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horse betting terms uk athletics

TVG provides a complete glossary of horse racing and horse betting terminology to help you win the most from your wagers. Best Odds Races ; Shoot First · P. Byrnes(7) · Charles Byrnes, Ireland · 3ro ; 1. Salvador Ziggy · J. W. Kennedy · Gordon Elliott, Ireland · ; 3. Botox. Refers to the odds of those runners in a race not quoted with a price during early betting shows. The bar price is the minimum odds for any of those selections. CRYPTOS TIED TO GOLD

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Strictly speaking, placing a straight bet means that you're wagering on the horse to win—period. If it finishes second by a nose, you've lost. But a looser definition says a straight bet is when you wager that a horse will finish first, second or third. That said, several terms relate to different kinds of straight bets that can increase your odds of winning a little money.

Across the board: This means placing three bets: one for the horse to win, one for the horse to come in second and one for the horse to come in third. If it wins, you'll be paid on all three bets. If it finishes second, you're paid on two bets—second and third. You can't collect on the first-place bet because he didn't cross the wire first.

If the horse finishes third, you're paid once for that third place finish. So it's a great bet if the horse wins because you effectively collect three times, and if it comes in third, at least you haven't lost all your money. You get a little something back on your investment. In the money: A horse finishes in the money if it comes in first, second or third.

On the nose: You're betting the horse to win only. Place: A horse is said to place when it finishes second. You can make a place bet it you think it probably won't win but that it won't be too far behind the first-place horse. You'll win if you're right. You'll even collect the horse's second-place winnings if it comes in first, but not if it finishes third. Show: A horse that comes in third is said to show.

A show bet works much the same as a place bet—you'll collect the horse's third-place winnings if it comes in first, second or third. A winning horse will pay the most on bets that it will finish first. It will pay a little less for place bets and even less for show bets, but it can effectively pay out in three ways—thus the allure of across-the-board bets. Exotic Wagers As the name suggests, "exotic" wagers are fancier and more complicated.

They involve more than one horse. This means they're harder to win, but they also pay more than straight bets. Here are a few examples of exotic bets. Boxed bet: Boxing a bet means to cover all possible combinations of finish for multiple horses. In other words, you think those two horses will finish first and second, but you're not sure in what order.

Daily double: You're betting on two separate horses in consecutive races in a daily double, usually the first and second races of the day. Each of your horses must finish first. Exacta : You must pick the first two finishers in a race in the exact order they finish—unless you box your bet. An exacta is called an "exactor" in Canada, short for "exact order. You would bet on the first place finishers of three consecutive races instead of two. This will ensure you enjoy the greatest sports betting online experience.

These perks include signing bonuses and easy usability among others. In this article, we are going to review three of the best online betting sites, which are Bovada, BetOnline, and MyBookie. The platform provides access to sport, casino, poker, and racebook wagering.

Bovada has continually offered promotions and offers to its customers. Making a deposit or a withdrawal is easy and only attracts a small fee. For first-time deposits, the processing fee of 4. Payouts are done using rapid transfer, otherwise known as money gram. Bovada allows sports betting online on their user-friendly mobile interface or in their state of the art poker and casino gaming rooms.

The only limitation to using Bovada is that the odds are posted late and that they have very low wager limits. It offers a wide range of payment options and several accepted currencies, thus making it one of the most convenient sites for customers across the world.

However, bonus levels are tiered for different types of wagering. The online game library is categorized into 3D slots, table games, slots, and video poker. Most of the bets are placed online since their mobile platform only allows sports betting.

Horse betting terms uk athletics vegas super bowl bets

How to Bet on Horses - Horse Racing Tips - Horse Racing Betting 101 horse betting terms uk athletics

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