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crypto currency is still going to fail

The crypto market has crashed before, and it will likely crash again so it's important to be ready. Cryptocurrencies are notoriously volatile. The crypto, however, failed to gather any momentum and as of now, they appear to have overestimated their prospects. Even though it is still in operation as a. While cryptocurrency is not likely to fade into extinction, Bitcoin just might. If you're convinced that Bitcoin could, indeed, be a dead coin. TAMANNA BETTING RAJA MOVIES

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Crypto currency is still going to fail investing in your 20s 30s 40s and 50s crypto currency is still going to fail

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In fact, cryptocurrency is plagued by a number of issues that could very well lead to its downfall. Why do most cryptocurrencies fail? There are a number of reasons why most cryptocurrencies tend to fail. It can be difficult for people to understand how to use them and get started with trading and investing in them. Secondly, the volatility of cryptocurrency prices makes it a risky investment.

Prices can go up or down rapidly, which means that you could end up losing money if you invest at the wrong time. Thirdly, cryptocurrency is still very much in its infancy and there are many regulatory hurdles to overcome before it becomes mainstream. The same can be said for other cryptocurrencies. Is cryptocurrency a ponzi? Some people have referred to bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as a ponzi scheme. A ponzi scheme is a type of investment fraud that involves paying returns to investors from their own money or the money paid by new investors, rather than from profits generated by any real business activity.

Whilst on the definition, digital currency is not a ponzi, it struggles to have real value other than a store of value or some very technical features that are difficult for the everyday person to use. Bitcoin investors would argue that although its a speculative investment, it acts similarly to gold. Financial institutions do anything that makes them money. Hype and Unprecedented Market Unlimited supply of money and attention Federal Reserve Bank is printing out trillions of dollar, injecting capital to private corporations and working-class citizens, and keeping the interest rate near zero.

People have excess money and travel is limited to their home. More participants, capital, and attention in the crypto market sends the market off to the moon. The problem with this is that people are investing in a product without due diligence. The basic due diligence on market cap, number of circulating coins, and the blockchain technology behind each cryptocurrency. The market gives out high return in short period of time, and participants join for a quick return. Current irrational behavior by the market will come to an end.

The question is when. Government Policy Regulation on Private Cryptos Sooner or later the government will operate a crackdown on the cryptocurrency market. The U. Yes, Ripple was different from other cryptocurrencies and has since hit a record high, but the SEC can use any reasonable excuse to regulate cryptos, such as threat to national security, money laundering, or tax evasion etc. This can mean banning the use of certain cryptocurrency and stricter policy on crypto trading platforms.

But when would the government do so? The government will do so when it challenges the status quo of the dollar or crypto is doing more harm than good to the government. If people use cryptocurrencies in their daily transaction, there would be no use for the dollar, people abort the dollar, and it becomes worthless. Loss of trust is the biggest fear in fiat currency. As a result, even when cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin, start to be used in our daily life, it will fail.

Regulation kicks in to preserve the value of the dollar. In addition, although cryptocurrency transactions are transparent, it is difficult for the government to levy tax. The IRS has already begun its operation, indicating warning signs of enforcing stricter policy on crypto capital gain. We all must keep in mind that regulation can be in any form at any time. Control the Flow of Money The government wants the ability to control the flow of money in the economy.

It gives them the power to adjust to the economy. When the economy is in recession, it prints out more money to expand the economy. When it is in expansion, it raises the interest rate to prevent inflation. The goal of the Fed is stable growth. Cryptocurrencies do not allow the government to take on debt to growth the economy nor have the capability to soak up excess flow. The economy under current crypto will be a stalemate.

When U. Why would anyone hold onto something that they cannot use? China has already issued its state issued cryptocurrency. If the U. In conclusion, if you are still bullish on cryptocurrency, there is nothing to worry about.

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