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2 period rsi forex robot

The RSI is displayed as a line graph that moves between two extremes from 0 to The standard look-back period to calculate RSI is This is a crypto bot designed for lower time frames. Its made of 2 EMA, one fast and one slower. They are combined together with Stochastic, MACD and price. It involves price action analysis, which will help you land great trade entries! This RSI trading strategy is as useful as the RSI 2 trading. DSH PRICE CRYPTO

Here you will not enjoy long trending moves but it is a short-term trading strategy which will result in quick exits. You may also trail your stop loss using Parabolic SAR or Supertrend so that instead of making an early exit, you may ride the trend trailing your stop loss. Based on the above 4 conditions, we will take a practical example to discuss the above trading strategy. Below is the daily chart of Havells India.

In order to execute the actual trade, you may either make your position, when the RSI is below 5 or either next day open when the RSI crosses 5 from below. One important thing to note here is that you will execute your trade only when all the above conditions are met.

For exit, you may trail your stop-loss or above the close of 5 DMA. In the same way, now we will look at the stock on the sell-side. In order to execute the actual trade, you may either make your position, when the RSI is above 95 or either next day open when the RSI crosses 95 from above. For exit, you may trail your stop loss or below the close of 5 DMA. Conclusion This 2 period RSI strategy is designed not to look for tops or bottom but to participate in an ongoing uptrend.

You may use 2 period RSI in conjunction with other indicator or strategy so that you can filter out the strategy as per your trading style. During this time, they calculated that the average stock that was above its day simple moving average SMA gained 0.

They used these numbers as a benchmark for their 2-period RSI indicator to compete against. Focusing on the oversold side, stocks that had an RSI below 10 were able to outperform each of the three benchmarks. They recorded returns of 0. Not surprisingly, when they lowered the oversold requirement to an RSI below 5, the performance numbers improved even more.

The numbers then improved again when they lowered the RSI requirement to 2, and once again when they lowered the RSI requirement to 1. This indicates that the lower the RSI, the more the stock was likely to rebound. Clearly, the 2 period RSI indicator can perform extremely well on short term trades. Because of that, I have always been against the concept of an overbought or oversold indicator.

Following with my trend following and CANSLIM training, I believe that the stocks with the strongest relative strength are most likely to continue moving higher. What I was missing, was the idea that short term overbought and oversold conditions can exist within long term trends.

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