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cryptocurrency schadenfreude

The bitcoin market crashed, and Bored Apes are losing value. Alas, but also: hurrah. @ibogost. on the joy of crypto schadenfreude. Many might feel a hint of schadenfreude about the humbling of crypto. Certainly, its leaders seem worthy of comeuppance, after pumping the. I never understood the schadenfreude between the #Ethereum and #Bitcoin communities. These two will end up being complementary. WYNNBET PROMO CODE INDIANA

The sooner it crashes and burns, the sooner we can hope to prevent more pointless financial deaths. Second-best is real-estate Pray tell then, should retail workers buy bars of gold, or mansions? What if it doesn't? Should crypto not fail, I wonder how people who celebrated the prior crashes will feel? Maybe they will just rationalize all that away, as most people don't seem to have too much of a conscience. Personally, I prefer to avoid such conundrums altogether: my way is to not wish failure and to not rejoice in the crashes of even those things I disagree with: "live and let live".

But if they did, they could just buy a commodity ETF. Pretty much everything is available to the retail investor and is much easier to buy than crypto. Just like investing in dollars and putting them in your mattress is stupid, the winning currency will be stupid to hodl. Just like people do win the lottery, people will make money off crypto in the long run. That commodity etf at its heart is concentrated orange juice, or something real that can be sold and people demand.

Grim 4 months ago parent prev next [—] You're implying most "working class retail job" people got into crypto as an inflation hedge and not because of the non-stop in your face FOMO propaganda about how rich they could get?

And that no inflation hedges existed for these people besides sinking their life savings into crypto? Separately, if you're looking for a job in a hedge fund now, you might want to try being an analyst. Analysts have always been more populous than actual portfolio managers, and that dynamic seems to be increasing. The additions seem related to an increase in risk-taking. Bloomberg says the number of bets per strategy has increased fivefold at Balyasny. Sam Bankman-Fried has a new automated risk management technique that everyone thinks is crazy.

Bloomberg Empathy is the new post-pandemic management technique. Bloomberg Fidelity has hired around 70 people across private markets in London in the past year. Bloomberg Crypto addiction is rising. Bloomberg One banker tells me his hedge fund clients are watching closely now, with several taking seriously the possibility that a big crash in crypto, if it happens, could be supportive for that most crucial of markets, US government bonds, again on the notion that it would spark a rush to safer places to park cash.

Financial Times Calling men bald is discrimination. Bloomberg Click here to create a profile on eFinancialCareers. Make yourself visible to recruiters hiring for top jobs in technology and finance. Contact: n athan. Bear with us if you leave a comment at the bottom of this article: all our comments are moderated by human beings.

Cryptocurrency schadenfreude list of dead cryptocurrencies


I have gone through phases of feeling sorry for Prince Charles, with his sad air and all that hanging around. On the other hand, the dress rehearsal on Tuesday was not a cheerful affair. Despite the pomp — or perhaps, given the times, because of it — the spectacle seemed simultaneously dreary and starkly deranged.

In the 90s, when Prince Charles was widely disliked after the death of Diana, Princess of Wales, it was popular to voice the opinion that the crown should skip over him and go straight to William. As a thought experiment even that, now, fails to solve the problem of what to do with these unlovely people, William not seeming too clever these days and looking more like a Mountbatten each year. For those with affection for the crown, all eyes must turn, in hope and desperation, towards the blameless outline of poor, young Prince George.

As you can tell from these figures, I am not Warren Buffett. But with the markets tanking , and any sane pension-holder averting their eyes from their balance for at least six months, somehow crypto getting a kicking lifts the spirits. An excess of supply combined with lower demand from gamers and miners means that GPU prices could have some way to fall. Will excess stocks of current generation cards lead Nvidia or AMD to delay the introduction of next gen cards?

If there is a genuine oversupply, the answer to that would be yes. When you add to that some recent rumors that the RTX 40 series still has a lot of development work to be completed opens in new tab , the signs point towards a launch closer to the end of the year.

Crypto still feels like the wild west at times. How low can it go? Take care out there, this rollercoaster has a few twists and turns to go yet. Chris Szewczyk Hardware Writer Chris' gaming experiences go back to the mid-nineties when he conned his parents into buying an 'educational PC' that was conveniently overpowered to play Doom and Tie Fighter. He developed a love of extreme overclocking that destroyed his savings despite the cheaper hardware on offer via his job at a PC store.

Chris still puts far too many hours into Borderlands 3, always striving to become a more efficient killer.

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Crypto Cringe - Loren the Owl (03-08-2022) cryptocurrency schadenfreude

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Cryptocurrency schadenfreude After the extravagance of Miamiwith its crypto volcano, the ideological purity of Sam Bankman-Fried, who sleeps on a beanbag and gives most of his money away, and the repeated insistence that crypto is coming to take over the word, the death spirals and instability are not absent a certain satisfaction among those who've always said, "I told you so. What a lot of medals! As for "cryptocurrencies", if you're not sure what it is or how it works, there's a simple solution: don't accept it. Fair question. Cryptocurrency schadenfreude solution already exists.
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