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codiong a crypto trading bot

In this article, we will go through the basics of creating a fully working trading algorithm for cryptocurrencies and even connect it to. A cryptocurrency trading bot is a software program designed to recognize the crypto-market's trends and automatically execute trades. A trading. Confirm the Algorithm. THUYET MINH VE CAY BUT MAY HOAC BUY BITCOINS

I started watching youtube videos and reading blog posts to learn the basics of cryptos and trading. Here are my top resources: CoinBureau is a youtube channel that provides high quality crypto related content. Binance academy is like a blog where you can find contents regarding crypto and trading. Among these youtube videos, this one caught my attention and put the idea of developing a trading bot in my head. How hard could it be, right?

My first attempt was a disaster in every possible way. It had very poor performance, low profit, super complex, and very hard to backtest. It was so bad that I almost let go of the idea until I learned about grid bots which this article is about. Disclaimer Before we jump into the actual content I have a disclaimer to make. I am not a financial advisor and nothing in this article should be considered as financial advice.

I learned it the hard way! It would be nice to have the basic knowledge of trading concepts and terms like candlesticks , orders, positions, bull, bear, and sideways market , going short and going long , and technical analysis. If not, Binance academy is a great place to get started. One last thing to keep in mind while reading this article: For the sake of simplicity and keeping this as short as possible , lots of codes have been removed and the remaining codes are pseudo codes to explain the concept.

Grid bots When it comes to platforms, there are many that offer limited free trading bots e. After watching this video from Guy I decided to give it a shot and started with 3Commas. The concepts seemed very simple and easy to implement. So why not giving it a try? Backtesting When you develop a bot, you would want to test it before putting your money on it.

In the trading universe this is called backtesting. Backtesting is providing historical data to the bot and checking how it performs. This is one of the most important concepts to have in mind when making design decisions for your bot. You have to make sure that the implementation provides an easy way to execute a backtest.

Your bot should always return the same result for the same input, and it should not be time dependent! Exchange Your bot needs to connect to an API in order to fetch last prices, and place a buy or sell order. You have to figure out which exchange you want to work with. It should provide you with good documentation and flexible APIs that match your requirements. I am using Binance! However none of my code is tight to it.

So at any time I can switch to another exchange by refactoring the Exchange class. Binance provides a well documented API and test network to get started with. No need to mention this video from Guy. Exchange class pseudo code The Exchange class implements three methods: getBalance will return the account balance. You might need to add some more methods regarding the exchange you decided to work with.

How grid bot works A grid bot splits a range of prices into buy and sell orders. Grid bots normally create buy and sell orders per grid line when they start. However I prefer to execute and order after a buy or sell line has been met. Symbols or pairs consist of two assets or tokens. When you buy a pair you gain baseAsset by giving quoteAsset. And when you sell, you gain quoteAsset by selling the baseAsset. Configuring a grid bot starts with choosing the lower band minPrice and upper band.

These values are selected by looking at previous market prices. Pionex uses the backtest for the last 7 days to set the configurations when you select the AI strategy. The next parameter is called gridCount. The gridCount is the number of splits to have between the min and max price. With bigger gridCounts comes more trades but less profit smaller gridWidth and vice versa.

For example if we consider BTC, for the past 7 days, a lower band of and upper band of seems reasonable. If we split this range into 24 grids we would have a gridWidth of If we split this range by 12, then price has to move up USDT for the position to be closed, however the profit would be higher tradeAmount x The last part in configuration is creating the gridLines.

They can be created using minPrice, gridWidth, and gridCount. After generating grid lines, the line nearest to the current price will be deactivated. If price moves down and crosses a BUY line, a buy order will be executed, that line will be deactivated, and all lines above this line will change to active and SELL.

On the other hand if price moves up and crosses a SELL line, a sell order will be executed, this line will be deactivated, and all the lines below this line will change to BUY and active. Check this amazing GIF made by 3Commas that elaborates every step of a grid bot. How grid bots work by 3Commas Below is a pseudo code for the grid bot. The decide method will check the lastPrice with each active line for a buy or sell situation. To find the best buy spot you want to start from the lowest price and move up, while for a sell spot you want to start from the highest price and move down.

This method should also take into account if the price moves above the upper band or falls below the lower band. Most grid bots will deactivate in these cases, until price gets back to the range or user interfere and alter the configs e.

Pionex Infinity grid bot on the other hand, adds new grid lines to the top increasing the upper band if price moves above the grid, but still deactivates if prices falls below the grid. You can decide for your own on how you want your bot to behave in these cases, but make sure you have thoroughly backtested these decisions. Managing bots Now that we have a grid bot, we need an engine to manage our instances.

Of course, Python is the natural choice for such a task! Also, this video follows along with the article. Setting up an Alpaca account Before diving into the code, we will have to create a free brokerage account in Alpaca Markets. This brokerage firm specializes in offering an excellent API for us to the interface, fetch live market data, and even place our orders. Replace the keys with your own ones!

This is due to the fact that FTXU is somewhat illiquid and thus has missing data for 1Minute bars, whereas Coinbase is one of the most active cryptocurrency exchanges. Throughout this lesson, we will stick to trading with market orders. Get current position on Bitcoin. Yields error if we don't hold any api. Later, we will go ahead and create a strategy consisting of two moving averages crossing each other. Creating a simple trading algorithm A completely random trading algorithm This first algorithm is very basic and consists of flipping a coin to check if we should buy or sell Bitcoin.

Conversely, we sell only when we currently have Bitcoin in our portfolio. In order to debug and keep track of what is going on, I took the liberty to aggressively print out almost everything. Depending on whether we hold a position or not, we obey their wishes. The entire script looks as follows it assumes that we already started the API and imported the previous libraries.

Basically, since we are trading with 1Minute data, we want to run the loop every 60 seconds. Not only that, but we would also like to start each iteration at the start of each minute in order to get the most recent 1Minute bar as soon as it is available to us. Conclusion Due to the fact that we covered all the basics to get started with algorithmic trading, this article ended up being longer than what I initially estimated it to be.

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I Built A Crypto Trading Bot And Gave It $1000 To Trade!


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I Built A Crypto Trading Bot And Gave It $1000 To Trade! codiong a crypto trading bot

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