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accas matched betting forum

I've been looking at accas tonight as they appear to have regular money back offers if one doesn't hit. I've searched this forum and read a few threads but. Accumulator bets are the most popular bets that punters place. However, they are not profitable. Learn why they are terrible value bets here. Your best bet is to join Profit Accumulator or oddsmonkey or whoever and get advice from them. They have good forums and are able to support. WIN PLACE SHOW BET CALCULATOR

If you are thinking of giving matched betting a go, or looking for an alternative platform once your existing advisory service subscription runs out, I strongly recommend checking out MatchedBets. They are adding new tools and features all the time, and joining now will ensure you have access to these at no extra cost. As ever, if you have any queries about MatchedBets. Disclosure: This review includes tracked affiliate links. If you click through and sign up with the service in question, I will receive a commission for introducing you.

This will not affect the service you receive in any way. You can read my introduction to matched betting here , and why I believe it is such a great money-making sideline for over-sixties in particular here.

The summer is typically a quiet time for matched betting, but come next month August all that is going to change. I am, of course, talking about the start of the new UK domestic football season! No, the reason to anticipate the new season so keenly is the host of money-making opportunities it will present for matched bettors.

For one thing, the bookies will be pulling out all the stops to attract new clients and get current and former clients back onside. I expect to see a torrent of offers on the football especially in the next few weeks, giving the potential for some tasty risk-free profits by applying matched betting principles.

Also, once the football starts again, there will be many more opportunities to profit from one of my favourite matched betting techniques, Acca Insurance. This involves taking advantage of the offer by several bookies to refund a football accumulator in the form of a free bet if you have one losing leg. By judicious staking you can guarantee yourself a set profit on many such bets. I therefore recommend using my favourite matched betting advisory service, Profit Accumulator.

They recently added a tool called Acca Catcher to the range of resources on offer to Platinum members. Acca Catcher will find accas with insurance for you, show you how much profit they can generate, and reveal exactly what you need to stake on them and when.

I have made hundreds of risk-free pounds using this technique and looking forward to making much more once the new season starts. More About Profit Accumulator Profit Accumulator is the marched betting advisory service I use myself and recommend to others. It is suitable both for those brand new to matched betting and for experienced matched bettors.

You can join PA free initially and they will provide details of two bookmaker offers you can take advantage of straight away. If you wish to proceed further, you can then pay to become a Platinum member and get access to the full range of offers and services. As well as Acca Catcher mentioned above , these include an oddsmatching tool and calculator for finding profitable bets to use with bookmaker offers and maximizing your returns from them.

If you think matched betting may be for you, I therefore highly recommend that you click through to the Profit Accumulator website to see what they offer and sign up for the free trial. By joining today you will be perfectly placed to take advantage of the flood of bookmaker offers likely to appear in the next few weeks. As ever, if you have any questions or comments about matched betting or Profit Accumulator , please do post them below.

Disclosure: As well as being a member of Profit Accumulator I am also an affiliate for them. If you join and become a paying member after following any of the links in this post, I will receive a commission for introducing you.

This does not affect in any way the cost of the service to you or the benefits you receive. To recap, matched betting is a risk-free money-making method that involves legally taking advantage of bookmaker special offers. You can read my post about how matched betting works here , and my post about why I believe matched betting is particularly suitable for over-sixties here.

This is profiting from acca insurance. Obviously, for the benefit of those new to betting, I need to start by explaining what an acca is. What Are Accas? The term acca is short for accumulator. It is a set of bets usually four or more where every bet has to win in order for the acca to succeed and generate a profit. That means accumulators are typically quite risky bets. When one succeeds the returns can be substantial, however, as your winnings are calculated by multiplying all the odds together.

Normally if one leg of an accumulator fails, the whole bet is lost. However, a number of bookmakers offer something called acca insurance with football bets. In this case, if one leg of your acca lets you down, your stake is refunded, generally as a free bet to the same value as the original. As we shall see there are various approaches you can use, but my clear favourite is the Lock In method.

This guarantees a set profit however many legs of your bet fail, from none to all five. Using the Lock In method all but removes the risk of losing money in theory you could still lose if the lay odds on later legs move massively against you, but that is highly unlikely — and much more often the odds actually move in your favour. Finding accas that will work with this method and calculating the required stakes is not easy if you are working alone. I therefore recommend that you use my favourite matched betting advisory service, Profit Accumulator.

They have recently added an online tool called Acca Catcher to the range of resources on offer to Platinum members. Acca Catcher is an amazing tool that will find accas with insurance for you, show you how much profit they can generate, and reveal exactly what you need to stake on them and when. About Profit Accumulator As I have mentioned on Pounds and Sense before, Profit Accumulator is a membership website that provides in-depth tutorials on how to apply matched betting strategies to make money.

In recent months Profit Accumulator have added a number of new tools to their Platinum Membership. These include Match Catcher a tool for those doing horse-racing refunds and Dutching a tool for finding arbitrage opportunities among two or more bookmakers. As mentioned above, however, the tool that I want to focus on today is Acca Catcher.

I will reveal how this works below, though to get full details I highly recommend signing up with Profit Accumulator and watching the training videos they provide. Obviously, by the time you read this, the accas shown will have changed. Acca Catcher shows a number of accas you can use with this method. By default they are arranged in order of EV, which stands for expected value.

This is a measure of how profitable they should be, so the larger the better is the rule here. The QLoss figure stands for qualifying loss. This only applies if you use what they call the Normal method. Using this method, on average you should make a profit equivalent to the EV shown.

This is typically slightly higher than the profit available using the Lock In method, but of course it is only an average, and some of the time you will lose money. Personally I prefer the certainty of the Lock In method even if it might be marginally less profitable overall. You may see this differently, of course. The other things shown on the opening screen are the actual games in the acca, the total back and lay odds, and the start and end dates of the acca.

One other thing you will notice to the left of each acca is a small calculator icon. This is very important, as if you click on it, it will show you everything you need to know in order to extract a profit from the acca in question. As I prefer the Lock In method, however, I have switched it to that. The calculator now shows you the acca bet you have to make and the first lay. Never do offers if you are in a rush or tired, especially when first starting out.

Avoid in play offers until you are confident. You will need to be quicker at placing in play bets as the odds can change quickly - eventually you will be able to do this no problem, but don't put yourself under that pressure until you are ready 3. Others might not agree with this one, but I would avoid horses at first and concentrate on football. There is more that can go wrong when betting on horses your horse could be a non runner for example , these things are usually correctable but again, get confident with the general process first 4.

This would have saved me a lot of stress when I started 5. Familiarise yourself with the process of how to correct it if a lay bet is only partially matched.

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Every offer has clear, concise tutorials with plenty of video walkthroughs to guide you through the various types of offers.

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Texas holdem odds explained in betting You will still be allowed to complete any existing promotions you have already commenced wagering towards, and you will still receive the benefits of any promotion you have started qualifying for or already qualified for prior to joining the Basic package. Pretty much any bonus situation is therefore covered. As mentioned above, an alternative to the Lock In method is the Normal method. Any subsequent bets will not be eligible. The one on MatchedBets.
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