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Investing blog malaysia indonesia

investing blog malaysia indonesia

Read more about our blog posts. Malaysian flag. Professional investor Opportunities and ESG investing in Chinese equities. DAVID CHOA. J.P. Morgan is a global leader in financial services offering solutions to the world's most important corporations, governments and institutions. Gallagher examine Indonesia and Malaysia's mineral processing sectors, arguing these countries illustrate two distinct pathways for states to. SKIM CEPAT KAYA FOREX

Sound interesting? Offer child care There is a child care crisis happening right now. Coronavirus exposure, day care closings, and rising costs has left parents with no choice but to take care of their kids at home. The rise in demand for child care services with a decreasing supply is a perfect mixture for starting a new business. If you enjoy taking care of kids and can get the proper licenses, a new child care business could be a good business idea for you.

Start an online coffee shop Selling coffee can be profitable with a strong brand and the right marketing plan. Sure, coffee has a lot of competition. Selling a high commodity product like coffee has many benefits: There is a high volume of customers. Customers typically associate small brands as having a higher quality than corporate brands.

There are many niching opportunities. People already want coffee, you just need to make them want your coffee. Become a handyman I grew up with a dad who was a handyman. Always fixing things around the house: a plumbing issue, installing tile, cleaning out gutters, putting up the fence.

He was always the guy friends and family would call on for odd jobs around the house. If only the internet were popular around those days, he could have built a website and offered his services locally! Sell your photography Got a passion for taking photos? Turn your hobby into a full-time photography business. You can easily set up a store and sell prints, posters, NFTs, and more.

Become a social media management consultant As of April , there are over 4. Clients will pay you to create engaging content, write attractive vios, respond to comments, run ads, and more. You could charge by the hour or by project rate. Start a beauty business The beauty industry really pulled through during the pandemic.

Businesses that sell online and offer different delivery services will continue to win. Some product ideas with high demand are: Personal care products like hand soap and sanitizer At-home spa rituals like face masks Beauty technology like massage guns, smart mirrors, and makeup refrigerators Learn more: How to Launch a Makeup Brand and Sell Online: The Ultimate Guide. Housesitting and petsitting As travel increases, so does the need for home and pet care while people are away.

And with the increase in remote work, long-term holidays are becoming more commonplace—so while you might be able to leave your home unoccupied for a weekend, a month-long trip may require some more care. You can create your own website on Shopify to market and sell your services, and there are also dedicated home and pet care websites and apps you can use. Here are some examples: HouseSitter. This website! I write about how I personally save, spend, earn and invest money.

Great writing, highly recommend. The ultimate credit card sifu. Dividend Magic — Personal posts about the stocks he personally owns, the dividends he received, and some helpful explanation of terminologies! Ariff Shah — Malay-language blogger. Good information for aspiring first-time homeowners. Chok Leong — Talks about his stock picks, shares, dividends, ETF, commodity prices oil and gas , companies in Malaysia. Invests in stocks and seems like a good place to visit if you want to invest in the KLSE stock market.

Kopi and Property — Property junkies go here. Charles inspire me — he updates way more than I do! TechCurator — Run by Vincent, a notable person in the fintech scene. He focuses on smart cities, fintech, insurtech and more. Great insights and thought-piece articles about the stock markets. Love it. Everything Nisa — Find free budget printables, tax advice, life organisation hacks and more from this Muslim superwoman!

Investing blog malaysia indonesia how do i get rich from investing in berkshire hathaway


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Investing blog malaysia indonesia free cricket betting tips prize bond

How to INVEST for BEGINNER? investing blog malaysia indonesia

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