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sports betting addiction forum

Hi there, it's my first post. I suspect that my partner has a sport betting/gambling addiction. He's taking loans behind my back and has. They received comments during their first 3 years of forum to problem gambling, online groups to quit gambling could be linked to. If you only enjoy sports when you are betting you aren't enjoying them anyway. Hi paulbev and welcome to the forum. ONLINE BETTING ACCOUNTS AUSTRALIA FLAG

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You fill your insecurities with it. However, by he had become addicted to sports betting. I started doing it compulsively. I would lose big and start chasing to get it back. It was like two people in my brain.

Now I realize it was the addiction trying to fight against whoever I really am. I have to get back to zero before my wife finds out and my family finds out. His wife Kelly had no idea what he was doing on his phone. However, everything changed when she read an email about his account from a casino site. It meant he could stop lying, admit he had problems and commit to counseling. He has since started a podcast which helps other gambling addicts turn their lives around. Betting on what the teams had done the previous nights.

I got down, needed the money back, went at it again. Lost more. Tried to hide it from my wife. She had three cards declined. I was busted. We missed a tuition payment and a car payment. We get his mail. We could see the amount of debt piling up.

Yes, I need help trying to navigate this. It had become a sure fire way to start a fight with my wife and keep myself isolated from my kids. But she tried. You cannot possibly accurately predict these games to overcome the house edge betting on them. Despite any of your perceptions, you are simply making random bets on random games of random athletic occurrences with random results.

You believe that you have become a handicapping genius when picking a couple of football game winning blowouts by twenty-one points or more. Sooner or later you will also pick a couple of losers by twenty-one points or more. You can never realistically predict any of these occurrences ahead of time.

It cannot be done. You cannot ever predict sporting events with enough accuracy to beat the bookie. Even the very best teams can lose to the very worst teams. You will lose money betting on good or bad teams, home or visiting teams, and favorites or underdogs. Teams get hot streaks and cold streaks. Maybe you believe that you can win betting on hot teams and betting against cold teams.

But you really cannot have a clue when these streaks will start or stop with enough predictability to make money betting against the house edge. It just is not possible. You are getting beat and always will get beat out of your money not because of your handicapping but simply because of the house edge.

All of the already known given information about a sporting event is already built-in to the point spread, over-under and all other forms of sports bets. So what it boils down to is that you are simply betting on random numbers against a built-in house edge which makes it impossible to ever win money. You may have what you sincerely believe is an exciting piece of new information such as a key player injury or a sudden inclement weather report which could alter the outcome of the game.

But you cannot really know beforehand, even if the information is accurate, how it will affect the outcome of the game with enough accuracy to overcome the house edge. Key players get hurt on teams all the time and enough of the time the team may win anyway because the other players on the team step-up and actually play better for awhile. Teams that never won before on a muddy field can suddenly win on a muddy field. All of the new information along with your hunches, intuitions and feelings about a given game are all meaningless betting against a bookie.

It does not matter whether you studiously analyzed all of the stats and trends then came up with some conclusion or whether you just feel lucky. In the long-run you will always lose money and in the short-run also if betting on enough games. Sports bettors should believe that sports handicapping is actually just about as unpredictable as horse race handicapping. Human athletes have physical problems as do horse athletes.

Of course the legs of racehorses are more fragile. Compare your own physical life to the physical life of a professional athlete. Physically, sometimes you have good or bad days without any real explanation for the differences. Sometimes you just wake-up with a headache, cold symptoms, muscle pain, etc. Professional sports athletes are the exact same way and more so. With a rigorous schedule of many practices and playing many games in a season, they are constantly prone to physical problems.

Especially the arms of quarterbacks and pitchers, as well as the knees, feet and other body parts of key position players. Most times even the athletes are not really sure how they will perform in a game. They may be mentally prepared and in top physical shape but a knee cartilage may just about be ready to blowout. Even while warming up before a game, the athletes are never really certain how accurate their arms or how strong their legs will be throughout the game.

Take a full team of football players, baseball players, basketball players, etc. Now just how are you going to possibly know the physical conditions of all these players? Performances in past games are a guideline but all that information is already built-in to the point spread and various odds.

The sports bookie oddsmakers in Las Vegas will have more information than you could ever possibly have, even on your home team. They know when teams are hot or cold and adjust the odds lines accordingly. They try to adjust the odds and point spreads so that they get equal betting action on both teams. They make money regardless of which team wins or loses. The bookies have gotten very rich off of gamblers because they are effective in getting equivalent money on both the winning and losing side of a betting proposition such as a point spread on a game.

The bookie will win in the long-run and you will lose in the long-run. The long-run turns into the short-run if betting enough games. An important point that you must realize is that the bookies could even have a margin of error but with the house edge they will still win your money. You think that with a computer programmed with a boatload of statistics and trends that you can outsmart them. There is not any chance of that happening. The absolute certain unpredictability of the physical conditions of the athletes as well as the weather conditions and little idiosyncrasies that occur throughout each game makes it absolutely, totally, completely impossible to beat the bookie house edge.

You must understand that even if the vastly remote, basically impossible chance existed that you were a bit smarter than the Las Vegas oddsmakers, you would still lose anyway because of the house edge. Your bankroll would still get ground out.

But get back to reality. The chance of you being smarter than the Las Vegas bookies or the local illegal bookies who get their odds from Las Vegas, to overcome the house edge, just simply is not going to be possible. So forget about it! With the randomness of sporting event outcomes given the various statistical betting lines, you can never beat the bookie. It does not matter if you buy more stat sheets, spend more time handicapping, gather more information, listen more intensely to the TV and radio trying to find that key piece of news before the bookie does, or buy some good luck charms.

It completely does not matter because you will never overcome the house edge. You had better realize this fact right now. Do not fool yourself now or ever with thinking that your handicapping will get better and then maybe someday you will win at sports betting. You must be convinced of the fact that betting on sporting events against the bookie point spread and odds is exactly the same as playing random numbers. Playing random numbers is exactly the same as flipping coins. To make it clearer about sports picks being random picks, use this coin flipping example.

You must try this at least once. Flip a coin and call it heads or tails. The betting is the same as with a bookie. Keep score on a notepad or calculator.

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Arizona sees gambling addiction surge after sports betting is legalized

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