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betting college basketball totals

The average total line for a college game will fall into the to point range. This does not mean you should avoid playing the UNDER against lower totals. NCAAB totals betting This bet is based on the total combined points that both teams will score in the game. Sportsbooks set a benchmark number, and you can. Betting Against the Public on High College Basketball Totals ; All, , + ; <50%, , + ; <40%, , + ; <35%, BTC TO JAVCOIN

We preview all of the Power-5 conference games, as well as those Top ranked teams from outside these conferences. These college basketball bets today can be found on either of our College Basketball Picks and College Basketball Predictions page every day.

Already established and hugely popular in Europe, Live Betting, as its name suggests is betting on an event whilst the match unfolds. The odds dynamically change to reflect the second by second action on the field or court, with odds and lines changing each time a shot is missed or hit.

These will include money line odds, an ever-changing spread line, and also on points totals. Live Betting is a great fun way to enjoy watching and wagering a game. So if you fancy something different? Why not give Live College Basketball Betting a go next time you tune in to catch the game. The majority of basketball fans will be more accustomed to the bright lights of the NBA, but there are key differences to consider when looking at NCAA Basketball betting.

Be sure to also check out the latest College Basketball News and betting analysis. Types of College Basketball Betting There are many different ways you can bet on college basketball and our expert handicappers are on hand all season long with insight, analysis, and our best bets across them all. Check out the most popular types of college basketball betting, what they mean, and how they work below. College Basketball Money Line Betting The money line is the simplest way to bet on a college basketball game.

The money line is slightly less popular in college sports, including college basketball games because there is or can be a lack of parity amongst oppositions. With bigger schools regularly taking on smaller schools, particularly throughout March Madness, there is very little value, if any, in betting on a big favorite on the money line at odds of up to If you like a team to cause an upset, then you can make the most of the bigger money line odds, similarly if there is a well contested close matchup.

But for that reason, college basketball bets against the spread are the most common and popular type of wager. College Basketball Against The Spread Betting College Basketball against the spread betting is the most popular type of bet amongst college basketball bettors. The reason being, it levels either side of the match, so you can bet on the favorite or the underdog at viable odds.

Instead, you can bet the favorite to win by more than the spread line, as set by the sportsbook, or for the underdog to keep the game closer than the sportsbooks expect. However in those same spots, a big favorite could have to concede 20 or 30 points to a lesser opponent which is no easy task, particularly if they rest starters or get off to a slow start, so there is always value in taking the underdog at times too.

Our experts have a college basketball bet against the spread pick alongside every match that we preview, so be sure to check out our college basketball against the spread bets today. College Basketball Over Under Betting Betting the over under or points totals on college basketball is a bet on how many points will be scored in the game. If the line is set at If the score finished then only points were scored and unders backers will cash their tickets.

Betting college basketball over unders offers a great alternative to betting on one side or the other on either the money line or against the spread. It is not automatic, but certainly easier. When they do not, you have to determine how each teams style will play with the others. One way you can do this is with math. I am not going to spend much time at all talking about regression analysis because, as of now, its a secondary form of handicapping for me.

Programs such as Minitab which I highly recommend can provide amazing data if you keep up-to-date information and choose to run regression analysis. In order to really be successful doing this you have to have good knowledge of statistics and how to read a trend.

I would rather stay away from the math for now and continue to talk about a practical brand of handicapping. Personally, I am more of an observational handicapper. I will use eye test knowledge and analyze how fast a game will be played based on venue, player matchups and situational factors. Generally speaking, the home team will try to control the pace.

This is far from a rule, though. This is something you learn from watching a team over a significant time frame. If you are trying to find a middle ground between two teams pace, be sure to take a look at how the home team will try to dictate in a venue they are comfortable in and will feed off of. Player matchups command a large portion of what factors into pace too.

Analyze the matchup, watch coachs pressers and determine what matchups a team is going to try and exploit in order to win the game. There are very specific situations where a team is going to look to run and use their athleticism to take advantage of a slower team and others where teams want to make their opponent play defense for long stretches of time. Knowing exactlyhowa team wants to attack its opponent is a huge indication of how many possessions there will be in a game.

Then there are situational factors. This is HUGE at the college level. I cannot stress this enough, I really cant. Fouling at the end of the game has potential to be the single most frustrating aspect of handicapping sports in my opinion.

The heartbreak you can suffer by teams refusing to waive the white flag and continuing to foul to push a game over is what makes sports handicapping nearly impossible to cope with at times. So how do you handicap this part of the game? This is a science that you can never and will never be deadly accurate with.

You simply have to acknowledge it and plan for it. First, speculate on the competitiveness of a game.

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Some are simply more basic than others. They focus in those areas along with offering parlays and teasers and maybe a few other types of exotic bets. If a book does not offer live betting, I would pass. Do you want reduced juice. Not all books offer this. What about betting minimums. Books vary a lot when it comes to maximums especially college basketball totals.

Books are very sensitive to total bettors who specialize in college basketball totals. They feel more vulnerable to totals and will have lower limits. Do not get too infatuated with a huge sign up bonus. The fact is you will have to bet a certain amount rollover before you can clear that bonus. If odds are important to you, click to a college basketball live odds page. You will get a good idea of the types of lines offered by some of the biggest online books.

If you find more than one site that you like, then it makes sense to set up a few accounts. You have to fund each so be ready to bet at any time. Your Online Structure to Consider Be aware that you want to have your account loaded for the weekend. If you do not already have a ready funding source, such as an eWallet, you should apply.

This can take a few days to get established and funded. Usually Americans fund sportsbook accounts using eWallets or money transfer services. Once the eWallet is set up and funded, you can transfer cash quickly or use other money transfer services. Western Union or Money Gram can take as little as minutes for books to receive your deposit.

Fees and rules for deposits and withdraws are annoying but part of the online business. Once you are set up at a site and funded, you will be all set to make your bets. Be sure to keep on top of the odds and get the best deals you possibly can. College basketball lines are active numbers that you need to constantly monitor.

You will also need a top quality data center subscription service for your handicapping tools and computer help. Physical Sportsbook Betting The overall process of wagering at sportsbooks in Nevada or New Jersey is usually the same odds but different environment. There are often complimentary drinks, reasonably priced food, big screen HDTV monitors and plenty of comfortable seating.

At least, that is what you can expect from the best land-based books. You should also get friendly service, high limits and plenty of wagering opportunities. If you do go to a Vegas book, make sure that you know how to read college basketball odds. When you place your bet at the window, you will use the rotation number of the team you are betting and not the team name. You will also need to know how much you are wagering and what type of bet you are making.

Know all of this before you go to the window. A few key points when it comes to betting at a land-based book. Be sure to act and behave properly Do not offer advice to someone who does not ask for it. College Basketball Totals College basketball totals can be all over the map. There are so many college basketball teams and conferences that there are wide variances in totals lines.

There can be totals as low as , but totals as high as being in the s. It all depends on the team and conference. No matter the line, the objective is always the same. You either bet over the total or under the total. If the total is and points are scored by the two teams combined, the game is an over. If points are scored, the game is an under.

Like spreads, totals also have vigorish. Once again, the industry standard is and the vig can vary based on how the sportsbooks are looking to balance action. College Basketball Money Lines The goal with this bet type is to pick the winner of the game. As mentioned, there are some very big differences between teams in college hoops.

There is no spread with a money line wager, but the vig is much different than it is for spread and total betting. The size of the money line is correlated to the spread on the game. The bigger the spread, the bigger the minus price on the favorite and the larger the plus price on the underdog. Favorite money lines are higher risk, lower reward and underdog money lines are lower risk, higher reward. College Basketball Prop Betting and Futures Betting Futures betting is very popular in college basketball because of the postseason tournament format and how easy it can be to hedge.

Those bet types are bigger plus prices because of the variety of different outcomes and the risk involved with making a bet so far into the future. Those will have something resembling standard vig.

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Phi Farley NCAA Basketball Betting Tips - Using Kenpom to Sharpen your TOTALS Handicapping


Back to the Wishnev topic Todd spoke about a shortcut formula to calculating the number of possessions that have been played to a certain point in the game and how that creates a betting opportunity with the live total. You only have to calculate one team, as the other one should roughly be the same, but you can do both just to make sure.

A very slow first-half pace would be 28 or fewer possessions. Full-game total lines are built on the expectation of pace. A game with a total of implies a very slow pace, likely around 62 or 63 possessions. If a game is moving faster than that, likely won't be enough for the total and the live betting line may not adjust properly. Todd said on the segment that the median number of possessions in a game is Not all sportsbooks will list all of the conferences and the teams.

If you want to bet the more obscure, smaller conferences because they are local or because you feel like your best edges come there, you will have to figure that out by looking at the odds on a daily basis. Each state also has its own sportsbook operators and offerings and we encourage you to look under the Sports Betting menu at the top of our website to see what is available in your jurisdiction.

College Basketball Point Spreads Spread betting is the default setting for our odds page. Teams are not created equal in all sports, but there are certainly some very big talent gaps in college hoops. A spread is essentially a handicap placed on the better team.

It would be too easy to pick the better team to win. A team might be The underdog would have to lose by seven or fewer points or simply win the game outright to cover the spread. To see which team covered the spread, you would either subtract 7. You do NOT do both. It is one or the other, either based on the team that you bet or based on whichever one you choose to use when looking the final result.

This is a way for bookmakers to balance risk and is also part of the house edge. The vig will not always be College Basketball Totals College basketball totals can be all over the map. There are so many college basketball teams and conferences that there are wide variances in totals lines. There can be totals as low as , but totals as high as being in the s. It all depends on the team and conference.

No matter the line, the objective is always the same.

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How To Bet NBA Totals - Sports Gambling Advice From a Basketball Expert

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