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2002 yamaha v star 1100 classic value investing

2002 yamaha v star 1100 classic value investing

investors to understand where the value is Why Brexit has made BT shares a poor income investment, by star investor Royal Dutch Shell. As luck would have it I once was the proud owner of the Yamaha V-Star Classic. Not sure if you want a discussion of comfort, speed, performance or. Harley-Davidson, Inc. (H-D, or simply Harley) is an American motorcycle manufacturer more contemporary VRSC () and middle-weight Street () platforms. PLACES TO BUY ETHEREUM REDDIT

In the social world it may be cool to be fashionably late to a party, but in the high stakes game of sport bikes being first is key. It allows you to define the field, cement bragging rights for marketing purposes a keep everyone else playing catchup. One would struggle to find anyone that was around sport bikes in the 80s that did not lust after the oil cooled four cylinder monster.

Even today if you bring up the GSXR you will be sure to hear some amazing stories about how much of a game changer the bike was when new. The market was ripe for a break out star. At the time Suzuki was enjoying success with the Katana. While the Katana was fast and desirable, the GSX-R was the better part of pounds lighter, and made more power.

Some that only looked at power numbers might have been disappointed, but none that rode it shared that opinion. Shorter wheelbase, better brakes, suspension and wind protection meant the GSX-R was a serious performance machine. As with any machine with such a large performance envelop few remain in good condition long term.

Some are raced and live hard lives. Many are modified. The GSXR might go down in history as the most modified motorcycle ever. From track riders, club racers, drag racers and people just looking for a blank canvas to express themselves, the GSXR has been loved by all. The example today has not suffered any of those fates. Not shocking because this beautiful bike shows just over original miles. Motorcycles with the smaller engine are designated XL, while those with the larger engine were initially designated XL When the size of the larger engine was increased from 1, cc to 1, cc, the designation was changed accordingly from XL to XL Subsequent letters in the designation refer to model variations within the Sportster range, e.

The V-Rod is visually distinctive, easily identified by the degree V-Twin engine, the radiator and the hydroformed frame members that support the round-topped air cleaner cover. The VRSC platform was also used for factory drag-racing motorcycles. Further differentiation within models are made with an additional letter, e. The V-Rod Destroyer is not a street-legal motorcycle. As such, it uses "X" instead of "SC" to denote a non-street bike.

Main article: Harley-Davidson Street The Street, Harley-Davidson's newest platform and their first all new platform in thirteen years, was designed to appeal to younger riders looking for a lighter bike at a cheaper price. The Street weighs kg and has a ground clearance of mm giving it the lowest weight and the highest ground clearance of Harley-Davidson motorcycles currently available.

In the Street , the engine displaces cc A six speed transmission is used. The high-voltage battery provides a minimum city range of 98 miles km. The bike traveled a reported 1, km 1, miles in 23 hours and 48 minutes. The Fast Charge fills the battery most of the way in about 40 minutes.

Swiss rider Michel von Tell used the Level 3 charging to make the hour ride. Every year since , the team has selected two to five of the company's base models and added higher-displacement engines, performance upgrades, special-edition paint jobs, more chromed or accented components, audio system upgrades, and electronic accessories to create high-dollar, premium-quality customizations for the factory custom market.

Environmental record[ edit ] The Environmental Protection Agency conducted emissions-certification and representative emissions test in Ann Arbor, Michigan , in Subsequently, Harley-Davidson produced an "environmental warranty". The warranty ensures each owner that the vehicle is designed and built free of any defects in materials and workmanship that would cause the vehicle to not meet EPA standards.

This program is designed for the clean-up of the affected soil and groundwater at the former York Naval Ordnance Plant. The program is backed by the state and local government along with participating organizations and corporations.

Proof of Harley's efforts can be found in the recent EPA determination that designates the Harley property as 'under control' for cleanup purposes. This determination means that there are no serious contamination problems at the facility. The South Australian government has set forth "protection to the purchaser Harley-Davidson against environmental risks".

However, the devices also modified the emission control systems, producing increased hydrocarbon and nitrogen oxide. With the FX Super Glide , the company embraced, rather than distanced, itself from chopper style, and the counterculture custom Harley scene.

2002 yamaha v star 1100 classic value investing online trading academy forex peace army 2002 yamaha v star 1100 classic value investing

In the social world it may be cool to be fashionably late to a party, but in the high stakes game of sport bikes being first is key.

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2002 yamaha v star 1100 classic value investing The bike traveled a reported 1, km 1, miles in 23 hours and 48 minutes. What about the asymmetrical shock placement or even the rounded cases or chrome headlight bezel — all nice, subtle touches that somehow work well together. Just done a mile trip round France and she never missed a beat. There is a reason big displacement bikes are known as widowmakers. Decently sized fuel tank. Yamaha claimed the V-Max could produce horsepower. The Boulevard M is an excellent cruiser bike and just so happens to have one of the largest engines on a production bike.
2002 yamaha v star 1100 classic value investing A couple of bikes are even still on the market for ! This bike is a treasure. Renthal bars fitted are ok. Engine 4 out of 5 Bomb proof. I've owned my model for 7 months and it's reliable, fast, comfortable, agile and fuel efficient.
2002 yamaha v star 1100 classic value investing Investing in yourself education


Clattering and slapping could mean cam chain or tensioner. A din from. PMS is the only adjustment and only functions for the first parts of the carb system. Also for: Xvs, Xvsa. Might need to jet to do backfiring on deceleration but its a minor thing.

Overall: 5 of 5 stars. Value: 4 out of 5. Quality: 4 out of 5. Love the look and sound. By Johnc on July 2, On V-Star s , the pump is located. The bike started backfiring bad when decelerating. When spraying some carb cleaner to find if there was an air leak I noticed when spraying around the head to cylinder area on both heads that the idle changed. When this happens, it will not always be apparent that something has taken place. The danger of this is that the engine is now sucking in unfiltered air.

You also run the risk of gas coming out of the line where the intake boot should be. You can start to get a small mist of fuel spraying out from the intake boot area. If you do notice a leak or that intake boot has come off entirely, the parts are fairly cheap in order to reseal everything. Another big complaint with the V Star is the headlights. Plenty of riders have complained that the headlights are awful because they give a very low level of visibility at night. Fortunately, with a little bit of money, this is a fairly simple problem to resolve.

There are tons of different aftermarket headlight options. Each of these will offer quite a bit more visibility while riding and make the V Star much more enjoyable to ride. The high voltage system is another known common problem with the V Star The main problem of this system is the high voltage regulator. If it does fail, you will likely notice that your headlights are fluctuating between dimmer and brighter.

If you experience this, you will want to test out the system. First, check the voltage on your battery while it is sitting idle and make sure the regulator is still in place. If it is still in range, your battery should not be the issue. Next, measure the voltage across the battery while twisting the throttle. If your voltage jumps up above There actually are. As far as the headlight issue goes, it is fairly simple. You can easily purchase aftermarket headlights that will allow you to see much better at night.

This is a fairly cheap and quick fix that you can do yourself. The intake boot issue is a hard problem to prevent; although, it is not a difficult thing to remedy, as soon as it does occur. The best thing that a rider can do is check the intake boot regularly for leaks. The last thing that you want is for the boot to be leaking, unnoticed, for weeks while you ride around. You could bring all sorts of contaminants into the engine, along with the risk of spraying fuel everywhere.

Just pay close attention to it while you take care of your bike and you should be fine. To make your rectifier last longer, make sure that you are always using a good battery. If you use a weak or dying battery, your rectifier will have to work harder, causing it to get a lot hotter. This will cause it to fail sooner. So always check your battery for problems, it is best to replace it sooner rather than later. If you are considering buying a V Star , should you buy it new or used?

The answer to this question is very simple because your only option is to buy one used. Despite being a fairly popular bike, Yamaha only produced the V Star from This is no longer a bike that you can purchase new. If you are looking to purchase one, you may be interested in knowing a little bit about what model you want to buy.

The V Star gathered a pretty decent fan base very quickly because of their original design. As such in , they introduced the classic model. This one offered some new bonus perks, such as a 7-inch headlight, fork covers, a larger front tire, bigger brakes and shift levers, some longer fenders, magnesium wheels, and floorboards.

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Yamaha VSTAR 1100 Valve adjustment - Checking and Adjusting

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