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ethereal kibbe

67 Likes, 4 Comments - Olga Brylińska (@bonus1xbetsports.websiteska) on Instagram: “Alabaster Ethereal + Luminous Ethereal - Soft Gamine white dress. From McJimsy evolved Kitchener's style essences, and included an important 7th essence; The Angelic also known as the Ethereal. Kitchener and Kibbe were. Ethereal FN Inspiration: Kibbe Romantic Outfit, Romantic Style, Ethereal This is a community to discuss the image identities described by David Kibbe. ELLIOTT WAVE INDICATOR METATRADER FOREX

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A blog post discussing Ethereal Essences was also requested by one of my readers. Thanks for requesting this, Dafne! This post will be a lot less analytical, and more free form, than my other posts, as this is just me exploring my thoughts on the subjects of Ethereals, aesthetics, and the Kibbe body types. Similarly to how an artist can use all different kinds of mediums to convey a message, be it oil paint, wood carving, or pencil sketching, a person can use their Kibbe lines to convey a message about their personality and style just by considering the way they dress.

Now that being said, pretty much any example of clothing, accessories, makeup, or hairstyles I give as examples for the Kibbe lines are going to be biased by my own personal tastes. My Kibbe Pinterest boards are much the same way, since when finding images for my boards, my eye is caught first by what I consider to be beautiful. Then I analyze the lines and figure out which Kibbe body type would look best in it.

Some popular ones are art hoe, grunge, retro, e-boy, and Insta baddie. This is about layering. I look my best when I have something long to throw over my outfit that adds an additional layer of flow. Something that feels like it's flying to honor my Ethereal Essence. This elevates every outfit by connecting me to that otherworldly essence. Not all 4 elements are equally important. Most important: These are important elements necessary for a good outfit. Without them, something is lost. It elevates my look so I should aim for it whenever I can.

Secondary importance: These elements are important but not critical. They elevate an outfit, but their absence doesn't break it. Long- A long vertical line. Loose- Clothes that flow gently over my body not skin tight. The inner silhouette is long, narrow, and loose.

The black boots continue the color of the dress creating a long vertical line. The long grey shawl takes this outfit to the next level. The way it flows in the wind as she walks creates such a lovely picture. On a different person, this shawl would look matronly and boring. They might be better suited by a cropped leather jacket or a wool blazer depending on their essences.

But not Angelina, she looks amazing in this. Try to imagine this outfit without the shawl. It would suddenly be so bland. Not terrible, just not her best. Of the 4 elements listed above, this outfit has 3. The difference here is that the white dress is not narrow. This time, instead of giving her the sense of flying, the grey shawl makes her look dragged down.

The outfit looks heavy and shapeless. Verdict: Narrowness is a critical element for my outfits. Even if every other element is present, if narrowness is missing the outfit doesn't work. I drown and look lost without it. Surprisingly, for only having one critical element, I look okay. While this is far from being my best look, I would have thought this would look terrible, but this just highlights how narrowness is the most critical element for me.

It can singlehandedly carry an outfit and without it, every outfit sinks. As is, this outfit is quite underwhelming. Adding the 'fly-factor' elevates this look. The jersey also adds length, which is important for me. Verdict: Length is a very important element of my outfits. I look my best when clothing even if it's just one element honors my vertical line. This outfit is tight and narrow. Being a Natural, I can easily wear separates without suffering a great loss to the vertical line in the same way a pure Dramatic would.

This look is still quite flattering because it draws out my Dramatic leaning long and lean lines. Verdict: Looseness and a 'fly-factor' are not critical elements for my outfits, I can look good without them provided the other two elements are present.

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YES! Angelic Essence FULLY explained { ethereal + kitchener face types}

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