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Kunis justru merupakan seri asli Indonesia dengan merupakan hasil singkatan dari Kucing Pantas. Selene merupakan kekasih dari mitologi Yunani yang berarti hari. Dalam bahasa Spanyol, Selena disebut saja dengan Celine nun artinya surge, barier, pemberani. Seri unik yang pendek sehingga mudah disebut saat kamu ingin si meong menutup. Simba akan sebagai nama yang akurat untuk kucing secara sangat aktif satwa penuh semangat.

Tingkahnya yang lucu dan menggemaskan juga akan membuatmu tak mendapat kesepian. Breeding dalam dunia hobi kucing segar, bukan sekadar memelihara, memperbanyak anakan. Parasnya yang menggemaskan dan unik membuat Meong Persia jadi sripanggung para pecinta kucing. Suara meaw mereka rupanya memberikan patois bahwa si kucing ingin mengajak sang pemilik bermain bersama atau meminta minat sesuatu.

Like you, I used to sit hours in front of my computer, many times at my workplace, using search engines to find Forex forums, Forex blogs and even new strategies which I believed can help me in my trading. I must admit, it wasn't easy. The information I found was so scattered, incoherent and in many times misleading. The strategies I had found usually didn't go beyond the familiar moving averages and other indicators.

I am almost ashamed to admit I was scammed and ripped off more than once. Already then, I felt that I can contribute to the online Forex community much more than any source of information I came across and then it happened; the decision to establish my own Forex community online.

My plan was to search and form a community with people who are really serious about learning and trading currencies. I can gladly say today, that this decision has changed my life in so many ways. My decision to help other people to be better traders, in turn, contributed significantly to improving my own knowledge, skills and even deepen my personal understanding of the Forex market.

It was a symbiosis and enrichment environment for me to develop my own trading and teaching abilities. I am really proud to say today that after all those years, I have successfully established a thriving and prestigious community online. Some of them are just following the free information I release almost every day.

Some of them are waiting to my next system to be released to the market. From my acquaintance with numerous traders I met online and offline, I can classify them into two groups. There is a common denominator between them - they are all looking for ways to make money from the Forex market. However, one group consists of people who are serious about trading Forex , and truly searching for knowledge and understanding of how the market works, before they jump and invest their hard earned money.

The second group consists of those who are not taking the time to seek knowledge, and only looking for shortcuts in the form of using systems released by anonymous traders, robots and automated signals. Needless to say that I appreciate those from the first group, since they value their money and efforts, and take the time to be good at what they wish to do i.

However this totally contradicts my philosophy of investing from the standpoint of being educated. For me these two always come together hand in hand. Applying this expression into the Forex world means that if you know and understand the mechanism of the market, you can understand well which strategies will work, or won't work, when to use what and on which market condition to apply this system or that trading method. More importantly, you know when not to enter the market or the right moment to exit it and so on.

I am sure you understanding the big picture now. As the number of players participating in the Forex market gets higher, the number of strategies being used and developed also grows, which leads to even more confusion and errors. As my students and members already know, I can assure you that, there isn't one strategy that covers all market conditions in any given day or moment.

Unfortunately, the way things work online, anyone thinks he is a trader with a 'secret strategy' only because he found something that worked for him for a week or two. Let's assume for example that you see yourself as a member of the second group I mentioned earlier, and you don't care about acquiring true education and understanding about the place you are going to put your money.

You find a system online with big promises and extraordinary proofs attached to it. All excited you buy it and then apply it to your charts. Can you imagine what happens the next time the European Union decides something unexpected which affects the market. Do you really believe the author let's even assume he is a qualified trader can also tell the future and predict the new decision or regulation and prepared the system for such events before he sold it to you?

Let's take another example, of a member of the second group who was lucky to find a reasonable signals provider with automated solution and applied the copier to his account. Do you think such a person has checked before he joined the service what risk is involved, lot sizes, what type of money management the trader is using? As you can see, even if you do have a good system or strategy in your hands, still knowledge and understanding is key to prevent catastrophe in your account.

Thus, before you invest even one cent in the Forex market, you must have at least minimal understanding of how things works from a good and reliable source. This is the vicious circle that my dear friend and colleague, trader Jason Sweezey, was talking about in his last mentoring session so, unless you decide to belong to the first group, you won't be able to get away from this circle. Hence, if you are still serious about investing and making money from the Forex market, you MUST invest at least one period in your life in a reliable education about Forex, the forces behind it and how to read the market correctly.

Dilemma: sounds like a lot of hard work But, don't worry, it won't take you too long to read and believe me, it will be much quicker than to read the next offer you'll probably get in a few hours to your inbox. You see, even after all you've just read until now, I didn't even say a word about the Divergence University home study course.

What is it, what you are in fact offered here and what is the opportunity standing in front of you that you MUST not miss. I didn't even talk about the requirement to go through such a course or the level of difficulty you will need to cope. Also, I didn't mention how much time it will take you, what is the learning curve or even what it is going to cost you. I have decided first to speak about the potential position you'll find yourself sooner than you can imagine.

It doesn't matter if you are a beginner, advanced or a professional trader, on completion of this course you will be in a standing of: Knowing the inside and outside of the Forex market. Knowing not one, but several different strategies or as I prefer to name them systems and methods of action , so you can choose the most relevant for each market condition. This would be your toolset for extracting profits from the Forex market and no less important, to avoid mistakes that will cost you money.

Knowing that I was right, true and honest with you here and most importantly, you will know you have made the right decision and listened to me. Before we continue, I need to take one more important action in the next section.

Filter out the non-serious ones We already discussed the standing you should find yourself by listening to me and taking me seriously. Going back to the two groups of people I mentioned above and I repeat again, I can only help those who wants to find their seat in the first group and seek for knowledge and independence as traders. If you have begun your quest after the Forex dream a year ago, few months ago or you are one of the lucky ones who just started, let's agree that if you are here, you know that the Forex market is a great income source and somewhere out there is the right solution for you.

I am even willing to help them and provide them some of the names to make things easy for them. However, if you think you can invest a few more minutes to know more about me, who I am, what are my credentials, my trading methods, why I trust these methods, the performance and results I have successfully achieved by using these methods. And if you are willing to keep your mind opened, then you are more than welcome to join me to a very illuminating, exciting and profitable journey.

Who is Vladimir Ribakov - The Trader and Mentor For those of you who haven't heard of me yet, let me tell you a little bit about myself and how I managed to establish a loyal and prestigious Forex community. I might repeat some of the things I already said earlier, so I do apologize for doing that but I will be brief.

With more than 11 years of trading experience, trading my own accounts as well as for hedge funds and brokerages companies, I decided to fulfill my destiny and establish my own Forex community where I wanted to teach, educate, qualify, provide signals and mentor aspiring Forex and Commodities traders.

When I started to establish my Forex community, I initially developed 3 important trading tools and strategies. I couldn't just let my students jump into the deep water and I wanted to feel their pulse first and to be sure they can cope with the systems and strategies I intend to teach.

So, I have decided to take things slowly but safely and begin with more simple, but still powerful and rewarding techniques and strategies that they can easily learn and apply the rules to their charts. I also wanted them to know me and trust me.

Here are the three first systems and products I have released to my Forex community: The Broker-Nightmare Suite - an innovative collection of trading tools designed to solve the problems with brokers that I had to deal with, or heard about from other traders.

The Broker Nightmare protects Forex traders from being abused and cheated by dishonest Forex brokers. The sRs Trend Rider was declared as one of the best Forex strategies released until today, achieving one of the highest ranks on the objective Forex Peace Army community, with excellent reviews by happy traders.

I wasn't surprised to find that my clients from all levels of trading found the sRs and LST strategies easy to learn and implement. Together with high success rates, these strategies received amazing feedbacks from the Forex community. On I established my official Forex Blog : www. During this time, I also started to publish my Newsletter. Fast forward one year, on June I opened the doors to my own Forex Signal and Mentoring service www. I always ensure it stays best Forex Signals and Education place you can find online and offline.

My contribution was quickly appreciated by many Financial Institution and I started to get invitations to speak in different traders forums around the world. Simultaneously I also started to hold real-life seminars offline and currently have seminars schedules in Hungary, Poland, France and the US.

Thus, I established a dedicated website for my seminars - World Forex Seminars www. With the teaching formula I have developed for educating on Divergence Trading Methods , it takes me 3 days of lecturing 9 hours per day to complete everything a trader needs to know about it and start applying it to his charts and account. I add an extra day for beginners so within 4 concentrated days of studying I manage to deliver all the material, information, strategies that the seminar attendees need in order to become successful traders.

In my last seminar I also held a Live Trading session with my members from the club online, and the seminar students sitting in the room, which was huge success. There isn't a week that passes without me getting into my inbox a request to hold a seminar in a new location around the world. Of course, this is something I can't do too often. Following the success of my seminars, the feedback I receive after each seminar, the joy I get from seeing my students become independent and successful in their trading, I have been looking for the right solution and hence, the idea to turn my seminars into a Home Study Program was born.

I have no intention to stop doing seminars and I actually quite enjoy it. I enjoy to meet my students and followers face to face and socialize with them.

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Forex robot tfot worldwide invest forums macd forex strategy

How to Turn $500 Into $10,000 in 7 Days With Forex Robots


Sometimes we believe that signals are telling us the market will move one way , but then it takes the opposite turn. More time on the market will help you understand what is normal. You can customize algorithms to fit your trading style and risk tolerance. Bots eliminate emotional trading. They are better at generating profit in the short-term than in the long-term.

There are many fraudulent vendors selling trading bots. Moreover, you will be able to try them out in a safe, paper-trading environment. Also, you even have the power to change filters, sell-percentages, and other configurables on your own. The added level of optimization is key to generating profits. Forex bots can have good track records of generating returns but it can be tricky to track down what exactly these records look like.

You will have to be cautious when evaluating trading robot companies because they are notorious for cherry-picking data to make their returns seem big and juicy. While some will claim to have high-return rates, others are fly-by-night operations guaranteeing high returns without backing it up with any data. The main advantage of forex robots is that they eliminate the biases and emotions that humans have. The robots are able to trade consistently, and they are able to trade without sleep, which makes it easier to tap into optimal forex trading hours.

So if you step away from the computer, they can keep going. In fact, the big financial institutions you can find all throughout Wall Street conduct the huge majority of their trades via trading algorithms. If you master the way of the trading bot, you can possibly set up a similar but extremely downsized operation for yourself, so the potential advantages here are high.

While the machines can be an asset for some people, they might contribute to sinking your entire account. Scams do happen in the forex industry , and forex robots are no exception. Learning to spot scams will be critical to finding a good bot.

Some traders who use these algorithms will portion out a set percentage of their assets to be managed by the computer. They will react consistently in the market, and that means they are ill-fitted for unlikely scenarios. Forex robots cannot react to every situation—sometimes, losing connectivity with your robot can mean account-wiping losses. There are a few factors that you should watch for when analyzing a bot. This will give traders data on slippage, returns, execution of trades, and variable spreads.

All of this information should be provided by companies that are offering a legitimate product, and you will want to be wary of data that seems significantly better than competitors. Investigate why a bot would outperform the competition.

While it may be possible a company is using new disruptive technology , it might just be a scam with a shiny package and a hefty price tag to boot. Either way, take that into account before purchasing a bot. When you hand trades off to the bot, this rate needs to be on the lower side. After all, if you are spending money on a bot, why not take full advantage of it?

You can do this with some top forex broker trading accounts, and you should be able to do that with a good forex bot. A free demo account will be especially critical if you have never used a bot before. Demo accounts allow you to access a test environment that lets you use fictitious data and markets to analyze how your bot reacts to situations.

This is a good way to learn the earnings potential of a bot with realistic variables that you submit. If you find that you are not comfortable using the bot, or if your strategy is losing money, then this may be the time that you decide not to use a robot trader.

If you like the demo account, this gives you valuable time to adjust your strategy and see if something works better. When it comes to picking a forex robot, things are no different. Research the company you are buying the bot from.

Try to find third-party reviews with substantiated information on the product. Doing your due diligence can save you from crushing losses. Creating a bot will require you to be knowledgeable on coding, alternatively, you can contract a programmer to help you get up and running. To create a forex robot you will need to start with a broker that works with the MetaTrader software—fortunately, most top-tier forex brokers use MT4, and there are numerous free coding resources for this platform online.

Then you will use the MQL coding language to start creating algorithms to trigger buy and sell limits. Most forex robots run out of the MetaTrader 4 platform, which offers algorithmic and forex expert advisor trading.

These features make it ideal for loading a robot trader and running with it. You will need to extensively test your bot in a paper-trading setting before launching into the live market. You should try to account for common trade scenarios and work out exactly what your bot would do in each of them. As the market continues up again, the lowest point reached before it started back is now support. In this way, resistance and support are continually formed as the forex market oscillates over time.

The reverse is true for the downtrend. Plotting Forex Support and Resistance One thing to remember is that support and resistance levels are not exact numbers. Often times you will see a support or resistance level that appears broken, but soon after find out that the market was just testing it. So how do we truly know if support and resistance was broken?

There is no definite answer to this question. Some argue that a support or resistance level is broken if the market can actually close past that level.

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How to Turn $500 Into $10,000 in 7 Days With Forex Robots

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