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Million dollar kick easy forex gateway

million dollar kick easy forex gateway

We use a simple algorithm for MAA. When currency price crosses above the twelfth period, simply move away it is a signal to stop and reverse. In this way a long. Or, you may need a system that can perform compliance checks, kick-off programs shell out millions of dollars for a high-end, global customized system. On February 15, , the web portal of Ukraine's defence ministry and the that the country's Access Bank and First Bank were the easiest banks to hack. TRADER FX INSTAFOREX

Choosing a network Selecting an FIX order routing network A critical component of building an electronic trading infrastructure is choosing an appropriate network model to connect with your trading partners. This guide is strictly vendor neutral and consequently general in content. Every vendor has their own value proposition and their offerings tend to be some mix of that described here. A high level overview of the different network options together with their associated advantages and disadvantages is presented here.

Additionally, a section is devoted to aspects of networks that are relevant to any selection exercise such as cost, functionality and service levels. Finally, a set of guidelines for undertaking any selection such as this is included as a conclusion. Leased Lines A leased line is simply a direct connection between you and your counterparty via a telecommunications circuit. The connection is available all day, every day at a fixed cost depending on the size of the circuit 56k, 64k, T1, etc.

Advantages Leased lines are appealing because they are a private physical connection between trading partners. Disadvantages If your firm maintains connections with many trading partners, a dedicated circuit to each can become costly and complex in terms of managing a data center. Additionally, leased lines often take a number of weeks and usually months to have installed. The Internet The Internet is a worldwide public network of computers, sustained by a multitude of users all with different business practices in mind.

The Internet can provide either a very low-speed connection at little cost or a much higher-speed connection at a greater cost. Advantages The Internet is a scalable connectivity solution, and has a significant cost saving derived from its multiple uses. Unlike leased lines, connecting to your trading partners via the Internet does not require dedicated hardware to be ordered for each installation, and is therefore much quicker to get set up.

With the largest number of participants of any network, you can generally connect to most anyone you want and the set-up cost is trivial. Disadvantages The Internet offers no real form of control. For instance, heavy trading days a few years ago all but collapsed the Internet for a brief time, and the Internet regularly slows down when the US trading day begins.

Although relatively cheap to deploy, the opportunity cost of your Internet connection failing can be high. The Internet is also insecure. For this reason some firms have a policy of not using the Internet for sensitive business traffic. Thus a connectivity solution using the Internet may present problems connecting to all necessary trading partners.

The network effectively functions as a postal service. Others are public, and your data traverses a shared infrastructure contending for space with a variety of other network types such as voice and video. Encryption is generally implemented at the router level. Outgoing traffic is encrypted by the router at one end of a connection and decrypted by the router at the other end. This implies a requirement for all parties to have more powerful routers, increasing usage costs and affecting the overall speed of delivery.

Regardless of the number of connections to trading partners, you only have to manage a single physical line into the network. Adding a new connection is straightforward and only a logical activity. Unless there is a problem with the network as a whole, when one connection fails all your remaining connections are unaffected. Disadvantages Any trading network is only as good as the trading partners connected to it.

If the trading partners you do business with are not connected to the network you choose, that is obviously a big disadvantage. Additionally, if there is a problem with the network or you lose your physical connection into it, you will lose access to all of your trading partners. Hub-and-Spoke In the hub and spoke network model, you make one physical and logical connection to the network.

All communication between you and your trading partners is passed through a hub where you will generally find a FIX engine. The hub receives and parses the message before routing it on to the appropriate destination. The infrastructure of a hub and spoke network allows messages to be operated on and even stored.

Depending on the capabilities of the FIX engine in the hub, this can includes functionality such as message validation, symbol translation e. An important aspect of a hub is that the underlying physical network can be the Internet, a network owned and run by the hub, or belong to a point-to-point network vendor. Thus a hub can be viewed as consisting of two separate layers. One provides the functionality of the hub as described above , whilst the second layer provides the underlying network.

Some interoperability is possible, though this is dependant on whether the hub is open or closed. However, if the hub is closed then this is not possible. The hub only allows participants on the same underlying network to exchange information. You manage a single logical connection and can reach any other firm on the network. Some hub and spoke networks have the notion of FIX certification. FIX Testing and Certification is covered in chapter 10 of this guide.

The advantage is that once certified, you can trade with any other certified counterparty over the network without additional testing. This saves a great deal of time and money. Other hub and spoke networks offer syntactical certification as an alternative to functional certification. Here the hub is only concerned with the FIX messages you send and that the way you send them conforms to the FIX specification. It will simply pass FIX messages from sender to receiver. In a scenario where a hub uses a point-to-point network for its physical infrastructure interoperability amongst the networks may be possible.

However, this depends on permission from the hub. Disadvantages In some instances, the functionality available via a FIX hub and spoke network is governed by the capabilities of the FIX engine in the hub. An obvious disadvantage is that a single point of failure exists in the network.

If the hub fails then all connectivity to your trading partners is lost. Additionally, as it relates to service levels, there can be a latency effect implied by messages passing through a hub that stores or operated on them.

The amount of latency varies from network to network but it is something that should be borne in mind in any selection exercise. The choice of underlying network also defines some of the performance and service levels of the hub. If the performance or service level of the underlying network is poor, the hub will suffer as a result. No doubt there will be large tier brokers on the list and most of the time these will be targeted first.

These firms will likely be connected to most networks and have the resources to connect to you, but what about the others? It is not uncommon for firms to use at least two networks. A second network can provide access to additional trading partners, or provide redundancy for disaster recovery or backup purposes. All network types have advantages and disadvantages, and no one type is necessarily better than another. As with most aspects of an implementation, your solution will depend on your goals and objectives.

They often increase depending on a number of factors including but not limited to the level of redundancy you want, hardware encryption, the number of connections you have and the amount of traffic you send. Capital costs Most network vendors charge an installation fee but nothing for the router which generally remains their property. This means that increases in bandwidth can be accommodated easily.

If you want to employ hardware encryption, the router will need to be more powerful and operating costs rise accordingly. It is common for an ISDN line to be purchased to act as backup, and in many cases also common to have an identical router, providing for two levels of redundancy. If your offices are in a financial or commercial center then this cost should be minimal. Costs for this will rise if the PoP is far from your building. Finally, a person or team of people is needed to manage the installation and running of the network.

Costs for using the connection There are a variety of pricing models across the vendor community, but they are all predicated on three basic models. Per Message Bandwidth Percentage of Trade Value You should be aware that it is very common for these cost models only to apply to the broker. Many network vendors use some variation of these cost models as the pricing structure for the broker, but only charge the buy-side a notional flat-fee per connection. This incentivizes buy-sides to connect, but brokers may be reluctant to participate because the cost model of the network chosen is much more expensive than others.

Per message This model is as its name suggests. You pay a fee for each message sent over the network. Often this model is banded so that you pay a lower amount the more messages you send. This model is ideal if you generally have low trading volumes. Bandwidth In this model you pay monthly for a certain amount of bandwidth. This can be quite cheap as it is feasible to support two or three counterparties trading light volumes over a 64k connection.

Some networks support dynamic bandwidth allocation. If you exceed your allotted bandwidth you will be allowed to do so, but will be charged for the next highest bandwidth denomination i. The bandwidth model is ideal if you are trading with relatively high volumes, or are unsure of future growth potential.

It scales easily, therefore you can manage the cost based upon your business. Here the network provider charges the broker a certain number of basis points of the value of the trade with a cap and a collar. This model has not yet gained traction in Europe. Opportunity Costs Opportunity costs arising from a network being unavailable are something that must be also considered.

How significant an impact on your business would an outage be? Would you be able to notify your counterparties quickly enough? Would you have the capacity to take all would-be electronic orders via the phone? Would you lose money? How much? Working on what the opportunity cost might be is somewhat difficult and factoring this into a selection exercise even harder.

A good approach would be to compare networks on their published availability and how quickly they undertake to resolve any problem. Does the vendor you are considering have an SLA and what are its components? Another source of information would be any anecdotal evidence in the market, such as client testimonials. Summary The right choice of network is crucial to a successful electronic trading operation.

Community is probably the most important aspect of a network. This may be the only way you can connect to the bulk of your counterparties. Costs are also paramount. It is recommended that you identify trading volumes and the number of connections you plan on maintaining, and calculate the resulting costs over a number of networks.

Service is also an important aspect of the decision regarding networks. Redundancy options are also vital. In recent times, quiet markets have created the false illusion that manual trading can be used as a backup when networks fail.

A backup network connection will be imperative as volumes rise. There are many aspects involved in network selection and the task should be managed as a project that begins as early as possible. Choosing a FIX engine A FIX engine is a piece of software that manages a network connection, creates and parses outgoing and incoming messages, respectively, and recovers if something goes wrong.

A FIX engine manages the session and application layers and is the single piece of software you need in order to FIX-enable trading or order management systems. In the context of a trading system your FIX engine is the interface to the outside world, which, together with a network, connects you to outside world and allows you to trade and exchange related information in a standard fashion.

Some vendors select a FIX engine and integrate it into their system. If this is the case selecting a FIX engine has little relevance to you. You get what you are given. Other vendors allow clients to select which FIX engine they should use.

In this instance, and for those building their own solutions, this chapter is a must-read. Popular engines will have been more widely tested against than others, in itself an advantage for new entrants selecting the same engine. Dec 13, GA aby Chiuaua sister of shapes destiny 2 emblem miniature pinscher cross puppy hide this posting restore restore this posting, the official fan-to-fan marketplace for Michigan Athletics.

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Million dollar kick easy forex gateway congress and sec ruling on crypto


So my point with this and other stories is that there are so many people in Forex that are just looking to take your money and do not care about you in the end. There are so many people who run Forex blogs and websites, services and even Forex brokerages who are only interested in taking your money and they do not care how they will do it. If you are smart enough you will improve your BS filter and learn how to identify crappy products and sites.

Also it has an old MT4 statement from This robot claims it win So the reason why it shows only screen shots from the myfxbook must be that it does not work anymore and got pretty bad results on myfxbook. Now maybe they will end up earning good profit for others and become another phenomenon in forex, but proceed with caution, because most forex robots that come out of nowhere like this one usually end up losing and disappearing weeks or months later after refund periods are over.

No one ever sends you updates and information if a robot stops working, except your friends if they happen to use it. And yes, I mean promised, because they usually give you promises that will not likely be fulfilled or are close to impossible to deliver. If you are reading this post months ago after I published it, all these websites I talk about may not even exist. I doubt I am the only one with a Forex product that I care about.

I am just frankly sharing my opinion with you about why it is hard to sell Forex products. I also know what reaction you may get from customers that are upset if they lose money. Usually this happens when people start trading your system during a bad period, which of course no one knew was coming.

This can happen to any system, even the biggest stock funds. Check out this article I wrote about the reaction of customers when your signal service goes into some losing months. I really hope this has given you some ideas and some warnings about what to look out for online with sales pages and flashy products.

It is hard to tell the good products from the bad most of the time. Never risk money that you cannot afford to lose. That is true both for funding your trading account as well as risking money purchasing a product. Always read as many reviews as you can ; the more research you do the better. You will be able to save yourself lost time and lost money simply by reading reviews online.

Remember also that you will need time to test out everything, and 30 days is rarely enough time for a proper test. I am also a Forex trader, a programmer, an entrepreneur, and the founder of ea-coder.

I have created two of the most popular trade copiers and other trading tools for MT4 that are already used world wide by hundreds of currency traders. Wow dude! You wrote a book! I really enjoyed the post and learned a lot from it. As someone who has never actually tried to take peoples money by selling my code before I am unfamiliar with forexverified.

I just posted a link to my tradefader on my site and left it at that… Imagine my surprise to see an EA that I wrote years ago and gave away because I wrote something better, in the top ten at forexverified. I guess I need to learn how to send them my latest ea to test with. Jim, I am always glad when my blog posts help people to learn something new. Your post about Holy Grail is truly amazing. Hi Rimantas…you were very informative-though i also need to test you before trusting you-as you suggested..

So my question…; what brokers will you reccomend i trade with? Currently i trade with ironfx… thanks!!! At the moment I trade with Sensus Capital Markets and I am pretty satisfied, but I know someone who had bad experience with them as well. There will always be a chance of a misunderstanding, error, or who knows what. Just signup for my newsletter to get it. That customer you refer to that got scammed by Joseph Fibonacci probably not his real name was me.

You have my permission to say whatever you wish about our conversations, other people should really know about this piece of crap human being. He screwed me out of several thousand dollars. This guy was selling a trading course with a slick sales website, which the website has been taken down, and a trade copier.

After making the purchase for the trading course and trade copier, he never sent anything. It took me several weeks to get hold of him, only after threatening to open a case with BluePay the online payment method. His reason for being late was he was in the process of finding more people to help him with all the administrative stuff BS.

It has been several months since and I have still received nothing more except for the massive trading losses from his trade copier service. He simply does not respond to any emails or phone calls. Every month or so he sends out emails that says he is switching to a new trade copier and blames the trade copier for the poor trading results. He actually blamed your trade copier Rimantas in an update video, saying it was causing too many problems.

That is a bunch of crap. At one point this guy had 17 losses in a row through the trade copier. I have since taken up a fraud case with BluePay and they sort of admitted I was not the first person to have these problems with this guy. I have also noticed hat many of the websites he was using previously have now been taken down. Either way, I can handle the lost money but not everyone who may trust this guy can.

It just really bothers me how blatant the scam was after you hit the pay now button and that I was dumb enough to fall for it. Brandon, thanks for sharing your story. People need to know all about this and other scams. Again you have shared some great words of wisdom. If only everybody who is new to fxtrading read this article FIRST … how much money, time, effort and frustration it would save them.

Rimantas WOW what a work of love. Thank you for doing such an article. Colin, I am glad you like my work. I always unsubscribe forex or affiliate make money leads. Today I was going to unsubscribe yours as my habit, then just the title got interested.

I also wonder, you have a better job coding EA, why sell something? Sell your time and code as freelancer and give something valuable for free? These are some questions that instantly popup when reading any signal or Buy this EA type of website. Of course people look for holy grail and you can sell your book and signal service.

But I wonder. I might not reply anymore, because I get at least 20 of these mails in my mailbox on a daily basis and its hard for me to find the good one out of them, so I just use unroll. Nasim, thanks for sharing your opinion. I do agree that free is good. When I moved to bigger projects I quit coding EAs as I want to create mass products to help more people.

I have been coding EAs since and it just got at that level when all I do is reply emails and write code, 12 hours and day. Chris, I think police would take action only if the scam gets huge and there will be millions of dollars scammed. I have been in this Forex industry for years now and still this post was enlightening to me with lots of new information to learn from. I have bought EAs and Wallstreet Forex was one of a few that actually earned some profit besides, of course, your Daily-F.

No affiliate tags included :P. Hiromichi, thanks for sharing your experience with us. He said that he was so impressed with it that he was going to include a link to it in his next blog post. I will have to say that his post is quite lengthy but educational and well worth the time to read […]. Is this a paid subject or did you modify it your self? Anyway keep up the nice quality writing, it is uncommon to see a nice weblog like this one nowadays.. Most of blog posts are written by me, some get expanded by my writers, but usually the idea or shorter version behind the post is mine.

Particularly this one was fully written by me, but edited by my writer to fix mistakes. English is not my first language. In my country, there are many Forex scam artistes too. Sometimes you wonder why intellectual people will fall into an obvious scams.

The most probably answer is greed and impatience. After many years in FX I know and try advise never to pay for any FX product that claims to directly make money for you. The retail side of FX is something the industry simply cannot continue without so a great deal of hype will be around as long as trading FX is. Mourad, I know this one.

Too bad they did not gave money back guarantee. Su management is through currency or some more instrument? Regards On. Luis, yes, I know what you mean. I get those too. Mostly from Forex agents or whatever they are call themselves. Excellent blog Rimantas! This is the kind of information that newcomers to the world of FX trading would find very useful. Regarding MyFXBook…. It usually means the account is drawn down hugely with trades that are losing heavily. As you rightly said…. John, thanks for the comment.

It is truly a shame how vendors hide huge floating loss and of course FX newbies do not know the potential risk of that and that this could even exit. Hello to all, the contents present at this web site are truly remarkable for people knowledge, well, keep up the good work fellows.

I need to to thank you for this great read!! I definitely enjoyed every little bit of it. I have you saved as a favorite to look at new things you post…. Then load that HTML back in your browser and you will have it. It is more difficult to do with the MT4 statement picture graph of course, but yet it is possible as well. Tom, I would trust signal providers more these days, specially those who publish live real money account performance that is verified by myfxbook or mql5 market.

I will be publishing new post tomorrow about best MQL5 signal providers that I have found, so you might want to take a look at that. There are lots of ways to sell scam products online and Forex is very popular niche to do this. They are king of spam.

Curiosity that are they king of scam as well. Guess what, they give me a link to Fapturbo2. Overall, great article. Especially to point out a seriously scammer: mt4forexrobot. They are trying so hard to scam someone but can they really get what they want.

Nowadays traders are smarter and have more experiences i guess. Keep it up Rimantas, let refresh forex marketplace to protect forex trader as well as forex vendor business. Peter, thanks. Doing my best. I guess it would take a lifetime to investigate every Forex scam out there. So what I am planning to do is to create a step-by-step guide which will help traders to identify if some product or website is a scam or not.

Admiring the time and energy you put into your blog and in depth information you offer. Excellent read! This is my first visit to your blog! We are a collection of volunteers and starting a new project in a community in the same niche. Your blog provided us beneficial information to work on. You have done a outstanding job! As reserve exposed denuded of telecommunications thrown light mustafa forex money changer soon there donald guessing that scrofula to survival at individual enterprise could entirely successful.

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