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Mauro betting sai da band album

mauro betting sai da band album

compiling the works of singer–songwriters based in Malaysia from the period. (Personal collection of Azmyl Yusof) Back album sleeve. N.Y. The plea is as worn out as an overplayed record, but the time is right for a advertising campaign on behalf of the record and music industry. i just listened to the new nick cave and the bad seeds record 'skeleton tree'. the virtuoso musician and songwriter who gave so much to our band. DOC`S SPORTS BOOK

I got a telescope the other day and Clara and I and her friend Sky who is visiting from Canada are going to try see the boogers in the nose of the man on the moon tonight. I am sorry for being sucha sloppy and lazy tyoer I know I make a lot of mistakes and don't fix them because I am a punk rocker. They come crashing together the two majestic forces, they keep doing it for thousands of years.

I think of that when I look at this place where I am. It is bursting with life, so here I am to unwind my body and mind in this break before the last 3 week leg of all the touring for Californication. The last places we played before we just finished were Quebec City and Montreal.

I felt like we played really well in Montreal, Quebec we did pretty well but it felt to me like we were really taking off in Montreal. I don't know if how I feel about a show has anything to do with the audience's perception though. I must tell all of you that we had an incredible experience in Quebec of another nature. A woman who I have the utmost respect and admiration for came out to host a z. Her name is Caroline Myss.

She is a teacher, a speaker, and a writer and has intuitive abilities which she has refined to a very high level. She is someone who has had a very profound effect on my life and the person that I am today. She teaches about many things it would be a disservice to her for me to go into her teachings in any detail but she teaches about spiritual energy which flows through all of us and how we can use it to serve ourselves and others in the highest possible way.

There are many books and tapes available of her thoughts, the first set of tapes I heard of hers are called 'Energy Anatomy' and they are pretty easy to find. They mean a lot to me and I gotta say that I was super fucking honored that she came out to share her ideas with us and she is the coolest. That is the big news lately as far as I am concerned. I am reading short stories by William Faulkner they are great. I love you all. From Quebec City, Canada — August 19 Date: Sat, 19 Aug From: "Michael Balzary" Food poisoning is a drag James Bond is an asshole Not giving a fuck about what other people think is the way to be yoga is good Darby Crash is the best rock lyricist of all time love is the only way Peter Falk is the greatest lonely isn't so bad Quebec looks pretty good from a hotel room window your children give you life you owe them everything they owe you nothing Keep it all clear between you and your friends Keep your self Patti Smith holds hands with her boyfriend I pee in the street From New York — August 15 Date: Tue, 15 Aug From: "Michael Balzary" To: members redhotchilipeppers.

My city is Los Angeles and I love that city. Raymond Chandler might write about Los Angeles better than any other man but John Fante would give him a run for his money. These kind of mystery books use a different part of the brain that I don't think is ever used for any other purpose. So, to top it off John and I just watched 'The Big Sleep' which is based on a Chandler book and stars the studly man of macho integrity and quick wit Humphrey Bogart.

I wonder how many men of that era took it upon themselves to be macho sexist assholes thinking they were approximating a little bit of Bogies suave hard nosed demeanor and left all of Bogies love by the wayside I am listening right now to 'Harvest' by Neil Young. I love Neil Young sometimes live I have been known to sing a quirky and cute version of 'The Needle and the Damage Done', the thing is I try to do it all poignant and soulful drawing on my deep well of dynamic life experience but it just comes out quirky and cute and out of tune.

Chuck is the driver who drives John and I in a big ol' tourbus which had stereos and tv and a dvd player and nice beds. It is the greatest bus in the world. Chuck is the best driver I have ever seen. He takes great pride on getting us to where we are going safely and he has an open honest face. He helps us out in so many ways besides driving and it means a lot to John and I to be around his peaceful vibe when we cruise down the road. So, I rock my burrito in a cocoon of safety and candle light in my post Lauren Bacall splendor We have the greatest crew of any rock band in the world here they are: Drum Tech..

Chris Warren Chris has been my friend for a long time. When we were looking for drummers in the late 80's he came into audition and he didn't know how to play the drums very well at all. However, he accidentally left a cymbal behind and called me to arrange picking it up and we became pals.

When Clara was just a chubby cheeked red afroed infant Chris was one of the only people who we could leave her with-- she was always totally relaxed and felt safe with him. He has since become a great drummer and now plays in the band 'The Bicycle Thief' who will be with us on the next leg of our tour. He has a tattoo of a totem pole of fat albert characters on his side.

He has spectacular taste in music and is one of the nicest people I have ever met. Bass Tech Tracy Tracy is pretty new to us-- he has been with us on all of the Californication touring and he does a great job and doesn't get mad at me when I throw the occasional tantrum and I like him a lot but don't know him hardly at all.

Guitar tech Dave Lee Dave Lee is Oh fuck it I am getting bored with this I will write about the rest of our crew later in short installments. Things have been great lately. I have been doing Yoga with our super kind and slightly nervous new yoga teacher, I had a great session with him this morning and i feel relaxed and sprightly and all clean inside at least i did until I greased that pizza on the way out of N. The other night i woke up in the middle of the night doubled over in pain my tummy hurt so bad think it was from doughnuts but at least after i pooped I felt better not like when the same thing happened when I broke up with my girlfriend and it hurt so bad I checked myself into the hospital and they shot me up with diladud, I don't know if that was a good idea or not but it sure made my tummy feel better.

When i arrived at the hospital they thought I might have some kind of exploding ulcer or something and I was all uptight asking them to put me in a backroom i didn't want to be recognized but after that diladud I just lay down on a stretcher in the middle of a busy hallway waving at everyone and chatting with anyone who had a minute thinking to myself "Ah now I know why all those people want to be junkies" Of course it wore off after a few hours and I dealt with all my shit and everyone knows that opiate use will stop you from ever growing in anyway at all and suck everything cool you ever had right out of your life.

Well John laughed-- I saw him. I love playing bass alot. Last night I had a nice walk in the rain and lightning, the lightning was just blazing up the sky like a metallica album cover, huge forks piercing through the darkness making me feel part of the whole thing it was incredible. I was hoping to walk around out of my hotel and eat greek food and see interesting folks but it is nothing but wonder bread around here and I refuse to get in a cab and go anywhere so it's a fleamail and a little bass practice maybe some meditation and lazing around like a sloth.

I don't feel like being real active today I'm gonna save it up for the giggy-wig tonight. We played the day before yesterday at some kinda beer festival in Latrobe, Pennsylvania and it was kinda weird because Anthony lost his voice and was very unhappy about that his vocal cords were swollen like over flowing african river after a big storm.

It was also in the day time it is strange to play in the sunlight I am not used to it and the sun was shining so brightly on my freshly shaven head i was concerned with burning my head like I did once before so badly that I was in terrible pain for days and looked a sleestack.

I slathered my self with sunblock and people were concerned because I looked so pale. Lets hear it for women. I have been thinking lately about the power of women I am in awe of women. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel of our U. I am glad to have spread something I am so proud of to a lot of places. I had a dream last night that I had 6 wolf puppies and they were so cute but i was worried about what to do when they grew up.

I saw a show on tv last night on a guy who had a trained grizzly bear and he was rolling around on the ground and wrestling with it seemed like the ultimate thing to be doing, to be great pals with a grizzly bear. When we were kayaking in Alaska I saw a few Grizzly bears lumbering through the woods and wow what a sight to see. I cannot think of a more beautiful sight than that and then a few days later when our trip was over and we went into town and were at a bar or somewhere we met some assholes who were going to hunt Grizzlies with big fancy high powered laser beam guns, just wait for them by the river where they go to eat salmon and then shoot them in all their peace and glory and go home and brag about the stuffed carcass.

Fucking disgusting people make me so sad like that. I hear though, that once in a while a bear will charge the hunters and the hunter will get nervous and misfire and get eaten by the bear. When we were in Michigan we went to Blackie's house and partied with the wolves, it was absolutely incredible they were so beautiful and I could feel this immense power flowing through them, this amazing pure energy and it was like they completely sized me up the second I walked into their pen.

A wolf is the most awe inspiring and intriguing thing on this planet. I can not think of anything that is so mysterious and powerful to me with the possible exception of the orca. When we got to D. I am reading a foolish book called 'Valley of the Dolls' foolish because it is so predictable but truthful in its depiction of the the sad oh so sad side of the entertainment industry I have never read a trashy novel like this before I wonder if it is doing something weird to my brain.

He spoke very nice words about the Poohs. I thanked him. He had been a kind of father to us. When we lacked the money to put gas in the van, it was often he who handed it to us. Immediately afterwards Mauro Bertoli marries a young dancer and decides to abandon his musical career. From that moment on, the line-up stabilizes in a quartet.

In April the quartet knows for the first time the thrill of the record charts with the song Piccola Katy, originally side B of their fifth single In Silence, which climbs up to the fifteenth position of the hit parade. Shortly after the release of the album, after the tour of summer concerts September , Mario Goretti, tired of the constant movements around Italy, leaves the complex and returns to Bologna, where he opens an amplifier company. Goretti is replaced by the young Bolognese guitarist Donato Battaglia known as Dodi, not even seventeen years old.

Dodi had been noticed by Enrico Marescotti during a Bolognese party in which he performed a virtuoso electric solo by the Shadows. A member of the Meteors, who were also Gianni Morandi's musical ensemble, he becomes a protagonist of the growth of Pooh behind the scenes. In that same year, the relationship between Pooh and the record company breaks down following the release of their second album Contrasto in July secretly released while the band is on tour, the record is withdrawn from the market shortly after.

In fact, this album mainly includes auditions and discards, as well as the fairly successful single Piccola Katy. The single So much desire for her reaches number one in two weeks. The same happens with Pensiero, which sells over a million copies. Although everyone considers it a piece of love, the song is about a prisoner. Both singles entered the South American charts and immediately jumped to the top, selling , and 1,, copies respectively in a few months.

Valerio Negrini leaves the group, while remaining tied to the Pooh as a lyricist. He is replaced by Stefano D'Orazio, a Roman drummer who had already played in groups such as I Naufraghi and Il Punto the second of the two groups had obtained a moderate success, also obtaining a cover on Ciao , the most prestigious music weekly of those years [5] The Pooh record some of their songs in English: Tutto at three becomes The Suitcase and CBS decides to include it in a collection that includes the best artists of their vast catalog.

Much desire for her comes second at the Festivalbar. In , the worldwide success is still affirmed, thanks to singles of great effect and drama such as Noi due nel mondo e nell'anima back I will be born with you , What can be said about you back When a she goes away. The record company is undecided on which of the two singles to bet more. From London comes the Minimoog synthesizer, which makes a fleeting appearance in this piece. The Alessandra album marks a greater presence of Roby on vocals, which until then had been the prerogative of Dodi and Riccardo above all, and for the first time sees the signature of Dodi Battaglia as the author of the music.

Due to the influence of Lucariello, the ensemble puts aside its instrumental skills to make room for the strings of the very elegant Franco Monaldi orchestra. In addition to this, for the first and only time in Alessandra the producer manages to impose that the album is composed exclusively of love songs.

It is a record where the electric guitar almost totally disappears, replaced mainly by Dodi's acoustic arpeggios, there are no guitar solos to hinder the orchestral ups and downs of the 12 songs of which the disc is composed. At this point Riccardo Fogli decides to leave the group to pursue a solo career. In fact, according to him, the producer tends to favor Battaglia's voice to the detriment of his. The group seems to be about to dissolve when at the beginning of , after endless selections held in the laundry of a hotel on the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines in Roncobilaccio, the new bassist, Red Canzian, former guitarist of Osage Tribe, a group founded by Franco Battiato, who later joined Capsicum Red, who had two singles and an album to his credit.

Anticipated by the singles Me and you for other days and Infiniti noi, this LP uniquely mixes British-derived symphonic pop in the Italian panorama with the sophisticated melodies of Roby Facchinetti as in the homonymous Parsifal or in L'anno, il posto, l 'Now. If the musical style seems to direct them towards cumbersome comparisons like Pink Floyd and Genesis, the choirs of the four refer directly to the Beatles and the Bee Gees.

The song of the same name marks an important stage in the history of the ensemble as its second part is exclusively instrumental. The song Letter from Marienbad is chosen as Side B of the single Me and you for other days and left out of the 33 rpm version of the album, although it is regularly included in the stereo 8 version of the same. In the collection I Pooh was released which contains their success motifs.

They are included in the album If you know, if you can, if you want and For you something more, used as side A of the relative single, which also include E I would like. The songs, arranged according to a fairly rigid chronological criterion, clearly highlight how rapid the musical maturation in the style of the Pooh has been in these four years. The two singles, however, do not reach the success of the previous ones. The remarkable load of symphonic music as well as often dreamlike and difficult lyrics come together in two LPs of modest commercial success.

Some of our best time comes across as too difficult an LP for the Pooh audience, accustomed to fast-paced songs. The massive use of the orchestra, of instruments such as the harpsichord and of long instrumental pieces certainly does not favor the radio passage. Not even the following Perhaps poetry still manages to sell like Parsifal: Ninna nanna, chosen to promote the album, barely manages to enter the top 10 of singles.

The album is produced rather quickly, it is less difficult and edited than the previous one and Pooh will perform live very few songs from this album. Just around for the first time in the seventies several other Italian complexes, such as the Bottega dell'Arte, the Giardino dei Semplici, the Beans and the Matia Bazar, [8] more or less simultaneously succeeded in gaining public attention by placing one or two singles in the sales charts obtaining sales figures certainly comparable to those of the latest Pooh singles.

As Lucariello is no longer able to perpetuate the success of the complex, the disagreements intensify. The desire to continue playing by reducing the contribution of the orchestra finally leads the group to self-produce, the first case of its kind in Italy, and to definitively split from the producer who had led them to success.

The music is played by the four with richer arrangements, although there is still the accompaniment of a string section. The lyrics no longer focus only on love, but approach everyday life and social issues; in fact, Poohlover speaks of homosexuals, prostitutes, gypsies and prisoners. With Linda the group returns after a few years to the top of the charts; in Piazza San Marco in Venice, a party is set up for the ten-year career of the complex: the Poohs are photographed near a giant polystyrene cake.

Roby, Dodi and Stefano, without Red, but accompanied by Valerio as singer, open a parenthesis at this point by recording under the name of Mediterraneo System a single with the songs Think about it? In they participated in the soundtrack of the television drama La gabbia, with the instrumental songs Risveglio and La Gabbia. Risveglio, facade A, also owes part of its popularity to an advertisement broadcast on television for a well-known company of modular kitchens.

In that year they inaugurate an era of great concerts in the stadiums, laser beams, smoke on the stage, a splendor that will remain one of the symbols of the band for decades. In this period they participate in several episodes of Domenica In with Corrado. Anticipated by the summer 45 Give me just a minute, the LP Rotolando respirando is released, the first produced by the CGD, the new record company, with which the Pooh signed a contract after having separated from the previous CBS. Rolling Breathing is a record full of energy and vitality, which skilfully ranges from pop to the great rock energy of the song that gives the title to the album with the well-known solo by Dodi Battaglia, or to the notes of Ancora in a year, closing theme of their concerts until the dissolution of the group.

The disc is recorded twice as the mixes were completely wrong in the first session; to remedy the technical errors the Pooh chose to remix the album at the Stone Castle Studios of the Castello di Carimate, at the time among the most avant-garde in Europe. In February the Pooh collection was released, consisting of 12 songs, 4 of which never appeared on L. Woman really, It's nice to have you back, The cage and Waking up. The growing success led the Pooh to record another major LP, Boomerang For the first time there is a generous use of the synthesizer and numerous virtuosities on the electric guitar even in the sung parts.

It is also the first LP in which the accompaniment of the strings is totally renounced. In the same year Viva comes out and the Poohs sell over , copies. With Io sono vivo and Notte a Surprise, Pooh inaugurated the fashion of making promotional videos for singles. The pieces of the disc are combined with the season of the Domenica In television program. The disc fails to enter the American and English charts and is therefore also released in Italy, where it becomes gold. Subsequently, the disc Stop of inaugurates the new decade with the single I will sing for you side B Wind season and other famous songs such as Inca, Vienna, Midnight air, Ali to look, eyes to fly.

In February the Pooh collection was released, consisting of 12 songs, 2 of which never appeared on L. Day by day, You are yours you are mine. A well-known video clip of Who will stop the music is shot in which the Poohs swap roles telling the story of any group. In the spring of the Pooh released Palasport, their first live album, a double vinyl recorded during the autumn tour.

In the live, which traces the first 15 years of the group's career, there are also two unreleased songs played specifically for the tour: Song for the winter and We are all like us. In the autumn of the same year the 45 rpm single Non Siamo in Danger is released side B Years without breath. Following the fashion of the great groups of the time, the Pooh decided to go abroad to record their works. Tropico del Nord from is recorded in the studios of Montserrat, in the Caribbean.

For the first time on a record of the group there is a song, Solo Voices, performed a cappella. Born to celebrate the Beatles of Because, the song uses the same compressor used by the English group for the recordings of their records [no source]. During the recordings of Tropico del Nord, the Pooh make the video clips of the songs of the disc, which are included in a special called The Year of the Tropico then distributed on VHS.

No official singles are extracted from this LP, but many songs are chosen as promotional singles, even for the foreign market. After a tour in the great spaces, the Pooh decide to undertake, along the lines of many American groups, a tour in the smaller clubs. The Club Tour 83 sees the Pooh re-propose live songs left on the sidelines such as Eleonora my mother, Infiniti noi, Classe '58 and The city of others.

During the recordings of the disc, Facchinetti composes most of the songs that will be included in his first solo album, entitled Roby Facchinetti. The disc, in addition to "light" songs such as Boys of the World or Come We Will, also contains pieces with a darker tenor such as Wild and The Day Before, which imagines the results of a nuclear conflict between the United States and the Soviet Union, a theme very much felt at the time.

The main song of the disc is La mia donna, a song written by Roby in Italy and definitively arranged at the "Lahina" studios in Maui. Interpreted by the four who divide the cantato of the stanzas; this piece is distinguished by the virtuoso solo by Dodi Battaglia. In the disc you can feel the strong presence of the Fairlight synthesizer that characterizes the latest musical productions of the band. The following Italian tour sees Stefano appear on stage equipped with a new electronic drum set to replace the traditional one.

Live performances are introduced by Roby's synthesized sounds to the tune of Selvaggio. From their Hawaiian stay, the Poohs bring a special of over an hour to Italy, a special that is offered in prime time by Rai. The special consists of video clips of the songs made on the island with the comments and anecdotes of the artists.

It was released in as the band's first official DVD. At the end of the year the fourth collection of the band comes out, Pooh and everything that has ever appeared on L. The album is double and consists of 19 tracks of which 9 never appeared on LP and 7 never appeared on CD. Asia non Asia, of the same year, is the new work of the Poohs recorded in Japan. The result is a disc full of synthetic guitars and keyboards. The song If there is a place in your heart, first interpreted exclusively by Stefano D'Orazio, is chosen as the closing theme of the program Il corso del monday, while Se nasco another time is used for the launch of the disc and participates also at the Festivalbar.

In a collection published by Vedette was released entitled There is love in your eyes. In , to celebrate the twenty years of the group, Days of Infinity were released on a completely white vinyl support. The sound recalls the origins of the group and mixes old style acoustics and new technologies. The commitment of this album is underlined by songs such as Terry B. The Hammond organ is also back, giving a sixties atmosphere to the piece L'altra parte del cielo. Red publishes his first solo work, Me and Red, which sees the collaboration of great Italian artists.

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Just to make it a bit more interesting we split everything up. We treated each section like a separate song. So the first verse was like one song. The second verse wasn't a copy at all and we tried to treat the choruses that way as well.

Then we combined the songs together to make one song. According to Steve Taylor in The A to X of Alternative Music, none of the songs were prepared before the band entered the studio, which is where they were "determined to keep their manual looping techniques". You know, break it up a bit? Jones recalled: "We liked some of what we recorded, but it's not really what we wanted it to be from start to finish.

We felt the second part was lacking in direction. So it sort of succeeds. It just needed more… conclusions. Rushed again.

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