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Personal[ edit ] Benson T. Chertok was born the last of four children to Max and Rose Chertok, both Russian emigrants. Education[ edit ] Chertok attended public schools in Laconia, followed by prep school at Tilton , N. He enrolled at MIT and received a S. On his return, he completed a Ph. From to , he was a guest worker at the Center for Radiation Research at the National Bureau of Standards and performed electron scattering experiments in the MeV region with a grant from the Atomic Energy Commission.

In , Chertok went to the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center SLAC on sabbatical leave and there conceived the idea for a high energy electron scattering experiment on deuterium. Other collaborators included Fred Martin and Bernhard Mecking. Under Chertok's leadership, the team received continuous funding from the NSF starting in and continuing after his death in The first to use high energy electron beams to study nuclear structure, [4] [5] the SLAC experiments led by Chertok successfully furthered the understanding of the nuclear form factors in the region of momentum transfers where the traditional picture of nuclei made of nucleons begins to merge with the picture of nucleons made of quarks.

These investigations began the study the interface between nuclear and high energy particle physics. Sakurai Prize Winner [6] , developed the theory for high momentum nuclear processes and interpreted the results of the SLAC experiments in terms of quantum chromodynamics, the fundamental theory underlying hadron and nuclear interactions. No spam. Brighton, United Kingdom Amazing products!

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