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going to a better place song lyrics

I'm so glad that I know. When I leave, I have a better place to go; . While I'm waiting at the crossing, look-ing back. A Better Place by Leah West, Pop music from Kelowna, BC, Leah's songs are currently playing on both major and indie radio, Show All Lyrics. A better place one Christmas at a time. Some people say that Christmas spirit ends. When wrapping paper's thrown away. We're never ever gonna change the. BELAJAR FOREX DI PENANG HILL

And wont, ever experience cause you ain't as intelligent. Open your mind and understand the world that we living in. Title's really mean nothing unless behind them is millions. Then again half these motherfuckers who think they brilliant. Either end up killing themselfs or they go delierious. Damn, that shits serious i guess money is venimous. I bet all of my enemies are jealous of my excellence. Call tracks like homie testimous writing the bars of exidous. Always afraid to sign my light and create a mind, If you only in it for now then you ain't a part of my life.

You gotta be in it for dreams, you gotta be planning seats. You gotta take time to grow, you gotta take time to breathe cause. Even through the darkness there is light I do what helps me through the day You ain't never ever gotta worry Cause everythings gonna be okay And I I'm greatfully paying homidge.

To people who making honest living, grinding for them dollars. While working up on that great shit, and you ain't even pay shit. Embrace the face of everyone up in this nation. An arguement ain't a legit arguement unless it's backed up. Ignorence is bliss, gotta learn your facts bra.

And one day get your stacks up. She claimed it "show[s] how Platten's songwriting skills can be used to tease out emotional subtleties. Holz, the founder of Plugged In, declared that the track was capable of bringing out an "aww" from the listener. Within four weeks it peaked at number and spent a total of ten weeks on the chart altogether. The singer is then shown walking around a couch before sitting down and turning on a nearby radio. After she departs the room, various couples and individuals are then welcomed into the room where they take a seat and listen to the song.

All of the persons eventually grasps each other's hands or embrace. Towards the end of the song, Platten surprises the guests and greets them.

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Better Place - Rachel Platten (Lyrics)

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