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My singing monster ethereal breeding

my singing monster ethereal breeding

Did somebody say ETHEREAL BREEDING BONANZA?! No? Oh, well I'll just say it then You now have a % increased chance to breed. It is best obtained by breeding Entbrat and T-Rox. By default, its breeding time is 1 day, 21 hours, and 30 minutes long. Rare Ghazt has a great coin production. My Singing Monsters. A new Ethereal Breeding Bonanza begins today, so there's no better time to get the Temple of Hahoo or Sweti Settlement Skins! BETH PLACE APARTMENTS ROMNEY WV WEATHER

The breeding period for the Grumpyre lasts 36 hours. After the breeding period ends, the Grumpyre egg will automatically be relocated to the Nursery and ready to hatch. To avoid waiting for the breeding period to end, accept the offer to pay 36 diamonds after tapping on "Breed. The Grumpyre egg will now be waiting for you at the Nursery. If your breeding attempt was unsuccessful, return to the breeding structure, tap on "Retry," and either select the same monsters you used previously, or try a different monster pairing.

How do I breed a new monster? In order to breed a new monster you must purchase a Breeding Structure from the Market Menu and have two different species of monster, both of which must be level 4 or higher. As for which combinations of monster to use, that is up to you to figure out! If you need a little more help navigating the breeding menu you can watch the video below!

How do I feed my monster, and what is the benefit? Treats are created using Bakeries. Bakeries can create varying amounts of Treats in exchange for coins; the Medium and Large Bakery upgrades allow you to create more Treats than the Small Bakery. You may also purchase Treats from the currency store in the form of in-app purchases, or you can win Treats as a prize in the daily Scratch Ticket or the Memory Game.

Monsters gain levels from feeding. How do I make my monsters happy? This means that your monster is more happy when they are next to these things. A monster will reach its happiest state when they are surrounded by 4 different things it likes. If you need a little more help figuring out what you need to make your Monsters happy check out the video below!

How do I rename my monster? If the monster you are trying to place requires more beds than the Castle has available, you can add more beds by upgrading the castle or you can sell an existing monster to make room for the new monster. Why does my monster earn less Coins than the Max listed in their Info?

I accidentally sold a Monster, how do I get it back? The Buyback is available from the Monsters Tab of the Marketplace and is the farthest option available scrolling right. I you need a little more help finding the Buyback Monsters you can check out the video below!

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Published by Big Blue Bubble Inc. Like other casual games, your task is to take ownership of these virtual pets so you can level up. My Singing Monsters offers you a different gameplay experience. Unlike other games, you will care for the monsters instead of treating them as enemies.

If you are a pet lover in real life who loves exotic animals, this game is a good choice. Not only can you pet these monsters, but you can also populate the island where they can virtually live. Apart from petting and feeding the singing monsters, you can also breed them. The main goal is to create a new monster and double its numbers.

To breed them, you have to select two monsters from different species. The new monster will have the elements derived from the combined monsters. If you are only new to this game and looking for a beginner guide in implementing breeding combinations, you are lucky to find this article.

This guide will serve you as a starter guide, where you will learn to breed your monsters. From two single-element monsters, you can already create a new monster. For example, breeding Mammott and Joe Jammer can give you a new monster called Maw.

Distinctively, double-element Fire and Magical monsters are not that easy to breed. This is because they can have the characteristics of their parents once they are created. Moreover, if you want to know monsters that are difficult to breed, you can try the double-element ethereal. Overall, despite their breeding complexity, they are still the easiest monsters to acquire. Triple Element Monsters These types of monsters are described as slightly different to breed.

This is because you are required to have a double-element and single-element monster to create a new one. One example is when you combine Quibble and Mammott, it will result in a Congle. Breeding triple-element monsters is not guaranteed and can only cause the same creature from either of the parents.

Therefore, They are rarer to implement yet easier than other breeding combinations. Rare Monsters They are unique variants of the existing monsters, and obtaining them is not that easy to do. Like their common counterparts, they have the same combinations.

But, Rare Singles are exempted from these since you need two triple-element monsters with the same element to breed them. A new Monster will result consisting of all elements combined, unless an element is repeated. If an element is repeated, the resulting Monster will be one if its parents. For example, Drumpler and Mammott will not result in a new Monster because the Cold element is repeated.

Correct combinations can also often lead to resulting in the parent Monsters, with the exception of Natural double element Monsters. Increasing Odds When breeding for special Monsters, it is common for it to fail and result in one of the parent Monsters. However, there are multiple ways to increase the odds of these rarer Monsters.

Lighting Wishing Torches can increase your odds by 1 to 1. Increasing the level of parent Monsters can also increase the odds of a successful Breeding attempt, up to at least Level Another technique is to use a combination that will take the least amount of time, so that you can attempt breeding again sooner. For example, Maw is bred by breeding Mammott and Toe Jammer. Double-element Fire and Magical Monsters are slightly harder to breed and can result in one of the parent Monsters.

Double-element Ethereals are much harder to get and will often fail. Triple Element Monsters Triples are slightly harder to breed, and require a double element and single element Monster. For example, Quibble and Mammott can result in a Congle. Breeding combinations for triple element Monsters are not guaranteed, and thus can result in one of the parents instead.

Quad Element Monsters Quads are even harder to breed, and in the case of Fire and Magical Monsters, can be especially challenging. Since quad element Monsters have so many elements, many combinations exist. Breeding a Triple with a Single is much more successful than breeding two doubles. Rare Monsters Main article: Rare Monsters Rare Monsters are special variants of existing Monsters that are harder to obtain and only available for limited times.

They have the same combination as their common counterpart, with the exception of Rare Singles, which are bred with two triple element Monsters that share the same element as the single. Epic Monsters Main article: Epic Monsters Epic Monsters are special variants that are even harder to get than Rare Monsters that are also only available for limited times. Instead of sharing a breeding combination with their Rare and Common counterparts, each Epic Monster has a unique combination that differs from Island to Island, which do not follow a logical pattern.

Epic Monsters cannot be selected to breed in the breeding structure. Seasonal Monsters Main article: Seasonal Monsters Seasonal Monsters are special Monsters available for limited times during their respective Seasonal event , or in other occasions, such as an Out-of season event or Anniversary Month. Each seasonal has a unique combination that is used across all Islands except Seasonal Shanty , and has a high likelihood of failure.

On Seasonal Shanty , common Seasonals are always available to breed. Core Seasonals are bred with any two Aux Seasonals. Each Aux Seasonal has a specific combination of two core seasonals.

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How to Breed Rare Jellbilly (Ethereal) Gameplay Part 11 - My Singing Monsters my singing monster ethereal breeding

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