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For full article including charts, open as pdf [2] Harry Browne, Fail-Safe Investing, () Rule #11 Build a bullet-proof portfolio for. Fail-Safe Investing gives you the wisdom of Harry Browne's 30 years' experience as an investment consultant, teaching you what you need to know to ensure your. Notes on Fail-Safe Investing by Harry Browne · 1. No one can predict the future. · 2. Your career is your #1 source of wealth: don't assume your monetary wealth. BOXING BETTING FORUM

Investing in yourself will pay dividends for rest of your life. Investment is using your capital to purchase assets you believe will appreciate in value. Most people think of investing as purchasing things like common stock in a company, but there are many potential types of investments.

Since no one can predict the future, markets fluctuate in an effort to establish prices for goods and services - an outcome of the Pricing Uncertainty Principle. Speculation is prediction about how the world is going to turn out in some way, at some point.

Your long-term investment portfolio should, first and foremost, be structured in a way to minimize your risk of loss. Never speculate with funds you need to pay your day-to-day expenses or handle emergencies. Speculate only with money you can afford to lose. Speculating can certainly be fun. For example, if you go to Las Vegas and place a huge bet on a single number on the roulette wheel, you can certainly make a lot of money fast.

You can also lose that money incredibly fast - and the odds are in favor of your loss, not your gain. The same thing goes for investing in individual companies. Speculation opens you up to massive losses: losses that you may not be able to afford. If you choose to speculate, do so consciously. Make your own decisions - never give anyone else direct control over your money. No one cares as much about your financial situation as you do.

Remember: people become wealthy by selling things, not by buying them. If no one can predict the future, it pays to build your investment approach around that fact. Instead of assuming the stock market will always go up, or that a particular investment will do well over time, it pays to construct your investment portfolio so that it does as well as possible regardless of what happens in the world.

There are four broad economic forces: prosperity, recession, inflation, and deflation. According to Browne, there are four major basic forces in every economy: Prosperity is a period in which businesses are growing, customers are spending, and unemployment is falling. Inflation is a period in which prices are rising as the purchasing power of a currency shrinks due to increased supply.

This is good for people who own real assets, but bad for people who hold cash. Deflation is a period in which prices decline as the purchasing power of a currency increase due to a contraction in monetary supply. This is good for people who hold cash, but bad for people in debt. Certainly not rocket science, right? The Permanent Portfolio is constructed with uncertainty and change in mind. The portfolio is essentially a system of counterbalances: if businesses are doing poorly for a while, you want another asset that will do well during that time, and vice versa.

The beauty of this system is in its simplicity. When the stock market goes down, gold and bonds tend to go up. When gold or bonds go down, the total stock market is probably rising. The other beautiful aspect of this system is how it avoids Loss Aversion. You'll know that the Permanent Portfolio will respond favorably to any eventuality.

I can't list every potential event. So if you become concerned by any possibility, reread this chapter and you should be reassured that there's an investment in your Permanent Portfolio that will cover you if the worst should occur. Whatever the potential crisis or opportunity, your Permanent Portfolio should already be taking care of you.

The portfolio can't guarantee a profit every year; no portfolio can. It won't outperform the hotshot advisor in his best year. And it won't outperform the best investment of the year. But it can give you the confidence that no crisis will destroy you, the assurance that your savings are secure and growing in all circumstances, and the knowledge that you're no longer vulnerable to the mistakes in judgment that you or the best advisor could so easily make.

If you keep some assets in a different country, you'll be less vulnerable, and you'll feel less vulnerable. You won't have to worry so much about what your government might do next. Keeping some investments abroad provides safe and easy protection against surprises that might happen anywhere - confiscation of gold holdings by the government, exchange controls, civil disorder, even war.

No one knows how the people elected in the coming years might choose to solve the economic problems the country will face. It might strike them that the quick and easy solution is to take your property - as has happened so often already. Your assets will be safe even if war, civil disorder, a weakening of law enforcement, or a physical catastrophe should disrupt record-keeping in your own country. Your entire estate will no longer be vulnerable to economic, political, or legal setbacks in your own country.

Geographic diversification is a necessary part of making sure the Permanent Portfolio can handle whatever hazard materializes. With tax deferral, the money you don't pay in taxes today can work to produce more earnings every year until you finally have to pay the tax. Are other investments in your portfolio likely to take up the slack by gaining in those same circumstances? Under what circumstances could my entire investment be lost? Would I have any residual liability - that is, can I lose even more than the cash I invested?

Interest rates generally reflect an investment's risk. A higher interest rate means there's a greater possibility the capital can be lost - through default or inflation. Under what circumstances, if any, is the investment likely to appreciate? Under what circumstances, if any, is the investment likely to depreciate? In good circumstances for the investment, will the overall return - yield plus capital appreciation - help your portfolio overcome losses in other investments?

If the investment is a mutual fund, you want the fund with the lowest yield - other things being equal. Any dividend paid by a mutual fund simply reduces the price of your shares "Is this company a potential takeover candidate? By going against the crowd, you buy when an investment is out of favor and cheap; if it does succeed, there's a long way for it to go up. So the most important factor in speculating is whether you expect something that most people don't expect.

For example, the time to consider buying inflation hedges speculatively is when most people believe inflation is under control. The time to consider buying a particular company is when everyone knows what a dog it is - not when everyone talks about its great promise.

Unpopularity doesn't guarantee profits, but you'll never make a killing with a popular investment. Without a plan, you will be tossed and turned by all the conflicting ideas you read and hear- - and you'll never ask the right questions.

With a plan, you'll have a basis for evaluating whatever you hear. You'll know to ask the questions that help you determine whether an investment furthers your plan. If you stay within that amount, you can feel free to blow the money on cars, trips, anything you want - without worry, because you'll know you aren't blowing your future.

People rarely go broke playing it safe. But many go broke taking great risks or making investments they know too little about. If you're hesitating, it's because you don't yet know enough about the investment or the problem to make a confident decision. That means you shouldn't take the plunge until you know more and you're sure you understand all the ramifications. The premise for speculation is that you're more astute than most other investors - that you understand the market better, that you have information not available to other investors, that you can make better decisions, or that your interpretation of available information is especially perceptive.

The elements of speculation are timing, forecasting, trading systems, and selection. Any time you use any of these tactics you're speculating. Investment forecasts can be exciting. But in other areas of our lives, we think of fortune-tellers as entertainers. Forecasts are not entirely useless. Someone's predictions can help you recognize that your own expectations for the future aren't the only possible outcome. This can help keep you humble and prudent.

If you come to feel a given event is quite possible but most people disagree with you, the market probably will provide a big payoff if you bet on that event and prove to be right. So if you like to watch the investment markets closely and you see a potential future that most people are ignoring, you may want to make a small speculation with money you can afford to lose.

A sure way to lose what you've accumulated is to risk the funds that are precious to you on the idea that some event is inevitable. You can protect yourself against the possibility of institutional crisis by using more than one institution. You can protect yourself against the failings of individuals by relying only on yourself. And you can protect yourself against investment roller coasters by diversifying across investment markets.

For the bond portion, you don't want to have to monitor credit risk, so buy only U. Treasury bonds. So long as the U. That will be close to 30 years. Ten years later, the bond will have only 20 years to maturity; at that time replace it with a new year bond. Buy bullion coins - coins whose only value is the gold bullion they contain.

The cash portion should be kept in a money market fund investing only in short-term U. Treasury securities, so that you don't have to evaluate credit risk. These securities are safer than bank accounts and other debt instruments. If your cash budget is large enough, divide your holdings between two or three funds - for further protection against the unthinkable.

The value of real estate in your portfolio is indivisible, and everything else must accommodate it. Just like a foot piano in the living room, you have to arrange the rest of the furniture around it. Your house is a consumption item - the place where you live and enjoy your life. Don't play games with your Permanent Portfolio. Don't wait for any investment to become cheaper before you buy it. And don't go overboard investing in something that happens to be doing well now. No matter how strong your expectations about the near future, you could easily be mistaken.

And the point of the Permanent Portfolio is to ignore your own expectations and let the portfolio take care of you no matter what may come. Fund it with equal portions of all four investments and don't worry over which is going to do best. It is a package of investments that provides the safety you need.

Tear apart the package and you tear apart the safety. A foreign account in any country outside your own is a tremendous improvement over having everything in your home country. But some countries are more hospitable than others. And some have legal traditions that protect your privacy. I've always been partial to Switzerland and Austria, because each has a centuries-old tradition of respecting privacy and fending off inquiries from other governments.

If you buy and hold gold through the foreign bank, the gold most likely will be stored within the bank itself. The secret - that things rarely work out as expected - is shared unwittingly by investors, brokers, advisors, newsletter writers, and financial journalists, few of whom can bring themselves to acknowledge it. Each wants to appear to be in command of the situation, on top of the markets, aware of what's happening and what's going to happen - and to appear as though everything that has already happened was anticipated.

A professional needs to keep up this guise because he must look sharper than his competitors. Even investors often pose as members of the all-knowing - perhaps because no one wants to appear to be the only loser, and everyone else seems to be so smart. When you give up the search for certainty, an enormous burden is lifted from your shoulders. The less you know - and the more honestly you recognize the limits of your knowledge - the more likely your investment program will turn out okay.

Humility is accepting that you don't know everything, or even everything about any particular topic, and it is an investor's most vital asset.

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Betting raja heroine lyrics But these events have a lasting effect on investments only if they push the economy from one to another of the four environments I've just described. Avoiding preventable mistakes is one of the best ways to ensure your long-term financial success. The four economic categories are all-inclusive. Your long-term investment portfolio should, first and foremost, be structured in a way to minimize your risk of loss. Your house is a consumption item - the place where you live and enjoy your life. He can raise the questions you need to answer in order to devise a portfolio that suits your needs. For the bond portion, you don't want to have to monitor credit risk, so buy only U.
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