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D day sunken secrets online betting

d day sunken secrets online betting

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He met his crew in England. The crews were stationed in Plymouth, England. From there, they practiced landing coordination. On the morning of the landings, Curl and his craft led several waves of assault troops into the beaches. Later that night, they noticed many assault troops floating upside down with their legs jutting out of the water.

It turned out that German E Boats, torpedo boats, had attacked some troop ships and hundreds of soldiers had been killed. Many of the troops had drowned when they overturned while wearing their Mae West life belt preservers. The belt was to be worn loosely but the men had not been informed of that. When they got into the water, they were turned upside down. Several bodies were picked up by Curl and his crew. Dwight Eisenhower] had ordered that anyone speaking of that operation would be court martialled.

News about the Slapton Sands incident was finally released in the s. Six hundred died that morning. He was briefed on the invasion of Normandy. He saw details on maps and models of the beaches. It included representations of German pillbox locations. After seeing the models of the German emplacements and being told that his death in the first wave was a high probability, Curl felt pessimistic about his chance of survival.

He wrote a letter to his mother telling her that he wished he had been a better son. He thought he would not live past the opening moments of the invasion. While stationed in England, the troops always had to carry a gas mask. Buzz bombs [Annotator's Note: German V-1 rocket bombs] would come over at night. When the buzz bomb engine cut out, it signaled that the bomb was coming down.

Curl raced to the shelter one night and forgot his gas mask. He sat next to a man who asked him if he smelled gas. Curl was anxious about hearing the question because he had no gas mask. It turned out that the man thought he smelled gasoline, not poison gas.

Curl was going to grab the man's gas mask if the need arose. When the troops were deployed to Normandy for the invasion, they wore an impregnated suit over their uniform to protect them from poison gas. They also wore an armband which changed colors when exposed to poison gas.

Curl constantly monitored both his radar and the armband on the morning of the invasion. The Germans never used poison gas. Curl and his fellow crewmates were sent to Weymouth to prepare for the invasion. They left on 5 June [Annotator's Note: the original date for the Normandy invasion had been 5 June but because of the bad weather, the date was moved to 6 June ]. There was a heavy storm so the boat returned to port. Curl's boat had no food on it although there were 12 petty officers and two commissioned officers onboard.

There were only two officer bunks on the boat. The rest of the men slept on stretchers barely off the deck. Curl went aboard the adjacent troop ship and slept on a mess table. When he left the troop ship, he forgot to salute the flag on the stern of the ship. An officer called him back to do so. The officer observed that Curl had something under his shirt. Curl explained that it was a loaf of bread for the men on his boat who had no food.

The officer acknowledged that Curl could carry on with the bread. The seas were still rough. Because of the rough seas, many men were injured trying to board the LCVPs. As the final boats were loading, those previously loaded circled around until all were ready to follow the LCC [Annotator's Note: Landing Craft, Control] as the first wave of the assault. There was a German pillbox that was giving Curl's boat a fit.

The enemy could see the radar dome on top of the LCC and knew that the boat was leading the landing crafts to the beach. The Germans were firing on the LCC. Curl could see the battleships firing on the German positions. The projectiles looked like footballs flying overhead. A destroyer backed in close to the LCC and, using a 5 inch turret, destroyed the troublesome German pillbox.

Curl was gratified for the accuracy of the gun crew in placing the killing round through the firing opening of the pillbox. The pillboxes were constructed of thick concrete walls to protect them. Often, the shells that hit them only chipped away some concrete but did not knock out the emplacement.

The work amazed Curl who had a new appreciation for the way Germans made concrete. Many of the enemy positions are still there today. The day after D-Day, Curl worked on placing old Liberty Ships in formation to sink them to provide a breakwater to protect offloading Allied ships. An old French battleship was also used for this purpose. Curl would sleep on the sunken ships at night.

When the Germans bombed the area, the sunken Liberty Ships would rock with the explosions. Afterward, Curl began to sleep on the old battleship which was far more heavily armored. The boat's skipper told Curl that he would join him in the future. Curl and his crewmates stayed in Normandy for about three weeks. They lived off K and C rations, which was fine at first but got old after awhile. Returning to England, the crew lived in a Quonset hut and had access to a mess hall.

Curl had to retrieve his mess kit from his sea bag in order to be fed at the chow hall. While still at Normandy, Curl went ashore on the third day. He decided to make a meatloaf out of Spam and Army butter. He put a spoon of butter in his mess kit in order to melt it. He was surprised to see the coating of his mess kit melting but the butter not liquefying at all. The morning of D-Day, things were not going well at first.

The initial three waves were just about knocked out. Bodies were everywhere. The tanks had canvas sides on top of them to prevent water from getting inside. Although the tanks had worked fine at Slapton Sands, they largely failed at Normandy. Of the 60 DDs that were released to assault the beaches, only six made it ashore. Curl's crew picked up bodies of some of the drown soldiers from the tanks.

Until noon, the issue was in doubt. It was then that the troops got off the beach and advanced up the cliffs where the pillboxes were located. Using Bangalore torpedoes, the men moved forward and took out the enemy positions. Late that afternoon, Curl and his friend were eating Lifesavers when they were given the order to pursue German E Boats [Annotator's Note: torpedo boats].

The two men became seasick. When they threw up, it looked like Roman candles going off. They did not want to catch the E Boats after all because they only had two twin. Curl was aboard Landing Craft Control Nine had been built in Brooklyn and Curl was assigned to go with three of them on top of a Liberty Ship to England. Most were to be used in the Normandy assault but some went to the Pacific. Curl witnessed the D-Day invasion of Omaha Beach. It was amazing how so many troops survived the enemy fire.

Some landing craft were hung up on hedgehog obstacles off the beach. LCC 10's skipper was smart. Each time a German shell would hit close by, the skipper would move the boat to that location. The next shot would barely miss them and the boat would then be moved to the last impact location.

Curl's boat was a control boat for the landings. It looked like a PT boat but was not as fast. Although the LCC guided the landing craft in on the morning of the invasion, many of the troops landed at the wrong locations. This was particularly true of Utah beach which lost its LCC. Curl wished that the troops he was responsible for could have landed at Utah because the fortifications were not nearly as strong as they were on Omaha beach.

The battle at the beaches raged most of the day. Cables were used to hold barrage balloons over Allied ships. The balloon cables prevented enemy aircraft from sweeping in close to their targets. That was the same type of balloons used in England to ward off enemy aircraft. Not a single German airplane was lost to damages due to the barrage balloon cables. During the early stages of the invasion, there was a worry that the Allied forces might have to withdraw. A year earlier, an Allied raid had disastrous results [Annotator's Note: an unsuccessful Allied raid was launched against the Germans at Dieppe, France in August ].

Annotation Robert Curl did not realize the importance of the actions that occurred on D-Day [Annotator's Note: the Allied invasion of Normandy, France on 6 June ] until years afterward. The same was true of when he was in a building on fire when he later became a fire fighter [Annotator's Note: as a small child, Curl was with his mother in a department store when it caught on fire and had to escape through a broken display window].

Curl never talked about the actions of D-Day until years later. The seriousness of D-Day came later to Curl. When he was receiving a French military award, he and other veterans were placed in chairs. A French general came over to Curl and saluted him. With Curl's name and rank printed on the back of his chair, the French officer made a mistake. He thought the abbreviation for radar man, RDM, meant rear admiral.

Curl took his salute and has the incident captured on video. The next day, after the initial assault of Normandy, there were still bodies floating everywhere. Ernie Pyle wrote a story about the D-Day carnage. It was censored before being sent in for publication. Curl was given a copy of the story by Pyle. After the war, while in school, Curl was having problems with his writing ability. He was making Ds in his course. He decided to copy Pyle's story word for word but was baffled by a word that Pyle had used, retrospect.

He looked it up in the dictionary and was ready for the instructor to question him. It turned out that Pyle made a C plus on the writing assignment. Standing 1, yards off Omaha Beach, Curl witnessed the many waves going to the beach and the destruction that resulted.

There were bodies and wrecks everywhere. That was what Ernie Pyle wrote about but never reached publication. From there they went to Sardinia and Corsica to prepare for the invasion of Southern France. Curl and his crewmates led the first wave into the invasion of Southern France. It was much different than Normandy.

It was easy compared to the previous experiences. Afterward, Curl was sent to a rest camp in North Africa. He had the best job there. He was a rat exterminator. He mixed poison and put it around the Quonset huts. At night, the rats would eat it and drink themselves to death. He could sleep when he was not performing that duty.

He was then sent back to New York. While there, he had a chance to enjoy his favorite hobby. He was fascinated by cameras. In New York, he decided to buy a new one. In a store, he found one he wanted, but it was made specifically for the Navy. A purchaser had to have an A1 priority to acquire that type of camera. Curl did not want a used camera.

He wanted the special camera. Curl was told he had to go to the Empire State Building to get the necessary priority. When he got there, he discussed it with the officer in charge. When Curl revealed that he led the first wave into Normandy, the officer invited him in to tell him about those experiences. The officer asked if Curl had been in Plymouth, England.

Curl confirmed that it had been his home port in England. When the officer showed a photograph of his daughter who was located in Plymouth and serving as a Red Cross girl, Curl exclaimed that she had served donuts to him and his buddies every Wednesday. The officer immediately gave Curl the A1 priority and the camera was subsequently his.

Curl still has the camera. It is heavy and has automatic shutter winding when the film was wound. At one point, Curl had a collection of film cameras. He donated them to a thrift store. He gave his library of photography books to the Birmingham Library. Film cameras are not worth much these days. Curl had a dark room at home and would do photographic work for the fire department also.

After his return to the United States, Curl was given a 30 day leave. He went home and photographed his girl friend. After the leave, he reported back to duty and was sent to Fleet Service Radar School. He was to pick up a new rocket ship in Charleston, South Carolina. That vessel was to be used in the invasion of Japan. It had gyro-controlled rockets that allowed the ordnance to be aimed accurately even when the ship rocked in the seas.

Ships gathered in the middle of the English Channel at point called Piccadilly Circus before making their way to the Normandy beaches. Paratroopers land behind enemy lines before the main assault begins with British soldiers tasked with securing the Benouville bridge on the Caen canal with Lieutenant Den Brotheridge leading the charge.

He becomes the first Allied soldier to die in the assault when he is hit in the neck by machine gun fire. US paratroopers land with the aim of securing the town of Sainte Mere-Eglise, which is on the main road to Cherbourg which is the first French town to be liberated after hours of fighting. By around midday commandos and troops finally reach the key bridges after heavy fighting to meet up with the paratroopers. Researchers found burn marks on the ceiling of the bunkers, suggesting there may have been a firefight involved in the capture of the complex.

Using forced labour brought in from the Soviet Union, the Nazis were able to keep the locations of many defensive positions secret from locals, who they feared would reveal them to French resistance or Allied troops.

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