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Better place lyrics rachel platten fight song t-shirt

better place lyrics rachel platten fight song t-shirt

"I just said, go write better songs You have to make fire.". Rachel Platten and American Authors made it to campus and put on one However, we were more enthused by the concert as the show went on. Discover short videos related to rachel platten songs on TikTok. #fightsong #rachelplatten #lyrics #songlyrics #trend #fyp Better Place. Rachel. FIXED BETTING ODDS TERMINALS LAX

When I go back, I always make sure I walk around the lake, and I sit at a certain spot. Is that where you starting writing music? I started writing music pretty much in college. I wrote my first song when I was six or seven, a silly little song. But I used to write poems in high school—not songs. And then when I went to [Greenwich] Village after college, I really dove in and tried to make this career happen.

I was playing from 1 a. Oh, wow. That is a lot of late nights. Yea, I was taking any gig I could. Taylor is so sweet, such an amazing friend. The night when she posted the video, I was playing a pre-show, and her manager and my manager introduced us, and that night we connected and really hit it off.

Did you give her the T-shirt or did she just happen to get it on her own? Why is it so personal, and how did that all come together? The lyrics are very personal to me, and I worked really hard on that song. This was the only way he could think of to convince you to help him make the Kims pay. Hoseok started by telling you that his parents had a romantic relationship even when Taemin was already married to Sin-ae.

Apparently, your father's legal wife had difficulty conceiving. Taemin even thought that he and his wife would never have children. This was when he decided to be with Jung Jiwoo, Hoseok's mother. Just like your mother, Jiwoo fell into Taemin's trap.

Taemin debated if he should break up with Sin-ae after finding out that Jiwoo was pregnant. Jiwoo accepted her fate. Unlike your mother, she wasn't demanding. She was content with the fact that Taemin treated Hoseok well. His eldest son was his favorite. Things only changed when Taemin decided to form a professional corporation with his best friend Jong-in.

He rarely visited Hoseok. He started prioritizing the company and his new mistress. Jiwoo didn't mind. In fact, she even invested in the firm as well. Just like your mother, Jiwoo also saw potential in the business. She knew it would grow and become one of the best architectural firms. Jiwoo invested for the sake of her son. She wanted him to have a good future, especially because it appeared like Hoseok was into architecture as well. Hoseok was actually one of the first architects to work at Castle.

He helped the company grow. Taemin saw the fruit of Hoseok's labor and even made a promise to make his eldest son his successor. It was all lies though. Taemin felt guilty when Sin-ae broke down and found out about you. He realized he couldn't break her heart more so he decided not to tell his wife and children about Hoseok. Taemin died without revealing the truth about his eldest son. Because he didn't include you in his will? How cruel. You honestly thought Hoseok was like you.

You thought he just wanted to belong. To be loved But it appeared like he was blinded by revenge. I can't say for sure about you though. You avoided his gaze because what he said hurt. Hoseok seemed to realize the impact of his words because his face turned pale. I don't know.

He couldn't talk on behalf of his father. He could only talk about his observation. His eyes glistened with dejection. It hurt. It hurt to think that you found someone who was going through the same thing as you. It just hurt that even when you're basically on the same page, you're still so different. Taemin loved him more than he loved you. But why? Weren't you deserving of his love? You didn't mean to break down like this.

You were so tired of appearing vulnerable in front of people. Why did it feel like they always have the upper hand? It's not fair. Tears trickled down your face. It's like you had been slapped. There's nothing wrong with you. You're full of love, I get it, but not everyone is like you. You can't expect them to be nice to you just because you're nice to them. He looked desperate—desperate to make you understand. They're very entitled, you know? They feel like they can do whatever they want with you since they're conditioned to think you wouldn't mind.

He was wrong to say there's nothing wrong with you. There was. People took advantage of you because you let them. That's your mistake. He intended to help you correct it. Their horns will only grow if you don't deter them from hurting you.

Before you know it, it's not just you who's getting hurt—" Hoseok let out a deep breath. He figured it's best if he showed you the evidence instead of just talking about it. Hoseok wasn't dumb. He knew you loved the Kims, especially Soojin. You might be tired of their bullshit; however, it didn't mean you would be happy to see them in pain.

Unless he gave you valid reasons. I'd like to tell you more things. You were still inside his office here at Castle. An hour had passed since he shared that he was also Taemin's son. I think so. He told you to send him a message when you're done meeting the Kims and Taemin's executors. You appreciated Jungkook's attempt to comfort you. He's always there to help you, but it looked like you wouldn't be able to meet with him today or any time soon.

Definitely not when you had to fix so many things. Hoseok ended up bringing you to his apartment. He showed you things you didn't even know were real. All of this information was related to the building that collapsed weeks ago. The investigation was still continuous and the management of Castle was going through a rough time. You didn't believe in revenge.

You knew at the end of the day it's not going to be as fulfilling as what you thought it would be. What would you gain if you hurt people who hurt you? Yeah, and so? Would it change the fact that you got hurt? There's the original blueprint of the building. Kim Soojin designed it. She's actually the one leading the construction of the building, not our father. Your whole attention was focused on the documents in your quivering hand. Just like what Hoseok wanted you to do, you took a look at the document.

Your brows snapped together, lips parting because of shock. It hadn't struck you yet that the sole reason why the tragic accident happened was because of Soojin. By definition, an accident meant an event that happened unintentionally. Just by looking at your sister's design, you could already tell that an accident would definitely happen.

Soojin was a professional. She was a licensed architect. How could she not know this wouldn't lead to death, injuries, and damages? The building was poorly designed. It's like aesthetics were prioritized rather than safety. It's frustrating to see this.

Hoseok also told you Soojin wanted the building to be constructed immediately so she designed it using inferior materials. It was easier to obtain these materials since it could be delivered the same day you ordered it. This was unlike Soojin. She usually preferred ordering high-quality materials to the point where the budget set for her projects resulted in a deficit. She incurred a lot of cost whenever she accepted a workload. This was ridiculous. Soojin wasn't that dumb to compromise the safety of people just to win, right?

She's better than that. This was a difficult pill to swallow. You felt like everything you knew about your sister were all lies. She had a temper, yes. She was a brat, yes. But she was smart. She was a good architect.

Or were you just convincing yourself? Hoseok looked at you with sympathy. Or was it pity? He pitied you because you were blinded by the idea of wanting to belong. He knew about you. Taemin talked about you. It's actually one of the reasons why Hoseok chose to stay at Castle. It's not simply because he had interest in becoming the next chairperson. He wanted to look after you too.

Was he too late? Why didn't he reach out to you? Why did you keep denying the truth? Deep down, you were sure Hoseok was right. You just misunderstood the meaning of manipulation because she did it so kindly. One was when a person used intimidation or violence to manipulate another being into doing something. Most of the time, the people who had been coerced ended up hating the one who manipulated them. This was the case with your mother. It took you long to admit that you hated her.

For the longest time, you told yourself you loved her because at the end of the day, she was still your mother. But she hurt you and abused you, so you started to hate her. The other type of manipulation was when a person used kindness to get what they wanted. This was what Soojin did. She made you feel like you belonged, like she loved you—this was why you didn't hate her.

You loved her. However being kind and being good were two different things. You just failed to see that. I'll show you everything you need to know. You stayed at his place for days, refusing to go back to Jungkook's apartment no matter how many times he tried to reach you. You couldn't afford to be distracted right now. Jungkook was a distraction. Every time you saw him, all you wanted to do was drop everything and just be happy with him. Love shouldn't be your priority at the moment.

You had to unveil the truth first. Fortunately, you did. Hoseok didn't stop providing evidence. You didn't know how he managed to talk to some employees who apparently knew about the real reason why the building collapsed. Your heart was divided into two. A big part of you believed that Soojin failed and blamed her mistakes to Taemin, the other part of you still chose to trust her.

This seemed to frustrate Hoseok because days after providing you legit evidence, he said he couldn't do it anymore. What if you heard the truth from her? You gulped, heart beating fast. You got what you wanted and Hoseok felt like he could finally breathe. A sigh of relief escaped his lips upon seeing you nod your head at once.

The evidence you were looking for was hearing the truth coming from Soojin. You heard her admit the truth when she and Sin-ae were at the columbarium. You nodded again, this time, you were more determined as you clenched your fist and gritted your teeth. Right now, you were standing behind Hoseok here at the conference room in Castle. Everyone anticipated your move. They watched you deliver that shocking news. It was oddly satisfying—to watch the surprise staining their face.

Sin-ae clearly wanted to lash out on everyone, unfortunately she couldn't use the 'this is impossible' card because before she could even breathe, the evidence was provided to every person in the meeting. Han and the other shareholders had a smug look on their faces.

They weren't bothered that Hoseok wasn't carrying Taemin's last name. What's important to them was that now they had a better option. Anyone was obviously better than having Soojin as the next chairperson. This was bad. So fucking bad. She firmly believed that the result had been tampered.

This belief of hers had been shattered when Namjoon interjected the conversation. He stood up, gaze focused on his wailing mother. Sin-ae was hurt. Of course she was. She just found out that her late husband cheated on her more than once. She couldn't help but wonder if there's something wrong with her.

Just like you, she was insecure. Wasn't she enough? Eyes so soft that it broke Sin-ae more. I helped prove it. You thought you're the only one who had revelation to make today. Who would have thought that one of your siblings would do something like this?

Better place lyrics rachel platten fight song t-shirt betting slip scanner world


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Better Place - Rachel Platten (Lyrics) better place lyrics rachel platten fight song t-shirt

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