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fxsol uk mt4 forex

FX Solutions was founded in by two foreign exchange business charts dont. its nice to have there chart on my system to look at but trade with MT4. Begin your online CFD trading journey with Vantage and trade forex, indices, stocks, all-in-one trading app capable of supporting MT4's infrastructure. Read our full in-depth FX Solutions review and compare it to other the UK known as FX Solutions UK, which offers leverage up to MI BETTING SITES

You are also required to state that you are aware of the risks involved in Forex trading. After submitting your form, it takes a coupe of hours before an account activation email is sent together with an account number.

You are then ready to deposit you first amount and start trading. FX Solutions Customer support Potential traders need to make sure the broker company they chose will offer sufficient support whenever they need it. In the case of FX Solutions customers can reach the support team in real time by phone. FX Solutions offer a variety of educational material which includes short movie tutorials for using the software's basic features as well as the charting platform.

Like the trading platform itself, it is highly intuitive to use, and offers many strong analysis features. However, this needs to be downloaded and requires its logging into a separate platform than the one used for trading. Clients need to switch between the two programs to use it. There is also a GTS charting a chart tool is available from within the platform. It should be noted that these branches of FX Solutions are two separate entities operating under the same umbrella company which is called City Index Group.

The registration process for the real money account is much longer. It takes about 5 minutes to complete and requires filling in not just your personal details, but also information about your income, net worth, your employment status, details of the employer and more. You are also required to state that you are aware of the risks involved in Forex trading.

It seems that the company is making sure you can actually fund a trading account. A couple of hours after submitting the application a welcome email and an account activation email were received, along with the account number, only then enabling to follow through with making a deposit. The deposit process is fairly easy, and FX Solutions offer a very convenient table explaining the procedures and fees involved with each of the payment methods.

Methods include: Credit Card, PayPal, paper check, electronic check and wire transfer. In order for the account to actually be funded all identification papers requested must be received and documented by FX Solutions. Withdrawal of funds requires faxing in a signed request form. Once registered for either the demo or real money account, and receiving the login details, you will proceed to download the GTS trading platform, a process which takes about 5 minutes.

When you first log in you will notice there are lots of tabs, menus and windows visible in the platform. Once familiarized with all the features the platform has to offer, you come to realize that actually this multitude of apparent functions is so that they are almost all one click away. The trading window has buttons for each of the actions you may want to take, including a button like the C. R one that allows you to Cancel And Reverse from sell to buy or vice versa a specific action in just one click.

Alerts within the trading platform can also be set so they turn your attention to market news updates triggered by requested keywords. FX Solutions offers AccuCharts, a powerful charting tool. Like the trading platform itself, it is highly intuitive to use, and offers many strong analysis features.

GTS charting a chart tool which is available from within the platform, and definitely offers the charting tools necessary to trade. Upon registration, Forex webinars are offered for both the trading platform and the charting platform. You are offered a few optional dates and can just sign up to the most convenient one for you.

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