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fast growing business sectors for investing

From landscaping to kitchen remodels to healthcare facilities, construction continues to experience tremendous growth. The BLS predicts a 11%. Going into , among the key market sectors to watch are oil, gold, autos, services, and housing. Other key areas of concern include tapering, interest rates. The tourism will grow simultaneously with many other industries; retail products for hoteliers, local fashion trends as the local culture begins to be. FOREX BROKERI U SRBIJI SE

Learn about our Financial Review Board No matter how strong the economy or how bulletproof the industry, no specific stock can ever claim to be a perfectly safe investment. Individual companies can be undone by lawsuits, internal fraud, management changes, product failures, new technology, stronger competitors, and many other factors. For a safer investment, spread your money across an entire industry through an industry-specific investment fund or an industry-focused exchange-traded fund ETF.

In this article, we will look at industries that offer the safest long-term investments. What Is a Safe Investment? The predictability and certainty of returns are important criteria in assessing how safe an investment is. For example, what is the certainty that in 20 years people will still be using social networking sites? What is the certainty that in 20 years people will still be eating food? Below are some industries that are the safest to invest in for the long-term.

For related reading, see: Industries That Will Never Go Away Food Industry Businesses associated with food like grains, cereals, beverages, and associated functions like food processing and food packaging, constitute the food industry. As the food industry is essential for human life, it will likely continue to flourish. Most countries have regulations and measures for efficient production, purchase, and the supply of food items. All this makes the food industry one of the safest industries for investment.

Consumers put less thought into purchasing these, as these are daily essentials, which makes FMCG a safe investment sector. Profit margins are low for such products due to fierce competition in the sector. However, the volume is high, which makes up for the low-profit margins.

FMCG companies usually also pay regular dividends, which offers the benefit of regular income potential. Textile Industry Fashion trends may come and go, but people will continue to need clothes. Excluding the dynamic stream of the fashion industry, the overall textile sector offers a safe investment destination for your money. Textiles include the production and processing of raw materials like cotton, linen, and silk.

Legal and Compliance Industry No matter how many presidents or prime ministers are elected and new laws are passed, the world will continue to be full of conflicts, challenges, and legal troubles. The service-oriented legal and compliance sector hence qualifies as one of the safest investment sectors. Barring a complete breakdown of law and order and the reversion of society to a primitive state, legal and compliance businesses will continue to flourish for decades to come.

Most of these funding efforts aim to encourage more widespread economic development. For instance, South African Airways SAA , the government-owned national airline carrier, offers air transportation and shipping services to more than global locations.

Despite SAA and Transnet dominating the industry, there are many international and local logistics business opportunities in Africa. Additionally, the market can facilitate all other available and interested investors. Mining industry The mining industry stagnated during a short period in The country has more than 2 billion tonnes of iron ore, over 40 tonnes of the proven gold reserve, and a range of rare-earth minerals like lead, zinc, copper, diamonds, niobium, and titanium.

Thus, it offers investment opportunities for overseas investors. Arise IIP multi-sectoral industrial park GSEZ provides a future-proof platform for highly competitive economies and equitable communities. Agriculture and agro-processing sector In Africa, agriculture has remained a leading sector for decades.

Whether its economic activities around farming or the market for agricultural products, investment opportunities are plenty. Both the mainstream agriculture and agro-processing sectors have remarkable growth potential and both domains impact each other significantly. With the increasing number of pharmaceutical firms that produce generic medicines, these companies are likely to see an investment in the nation.

Thus, you can assume that the public would gladly sign up for the National Health Insurance Plan to get cheaper medicines and treatment facilities. Besides, with the pandemic re-emphasizing the need for modernizing healthcare and logistics, growth opportunities are virtually limitless. Some of the other active players in Africa include the real estate sector, fashion industry, automobile industry, and insurance industry. Got an investment plan for African markets? Allow us to assist you with the right, insights-driven guidance.

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According to the BLS , the main components of this industry are news syndicates, libraries, archives, exclusive internet publishing and broadcasting. Thus, think of the abundance of online publishers and sites that have emerged over the course of the last 10 years. This growth makes even more sense when you contrast it with another, adjacent industries in the information sector. For example, the other information services industry is experiencing a 2.

So as we see a decline in analog information and publishing, we also see a comparable growth in its digital equivalent. To get a better idea of the industry, here are some of the subsectors that fall under offices of other health practitioners: offices of chiropractors, optometrists, mental health practitioners, physical therapists, audiologists, podiatrists and all other miscellaneous health practitioners. This industry grew by , jobs over the last 10 years and is projected to add another ,plus jobs by There are two components of the medical and diagnostic laboratories industry.

One is medical laboratories, which comprise 14, of the 17, businesses in this industry. As the market evolves and certain technologies start becoming obsolete, new companies and organizations with innovative products and services tend to appear. When a small group of businesses in the same sector are centered around a specific new concept or technology in an early development stage they form what we know as an emerging industry.

Investing in emerging industries could potentially give your portfolio: Diversification Growth Top 10 Emerging Industries To Invest in for For those looking to diversify your portfolio in , here are the top 10 emerging industries to keep an eye on: 1. Cloud Computing The remote working trend has gained massive popularity in the past decade — however, the global circumstances brought by the pandemic have expedited the transition into it since As remote workers and companies need ways to facilitate their daily operations, cloud computing technologies have come to the rescue.

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