS display and it runs on the 1.

That might not be a class-leading camera resolution, but the photos and videos are quite good for a midrange phone. Sure it takes the Note 4 design and makes it look cool and different, but that waterfall curve on the right side gives us a secondary pixel display to interact with.

It has a QHD 5. The excellent 16MP rear camera with 4K video recording is here too. Moto has evolved, and the Droid Turbo is a more modern and less ominous phone. There's more to the Droid Turbo than updated looks and a cleaner OS: its specs outdo the Moto X and all flagship Android phones currently on the market except the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. It's called the Turbo because it comes with Moto's turbo charger in the box, and that's a charger that supports Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.

Verizon Nov. The Note 4 is the most stylish looking big phone from Samsung yet, thanks to metal sides and a refined design. The S Pen is here for precise writing and drawing, and the striking 5. The Note 4 runs on the new 2. Other goodies include a fingerprint scanner, health monitor, 4K video recording and a removable battery. It's ever so slightly smaller than the iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy Alpha with which it competes and it weighs just 4. The phone is water resistant and it has a colorful and sharp Triluminos display.

The Z3 Compact runs on the same 2. If you're hankering for a smaller phone and use a GSM carrier, be sure to check it out. Unlocked GSM Oct. It has a p LCD display, 1. Once again, it's a hard phone to beat for the price thanks to good styling, quality components and decent specs. It's also downsized and designed to compete with the 4. The Alpha shrinks the standard sized flagship Galaxy S5 without dumbing down the specs too much. Thus the Alpha has a 4.

It has a 12MP camera that takes photos and videos that are nearly indistinguishable from the 16MP GS5 and it has a fingerprint scanner embedded in the home button. Sounds lovely if you prefer a more manageable size phone and better looks than the Galaxy S5. The drawbacks? No microSD card slot and the display resolution drops to p. The iPhone 6 has an aluminum body finished in silver, space gray or gold, and it's available with 16, 64 or gigs of storage. It has a very good rear 8MP camera with fast lens and the Touch ID fingerprint scanner that will work with Apple Pay for mobile payments.

The Moto X has a 5. It's wildly colorful with impressive contrast. The Android 4. You can order it with your choice of 25 different back colors, including 4 wood and 4 leather options, and it's one of the best looking smartphones money can buy. The iPhone 6 Plus has a 5. You can get it with up to gigs of storage and in your choice of silver, space gray or gold.

Is it a handful? Yes it is. Is it wonderful for watching videos and playing games? You bet! In fact, it has the same Snapdragon quad core 2. The phone runs Android 4. Sprint Sept. Given the name, you've already figured out this is the Windows Phone version of the M8, and if you're a fan of that elegant smartphone, you'll be thrilled to hear the hardware hasn't changed a bit.

It has a very good 5MP front camera and a 13MP rear camera. Verizon Aug. It's a more sporty version of the GS5 that's available in zingy red or electric blue, and it has a grippy outer casing. Inside you'll find the exact same internals, battery and camera as the Galaxy S5 original flavor. Sprint Aug. It has a 4. Actually, for a 5. The G3's biggest claim to fame is the impressively high x IPS display--that's the same resolution as high DPI Windows 8 laptops, but crammed into a 5.

Is that overkill? Sure it is, but it's great for marketing in a world where better than HD and 4k are big buzzwords. The Fire phone runs on a 2. The phone has a very good rear 13MP camera with optical image stabilization and Amazon's Firefly feature that identifies products, TV shows and movies. The Active has the same flagship specs and features as the standard S5 except it has no fingerprint scanner.

The question is, is it too late or is the timing just right? The timing might be just right for adoption by average folks who want both a tablet and a smartphone and for enthusiasts in the US who weren't quite daring enough to order an import. That price nets you both the phone and the tablet dock. Now that's pretty sweet. The tablet dock transforms the Padfone into a full HD tablet. For a phone with a nice enough design, interchangeable and colorful back covers, the latest 4.

It has a best of breed 5. As you'd expect from Samsung, it's very slim yet it has a removable battery and a microSD card slot. The rear 16 megapixel camera is one of the better models on the market and it can even shoot decent 4K video.

The GS5 runs Android 4. It's available on all major and some regional carriers. All major carriers April HTC One M8 We liked the first HTC One quite a lot, and this year's model address many of its sometimes small shortcomings while bringing us one of the most gorgeous phone designs yet. It's the first phone to ship with the new Qualcomm Snapdragon quad core CPU for modest speed gains and it has 32 gigs of storage plus a microSD card slot.

The 5" full HD LCD is sharp and bright, and the new 5 megapixel front camera will be a hit with the video chat crowd and selfie fans. Is it perfect? Not quite, but it's good enough to win our Editor's Choice award. Like the Lumia and top Android smartphones, it runs on a 2. It has has dual band WiFi It's every bit as good as the excellent Lumia camera. The curve actually feels good in the hand, cuts down on glare and makes this otherwise huge phone a bit more manageable.

Inside the specs are all flagship with one exception: a 2. But the display resolution is relatively low at p, and that hurts. Is that enough to doom the G Flex? Read our review to find out. The 5" smartphone has a full HD Triluminos display and a stunning black glass black plus Sony's signature slim and angular Xperia look.

The The Xperia Z1S has top specs including a 2. The phone has dual band WiFi It has much in common with the 4. The build is classier and jazzier than the Z10, with a carbon fiber pattern back and a brushed metal front. Verizon and unlocked GSM Jan. No contract or payment plans required, it's simply that inexpensive.

Of course you won't get flagship specs or a giant screen for that price, but it's a classy looking device with good build quality, reasonable speed and a colorful display. It's available with 8 or 16 gigs of storage and it has a 5 megapixel rear camera.

The Lumia has a few firsts as well: it's the first Windows phone phablet, the first with a full HD display and the first to sport a quad core processor. Though the 6" Lumia might be too big for some, there's no denying the temptations of a Windows Phone that finally competes spec for spec with flagship Android phones. That's good news and bad: certainly getting even more HTC One in your hands has appeal if you are fond of phablets or really big phones.

The bad news is that we'd hoped HTC would push the envelope and improve specs and features in the 8 months since the 4. The One max has a 5. Sprint, Verizon Nov. The new Nexus 5, based very loosely on the lovely LG G2 and made by LG, is a bargain of a phone though it's not perfect. It's sold directly by Google and it's unlocked for use with any carrier.

No contract required! Is this the phone for you? Read our review and watch our video review to find out. Unlocked for use with most carriers Nov. So what happens if you break or lose your phone, or you simply want to move up to an Android smartphone without breaking the bank?

Unlocked for use with GSM carriers Nov. Since the original Note shipped a few years back, we've seen occasional competition for the bigger than a phone but smaller than a tablet crown, but Samsung's combination of a relatively compact and light body, S Pen digital pen and custom software still make the Galaxy Note 3 the best phablet at the high end.

The third generation Note has a 5. While the iPhone 5c is basically an iPhone 5 in more playful colors, it's certainly more exciting than leaving us with the choice of buying this year's model or last year's at a discount. In fact, the iPhone 5c makes us realize how viable that older model still is, with fast performance, the usual excellent albeit small 4" Retina Display and a capable 8MP rear camera. The latest flagship iPhone sticks with the Leica inspired metal design and 4" Retina Display, and Apple has added a gold color option.

The updated 8MP iSight camera with larger pixels takes noticably better low light shots and the front FaceTime camera offers sharper and brighter video chats. The new iPhone features a Touch ID fingerprint sensor so you can unlock the phone with a press of a finger. The smartphone runs iOS 7 and as usual is available in 16, 32 and 64 gig capacities. From the glorious 5. The phone has a generous 3, mAh battery, dual band WiFi The Moto X will be available on all major US carriers and it has a 4.

A close relative of the HTC 8X and 8S, the Sprint version has a colorful though not particularly high resolution display, that unique tapered HTC design and a boldly colored soft touch casing. It has a microSDXC card slot for storage expansion, LTE 4G, and a very capable 8 megapixel rear camera with a backside illuminated sensor and p video recording.

They share the same Moto X8 mobile computing platform with a dual core 1. They both offer always listening voice command, an active sleep screen that keeps you informed and they have 10MP cameras with an RBGC sensor.

Where they diverge is in looks and size. This is all Droid with a dark, masculine and techno look. It has the usual red wallpapers and ominous Droid startup sound. Like previous Moto Droid smartphones it has a Kevlar casing, but this time its encased in your choice of high gloss red or black.

The Mega-sized Galaxy with a 6. Yet it's still a phone and it has the usual calling features, speaker and built-in mic. This is a mid-range device with a fairly low price tag, but for those who use data and apps more than calling, the Mega 6. It has a 1. It's not as bulky as the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom and it looks much like the Lumia , complete with a curved polycarbonate unibody design, curved Gorilla Glass 3 display and 4.

Does it steal the show? If you're a shutterbug, the answer is a definite "yes". The Vital runs on a 1. Sprint July Samsung Galaxy S4 Active If you love the Samsung Galaxy S4 but need a water and dust resistant smartphone that can survive poolside splashes and an accident with cocoa powder when baking, the Galaxy S4 Active is your phone. It has the same internals, software and apps as the non-Active model, and that means you get a very fast 1.

The phone has an 8MP camera a downgrade from the GS4 but as a consolation it has an underwater photo mode. For those who talk and text more than surf the web and watch videos, the BlackBerry Q10 is your phone. The keyboard is excellent and the phone has very good voice quality. Inside, it runs on the same internals as the already released BlackBerry Z10 : 1. No pun intended; yes it's a large 5. The removable battery, microSD card slot and excellent 13 megapixel camera round up a very solid feature set.

Nokia has updated the styling with straight sides and the phone has lost a wee bit of weight, but it keeps the 4. In fact, Sony claims it's the smallest 5" full HD smartphone on the market, and we believe they're right. For a phone with a very large display it's slightly shorter than the 4. In terms of internals and display, the ZL is identical to the Z, but it costs a bit less because it has a plastic back and isn't waterproof like the Z.

It runs on a1. Yes, you could call it an evolutionary device, but the new features love 'em or hate 'em are more than evolutionary. When a phone watches you and responds to your movements, that's something new and exciting and sometimes crazy making.

Perhaps it's a revolutionary smartphone trapped in an evolutionary casing? Then there's the striking aluminum casing that gives the iPhone 5 a run for your money and excellent BoomSound stereo speakers up front where they belong.

Better yet, it's available on three of the top four US carriers and HTC sells an unlocked GSM edition for those who like their autonomy and unlocked bootloaders. For your money so to speak you get a smartphone running Android 4. The phone has a sharp 4. The BlackBerry Z10 is a slab touchscreen smartphone with a 4.

It has a removable battery and microSD card slot, an increasingly rare set of features. The phone runs on a 1. The Z10 is fast, fun and stable: BlackBerry is off to a good start. The smartphone runs on the standard Windows Phone 8 internals: a 1. It has 8 gigs of internal storage and a microSD card slot.

It has 4G LTE and a 5 megapixel rear camera. Verizon Feb. The phone has a 4. The Discover has a 1. The Discover has large side-facing stereo speakers and a If it's a smartphone you add a few more cores while cranking clock speed, increase battery capacity and cram in 64 gigs of internal storage.

The iconic unibody polycarbonate design, superb 4. The smartphone has a lovely 4. It runs on the usual 1. Verizon Jan. It has a slim and elegant design despite the big 5" display. That Super LCD 3 display is an impressive x resolution. While the Lumia lacks the HTC's keen styling and vibrant color options, it's half the price and offers Nokia's value added apps that verge on must-haves. Inside it's all good with the same 1.

It has a gig of RAM and 16 gigs of internal storage. This Windows Phone 8 smartphone runs on a 1. It has 8 gigs of storage, and you can use a microSD card to store your music, videos and documents. The phone has a very good 8MP rear camera with Carl Zeiss lens. T-Mobile Dec. The soft touch finish and pyramid design with tapering sides is comfy and grippy, and the phone looks like none other on the market.

The HTC 8X has a 4. From the super-sharp and bright 4. It runs on a 1. The 8. The phone is fast, fun and easy to use and it won't break the bank either. It's smaller and much less expensive than the RAZR was at launch. Despite the price, you get most everything that was captivating about the Droid RAZR: a slim design with a Kevlar back, Gorilla Glass and a water resistant nano-coating. It still packs a 4. This is the first US smartphone to run the 1.

Both run LG's Optimus UI with compelling features that we actually find useful, even if we're still not fond of their icon selection. And yes, there's Kevlar and Gorilla Glass for good looks and durability. Verizon Oct.

As ever, it's one of the sharpest displays on the planet, and despite the larger display, the iPhone hasn't gotten that much larger. It has an 8MP rear camera that can shoot panoramas and a much improved p front video chat camera.

The iPhone 5 runs iOS 6 and as usual is available in 16, 32 and 64 gig capacities. No, it doesn't have stellar high end features, but you get a lot for free on contract. The smartphone runs Android 4. Verizon Sept. Soon to be joined by the similarly priced LG Escape; the Flex offers some reasonably high end features like a 1.

It's a slim and good looking phone, and doesn't have that chunky budget look of previous Pantech models in this price range. Though the Photon Q isn't quite as sleek as the Droid, it packs top-notch features like a 1. Both have identical specs that include a 1. T-Mobile Aug. The Note has a Wacom dual digitizer with both capacitive touch and an active digital pen that's precise and pressure sensitive.

The phone runs a clean version of Android 4. The bad news? It ships with Gingerbread, but it will get ICS as an over the air upgrade. Not for those of you who simply can't stand carrying today's gargantuan phones. Like the original EVO years ago, it has the right combo of good looks, high quality materials and top off the line features that makes for a true flagship smartphone. As you can guess from the name, this 4. It has 16 gigs of storage and a microSD card slot for expansion.

The polycarbonate unibody design is stunning, the p Super LCD wraps around the front of the phone in a show of colors and crispness and the phone is fast thanks to Qualcomm's fourth generation Snapdragon "Krait" 1. If that's not enough, the 8MP camera has a BSI sensor, fast lens, p video recording with neato options like panorama, slow motion video and simultaneous video and photo recording. In addition you get free Dropbox cloud storage and a Google Wallet credit in your account.

As you'd guess, the Viper is a mid-tier phone, but it has a few nice perks like NFC with Google Wallet and a nit brightness IPS display that looks very sharp and colorful. The phone has a 4", x display and it runs Android 2.

It's the first Android phone to run Android OS 4. The Galaxy Nexus has a 4. It features an anodized aluminum unibody design that's incredibly thin, and a very fast Snapdragon dual core 1. It has a colorful 4. It lets you adjust sound effect levels so that you get the best out of your music. The main features include a bass boost effect, a stereo surround sound effect, a five-band equalizer, ten preset equalizations, user-customizable presets, and more. It also comes with a volume dial to control the global volume.

The app is compatible with several music players and video players on Android. You will need 50 coins to enjoy an ad-free experience. Bass Booster Bass Booster includes a ten-band equalizer that improves the sound output by offering you enhanced bass, virtualizer, and other settings. It works with just about all music players on Android but is also a music player in itself. You can choose to use it as the default music playing application on your device.

It comes with a graphic equalizer with five frequency bands and many different genre-based preset equalizer options. The basic version of SpotiQ is available for free, while the paid version comes with more bells and whistles, including automatic Google Drive backups , unlimited presets, and more.

It enhances the volume on your device, not only for media playback but also for ringtone, alarm, and notifications. While this particular function did not work well for me, the five-band equalizer and bass booster options did work as advertised for the most part. You can also choose from over 20 presets, including classical, dance, flat, folk, heavy metal, hip hop, jazz, pop, rock, acoustic, bass boost, treble boost, vocal boost, and more.

The app also offers a 3D surround virtualizer and a volume booster to enhance the audio experience. You get customizable UI themes, edge lighting, and more to personalize the app to your liking. Most importantly, the app works with most Android music players. It offers a band equalizer for devices running Android 9 and above, while those with Android Oreo and older versions only get a 5-band EQ.

The app also includes four cool themes, a media volume control, a stereo surround sound option, a revolving edge lighting lamp, and more. You have customizable presets for classical, dance, heavy metal, hip-hop, jazz, pop, rock, and other genres.

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