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roboforex contest definition

$ Monthly Demo Contest *RoboForex* The “Demo Forex” contest is held monthly and involves only demo accounts. Competitions are held according to the. The "Demo Option" contest is held on RoboOption demo accounts weekly. Join the contest The remaining prizes are defined in the same way. The winner is the participant with the largest deposit on the contest account by the end of the competition. The remaining prizes are defined in. SIMPLE FOREX STRATEGY

Read review What are Forex Competitions? Demo contests are mostly organised by the brokers to gain additional market exposure and receive new leads — contacts of the traders. This is why brokers often make attractive prizes to get new traders into trying their trading accounts. Almost every legitimate broker organises it is own trading contest and rewards the traders with the prizes. Hence, many traders could ask, what trading contest is the best one? Best Forex Demo Contest ForexBall has been one of the most well-known demo trading contests for years.

Within the last 2 years it have hosted over trading rounds and more than 25 seasons. In addition to this, ForexBall has launched quite some Special Rounds. The latest special round was won by a trader who was awarded w USD of prize money with no strings attached. What made ForexBall so good? First of all — it never stops, except of the weekends. ForexBall is the contest that begins every monday and ends every Friday, this way traders can experience full hours of a great competition. In addition to this, ForexBall has quite a transparent system of the prize distribution, every top 3 winner is granted a prize account that could be used for trading and the initial balance with all of the profits can be withdrawn after a certain volume has been reached.

Let us take a look at each of them in a more detail. Market cares for everything All events and factors have already been taken account of by the market and included in the price. Absolutely any event that might happen, even a disaster or an earthquake, is valid. For example, if a company is getting ready to present a great report, the market is likely to account for it even before the report appears.

In other words, the demand for the shares of the company will grow in advance, and after the report is published, the growth might stop. Moreover, the quotes might fall when a strong report is published because the report might turn not as great as expected There are three types of trend Charles Dow defined the trend but never made a focus on uptrends, downtrends, and flats as in classical tech analysis.

Nonetheless, his definition of the trend remains efficient. It says that in an uptrend, each next high and low is higher than the previous one. In this principle of the Dow theory the length of trends is estimated: A primary trend lasts for longer than a year, sometimes for several years. It is supposed that the main mass of investors in the stock market looks for a primary trend chiefly.

A secondary trend, a. A small trend lasts for no more than three weeks. It consists of minor fluctuations inside a secondary trend. In modern trading, it is mostly called a short-term trend. Dow theory in technical analysis Charles Dow theory is quite easy to adapt to modern markets. Jesse Livermore said that markets are moved by the psychology of market players. Though there have appeared new markets, psychology has never changed; hence, the patterns and laws discovered by Charles Dow on charts will be working in the future as well.

Roboforex contest definition cryptocurrency laws & regulations roboforex contest definition

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