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argyle coin cryptocurrency

Argyle Coin Becomes the First Cryptocurrency Ever to be backed by a Performance Bond and Fancy Colored Diamonds Worth $25 Million · A blockchain based platform. Argyle Coin is the first cryptocurrency to offer the public an opportunity to be directly buying and investing in the growing fancy colored. Argyle Coin promoted their offering as the world's first cryptocurrency to correlate their tokens with real diamonds. BET MGM INDIANA

This will undoubtedly broaden the global diamond market with the inclusion of interested retail investors and collectors that are not able to afford an entire multi-million-dollar diamond. Storage and access to these diamonds will be audited by an independent auditor that will publish a biannual access report and a yearly insurance statement. The users will also have their digital wallets to interface with other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin.

By building a comprehensive trading infrastructure, Argyle Coin is looking to deliver a robust, always-available, global trading market for fancy colored diamonds. In order to provide the initial inventory for smart contracts, Argyle Coin has recently joined hands with renowned fancy colored diamond dealers such as H.

Argyle Coin Corp is the brainchild of Jose Aman, an international financier with over twenty-five years of experience in the diamond industry. He was introduced to the cryptocurrency in by his now Chief Information Officer Anthony Eusebio. The company is in the process of creating a new platform to buy and sell fancy colored diamonds through a secure, effective and fast system. The team behind Argyle Coin wants to make a complete platform that will involve a Wallet, an exchange and even multilateral financing for the fancy-colored diamonds.

In other words, it is the ultimate marketplace for diamonds that will be available for everyone and affordable by everyone. The first part will be a pre-ICO, and it started on August It will last until September The main ICO sale will start only a day after and will last for almost a month, concluding on November You will be able to buy Argyle coin using the four most popular cryptos — Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Litecoin.

Argyle has set big goals. The Team behind Argyle The team consists of creative and innovative people with the four core members leading the way. Finally, the technical part is conducted by their senior programmer Jose Chacon.

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What is Argyle Coin? argyle coin cryptocurrency


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What is Argyle Coin?

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