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Nicosie, Cine Studio (University of Nicosia). Isn't that an attractive bet? The Cyprus Association of French and Francophone University. Cine Studio (University of Nicosia) girl who finds herself being the bet for a football match between them; the winner marries Manal. NICOSIA, Cyprus — Iran's new aqting the odds are with the ruthless drug farmers, and Film fest at Cinestudio. HOW FOREX WORKS VIDEO

At the same time, the repressive right-wing governments of the 60s have given way to a more or less democratic system. The death squads are gone and the economy is growing fast. Time to stop, then. But how? There are two reasons why there is more hope for this peace initiative than for its predecessors. Colombia has dozens of other issues that demand attention, but if you put them all on the table there will never be agreement. Those other issues can and should be settled by the normal political process, in which FARC will play a legitimate part once the war is over.

There will have to be an amnesty even for grave violations of human rights. But this time, in the end, there will probably be a deal. Meanwhile, in the Philippines, the long war between the central government and the Muslim minority on the big island of Mindanao is also heading for a peaceful resolution.

So you might as well make a deal, and the only plausible one is that the Moros Filipino Muslims get a broad degree of self-government in the areas where they are the majority. This is a bitter pill for MILF to swallow, especially as it was created by leaders who broke away from the old Moro National Liberation Front when it accepted exactly the same deal in the s. The current leaders are just recognising that reality. So two wars down probably , and how many more to go?

No more than a dozen or so of comparable scale, most of them in Africa and the Middle East. And whether they are internal wars like Colombia and the Philippines or wars between local nationalists and foreign occupiers, they tend to end the same way. Does this have any relevance to the horrors that are now unfolding in Syria?

West German police mounted a massive manhunt yesterday after demonstrators killed two policemen and wounded six others during a protest against construction of a new runway at Frankfurt Airport. An order by the Greek Army General Staff said the crimes included premeditated murder, grievous bodily harm, robbery, blackmail and currency violations.

The order stated that certain offences will not be tried by special military courts. This could go well Lucas, 68, said in a video posted on the StarWars. Victoria Beckham took Adele offered parenting tips sons pumpkin carving VICTORIA Beckham got into the Halloween spirit by indulging in some festive activities with her three boys - Brooklyn, 13, Romeo, 10, and seven-year-old Cruz - and proudly displayed the fruits of their labour on her twitter account yesterday.

Are you ready for Halloweenfashion bunnies? The former Spice Girls singer made the most of her family outing to source some inspiration for her fashion line in the form of second-hand clothing. A second article compares the different actors who have played James Bond, from the original Sean Connery to the current Daniel Craig. The Bond splash shows just how much the newspaper has changed. Since taking it over in , editor-in-chief Gian Maria Vian has slowly transformed it from a newspaper critics said could compete with sleeping pills to one that follows current events, trends and show business as well as Church business.

Pope Benedict gave Vian a mandate to rejuvenate the year-old mouthpiece of the Holy See when he appointed him. Other changes have included more articles by women, more international cover, a reader-friendly layout and typeface. But James Bond has changed with the times and so has the Vatican newspaper. The report, which appeared in the journal Addiction, analysed 29 separate studies conducted between and in Europe, Australia and New Zealand, the United States and Japan, with a total of over 71, public and private sector workers.

Researchers asked the workers about their current and former smoking habits and used surveys or medical and employee records to track how often they were absent over an average of two years. Current smokers were 33 per cent more likely to miss work than non-smokers, and they were absent an average of 2.

The researchers calculated that current smokers were still 19 per cent more likely to miss work than ex-smokers, so encouraging smokers to quit could help reverse some of the lost-work trends. Sugary drinks linked to stroke risk WOMEN who imbibe sugary soft drinks almost every day are 83 per cent more likely to have a certain type of stroke than women who rarely drink sodas and other sweetened beverages, according to a Japanese study. Given the increased availability of soft drinks in Japan over the past several decades, researchers led by Hiroyasu Iso at Osaka University wanted to see if soda drinkers there had higher risks of heart disease and stroke.

They were split into four groups - those who rarely drank soft drinks, those who had one to two cups a week, those who had three to four cups a week and those who had a soft drink nearly every day. Out of 11, women who rarely had a soft drink, - or 1. Of the women who had a soft drink a day, 28, or 3 per cent, had such a stroke. The research team saw no link in men between soft drink consumption and stroke risk. A lack of oxygen during development, known as hypoxemia, is one of the dangers to a foetus when its mother has uncontrolled asthma.

More than 2, of those pregnant women, about 8 per cent, received a prescription for an asthma medication at least once during the study period, from to Both the Global Initiative for Asthma GINA and the US National Asthma Education and Prevention Programme recommend that women continue taking asthma medications throughout pregnancy, because the risks of exacerbated asthma are greater than the risks of the medications.

Top medical innovations treat headaches, diabetes By Debra Sherman THE best medical innovations for next year include an almond-size device implanted in the mouth to relieve severe headaches and a handheld scanner resembling a blow dryer that detects skin cancer, the Cleveland Clinic said this week.

Physicians and researchers at the clinic voted weight-loss surgery as the top medical innovation, not for its effectiveness in reducing obesity, but for its ability to control Type 2 diabetes, the most common form of the disease.

Over the years, bariatric surgeons noticed that the procedure would often rid obese patients of Type 2 diabetes before they even left the hospital. The number of people affected by diabetes has tripled over the past 30 years to more than 20 million Americans, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. More than 90 per cent of those cases are Type 2, a condition in which the body does not produce enough insulin or the cells ignore the insulin.

The miniaturised device - invented at the Cleveland Clinic and spun off into a separate, private company called Autonomic Technologies Inc - is implanted in the upper gum above the second molar to treat cluster and migraine headaches. When the patient feels the headache coming on, a remote control device is placed on the outside of the cheek, and the device delivers stimulation to those nerves, blocking pain.

The implant is available in Europe, but not in the United States. A handheld device used to detect melanoma, the most deadly form of skin cancer, was also on the list. Also on the list is a new type of mammography, called breast tomosynthesis. This technology provides greater detail of the image than the standard mammography, which renders a two-dimensional image.

For the patient, it may seem fference. But the agnostic radiology. Other devicess that nclude made the list include ometry mass spectrometry that allows microbiries to ology laboratories e of identify the type ecbacteria in infecnd tions sooner and fwith more specifuicity, a new modular stent graft to ortreat complex aortic aneurysms, and ract a laser for cataract surgery.

A new technique to repair and regenerate lungs, called ex vivo lung perfusion, is on the list. For example, the Medicare Better Health Rewards Programme Act of provides incentive payments to Medicare participants who voluntarily establish and maintain better health. Slimmer future for heavy kids who get help early WEIGHT-loss programmes can help even very young children slim down, and it appears that acting early may improve the odds of success, according to two European studies.

Excessive pounds in childhood often stay into adulthood, where they have been linked to heart disease, diabetes and other health problems. A report from Sweden showed that overweight and obese children under 10 were much more likely to have slower weight gain than were adolescents getting similar behavioural treatments. Taveras said there is mounting evidence that paying attention to young kids may be a promising way to stem the global obesity epidemic.

In , more than a third of US youths were either overweight or obese, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Tel: Looper 15 K-Cineplex Screen 4 at 5. Tel: Savages 18 K-Cineplex Screen 6 at Tel: ; K-Cineplex Screen 1 at 5, 7. Tel: ; KCineplex Screen 2 at 7.

Tel: ; K-Cineplex Screen 2 in Greek at 5. Tel: Looper 15 Rio 4 at 7. Tel: ; K-Cineplex Screen 4 at Tel: , www. Tel: ; K-Cineplex Screen 3 at 7. Tel: The Watch 15 Rio 6 at 5. Tel: ; K-Cineplex Screen 5 at 8pm. Tel: ; K-Cineplex Screen 3 in Greek at 5. Tel: Paranormal Activity 4 15 Rio 1 at 7. Tel: ; K-Cineplex Screen 4 at 5. Tel: Savages 18 Rio 6 at 10pm. Tel: ; K-Cineplex Screen 5 at Tel: The Artist Rio 5, Monday at 8.

Tel: Paranormal Activity 4 15 Rio 7 at 7. Opens November 2, 7pm until November Nicos Ioannou Jewellery Boutique, Limassol. Open daily: 10am-7pm. Tel: Opens November 2, 7. Open daily: 10am-1pm and 4pm-7pm. Opens November 2, 8pm until December 2. Penindaplinena Gallery, Limassol. There is lots of see and different emotions to be explored with each different screening. This is the story of lost love in a controversial setting.

Manal, Zaki and Mounir are in their twenties, living in a confined community where basic needs are met yet chaos and disorder brew. The two boys are in love with the same girl who finds herself being the bet for a football match between them, the winner getting to marry her.

Chaos and Disorder will be screened at 9pm, with English subtitles. The film which obviously has to do with a mother child relationship concentrates on middle-class Mrs Gallienne who has three children, two of whom she considers as her sons and another she calls Guillaume.

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Omonia have conceded 8 goals in the process, just under 3 goals conceded per game. United should have a comfortable day out in their own city, as Premier League football awaits just a couple of days later. Out of these seven, a majority of their heavy-duty games have been in Europe, where they have come out as a punching bag for Group E. With the win at Everton on Sunday, United have now failed to keep a clean sheet in three games and running too. Nevertheless, we believe that this game will be a good experimental playground for Erik Ten Haag, who will exploit every little space given by Omonia on Thursday night.

And a No for both teams to score. The match prediction to the football match Aris vs Olympiakos Nicosia in the Cyprus 1. Division compares both teams and includes match predictions the latest matches of the teams, the match facts, head to head h2h , goal statistics, table standings. These facts should all be considered to place a successful bet on this match.

Our match preview predictions are fully researched and provided in good faith but no profits are guaranteed. Betting Tips Today is a method used in sports betting, to predict the outcome of football matches by means of statistical tools. Key Information In the last 5 matches Aris have won 3 matches, 0 ended in a draw and they have lost 2 matches.

As far as both teams to score goes in the last 5 matches Aris have 3 matches with a Yes in both teams have scored, and 2 matches with a No in both teams to score. In the Over Under 2.

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