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live boxing odds

Yes. As long as you live somewhere where sports betting is legal, you can bet on boxing. Where can I bet on boxing events? From the SPORTSBOOK section of the. FanDuel Sportsbook offers the best online betting experience. Bet live on Boxing events, we offer great odds, easy deposits and fast payouts! You can legally bet on boxing on Unibet if you live in: New Jersey; Pennsylvania; Indiana; Virginia; Arizona; Iowa. PLAY BY PLAY PATRIOTS CHIEFS BETTING

A prop bet is a wager on a specific event within a match. Props can be specific to one of the boxers competing, it could apply to the fight as a whole, or even on the event hosting the bout. The most popular boxing prop bet is predicting the method of finish of a fight. On large-scale boxing events, online sportsbooks and betting sites will increase the number of prop bets available. This can take the action of boxing fights this weekend as well as your online betting experience to a whole new level and make your wins that much sweeter.

Live Boxing Odds Instead of betting on a fight in advance, now you can bet on boxing fights tonight. Still fairly new in the sports betting scene, live betting is a great way to take advantage of a shift in momentum as well as the constant line movement set by oddsmakers.

Live betting is just like wagering on a moneyline in boxing fight odds, but you are able to bet on a winner in real time while the bout is underway. Live betting can give you a leg up in comparison to pre-match betting and can potentially give you the best fight odds possible. Expert bettors are able to strike while the iron is hot through in-play boxing bets, whether it's backing a surging fighter who is starting to heat up or taking the underdog who still has some fight left in them. Now that you know how to bet on boxing odds as well as the best ways to bet, check out our boxing betting guide.

Our Top Sportsbooks. For all other betting odds please check out our Betting Odds page. Best Boxing Sportsbooks Dozens of sportsbooks will vie for your attention in the build-up to a big fight and it can be hard to choose your ideal match. Some offer great bonuses, while others offer the most attractive odds or boast the highest limits. Many are honest and trustworthy, but there are also a number of scam sites and disreputable operators, so you need to perform a degree of due diligence.

SBR has done your homework for you. We have reviewed more than 1, sites since , so we can help you avoid the dishonest books and identify the safe, reliable sportsbooks. They all offer boxing betting lines, and you can use the comparison tool on this page to find the best current boxing odds. Boxing Moneyline Betting This is a straightforward bet on which fighter will secure victory.

The sportsbooks will assess the relative strengths of both boxers, factoring in their records, experience, skill, power, conditioning, durability and other variable, plus any height, weight or reach advantages. They will calculate the probability of each fighter winning the bout and assign odds accordingly. You will generally find a favorite and an underdog. Tyson Fury was installed as the favorite when his rematch with Deontay Wilder was first announced in The first bout ended in a controversial draw and the sportsbooks decided that The Gypsy King had the best chance of winning the rematch.

It told bettors that sportsbooks thought Fury had a better chance of winning the fight than the Bronze Bomber. However, the pro boxing odds can shift dramatically in the build-up to a fight. Wilder was a much more popular pick among bettors for that rematch, thanks largely to his ferocious punching power. The lines move accordingly as the bookmakers try to spread their risk. In the end, Fury won the fight, so anyone that waited for the price to move was rewarded.

Boxing Draw No Bet Draws are rare in boxing. However, the first fight between Wilder and Fury showed that a draw is always a possibility. You can therefore opt for a draw no bet wager. This means that in the event of a draw you will be refunded your stake. If you want to take advantage of this option, you will have to accept slightly less attractive odds than if you simply bet on the moneyline. Boxing Total Round Betting This is a prediction on how long a fight will last.

In that rematch between Fury and Wilder, both men promised to secure an early knockout. However, the first fight went the distance, so you could find odds of on over 9. You then simply had to decide if the fight will finish before or after the midway point in the ninth round. Total round betting varies in each fight according to how evenly matched the opponents are, how regularly their fights go the distance and so on. You will often find alternative round lines. For example, you might see over or under 9.

The odds are skewed accordingly for these alternative boxing spreads. Boxing Group Round Betting This is another popular wager that allows you to predict when the fight will finish. You might find odds on a fight ending in rounds , or Some books offer odds on it ending in rounds or , while others will take bets on the fight ending in rounds , , or You do not have to specify which fighter will win the bout, which makes it a popular wager among many fans.

Boxing Round Betting If you want even higher odds, you can often place a bet on the specific round the fight will finish in. Once again you do not have to specify who will win the fight. Odds compilers will assign a different price to each round depending on the respective caliber of the fighters. If they are durable and evenly matched, you might find shorter odds on the late rounds. If there is a large difference in class between the fighters, you might find the first round as the favorite.

Method of Victory Bet in Boxing This is another way to gain more value when wagering on a boxing match. You can bet on a fighter either winning by knockout or via a decision. If you look at UFC odds , you will find three options — knockout, submission, or decision — but there are just two options for boxing.

You will find greater odds by betting on Manny Pacquiao to win via a decision than by simply wagering on him to win a fight. If you want even greater value, you can combine method of victory with group round betting. For example, you could bet on KSI to win via a knockout in rounds

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