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Hearing voices in the etheric plane

hearing voices in the etheric plane

In later years, EC referred to the etheric body which lay suspended above his physical body during the readings.] here of Edgar Cayce. We have into the world. E. M. Forster (). A year later she dismissed as absurd the rumor that Katherine Mansfield's ghost was haunting an acquaintance's house. Let us explore what is Astral Life(Dreams) according to Occult's Theory. According to occultists, we just do not have existence in this physical world. ETHEREUM SOLIDITY CONTRACT

The cult mystical writer Carlos Castaneda exuded hallucinogenic visions in his own work, like his tales of the possibly fictional Yaqui Indian sorcerer Don Juan. By Kwame Adapa Out of Body into Life Astral projection is an out-of-body experience said to happen at the onset of a lucid dream—with lots of practice or perhaps by accident, your astral self can leave your body and go down the block, to other planets, or, presumably, Paris.

I wanted to try it until I learned it comes with a significantly increased chance of sleep paralysis, a phenomenon I've experienced and dread. So I checked out this book as an interested observer, not a participant, and maybe hypnosis was involved because I could not stop listening.

While listening, I did not transport to the astral plane, but I did feel like I was sitting in a cozy bar corner with an intelligent person recounting his journeys into the wild frontiers of cosmic consciousness. The sequel, Far Journeys, is less methodical and features more of Monroe's narrative flair, while still supplying plenty of how-to guidance and mindblowing anecdotes from the outer limits of consciousness.

The idea is that this can induce different states of consciousness, from meditation to sleep to trippy, psychedelic states. This calming podcast features hypnotic binaural tones to induce meditation, relaxation, and sleep. My eyes opened and I came wide awake Next time I vowed I'd stay out longer and do some exploring! Later, over a respectable snack of cheese-and-pickle sandwiches and a jug of ice-cold milk, I began filling out the second entry in my new OBE journal.

Excitement and Anxiety Excitement and anxiety, combined with the flush of imminent success, can generate an adrenaline-type body rush that can ruin an exit attempt in moments. This may appear to have similarities with the torso energetic surge, dealt with earlier, but has a quite different cause. A combination of trepidation, anxiety, and sheer excitement causes a surge of adrenaline through the physical body.

This instantly breaks the delicately balanced state required for projection, usually just as the projection reflex starts to cut in and the projector suddenly realizes he or she is about to have a fully conscious OBE. A great many projectors have problems with this. They work hard and do everything right and then, just as the vibrations start and the projection reflex starts to kick in, it happens again.

Suddenly, they realize what is about to happen and get overexcited, thereby losing focus and control over the experience. As quickly as it began it stops right there, leaving them wide awake and cursing themselves, knowing it was their fault. Many people have the impression that once they manage to trigger the projection reflex and are about to exit their body, they have succeeded.

They think they can just sit back and enjoy the experience from there on in. This is definitely not the case The requirements for holding a deeply relaxed physical body and a clear, focused mind do not suddenly end the moment a projector starts to exit the body.

It is necessary to continue holding the delicately balanced state at all times, not only before and all through the exit, but for the entire projection. Any surge of excitement or strong emotion can abort a projection before, during, or after the exit. Uncontrollable excitement during the exit shows a lack of mental and emotional control in any would-be projector.

This also has, apart from the above, the potential to cause a great many problems in the out-of-body environment. This is another aspect of the natural barrier that fear forms, which like all natural barriers has a certain fail-safe beauty to it. These safeguard unready projectors no matter how keen from exposure to the sensitive out-of-body environment where emotions are not quite so private, internal, and harmless.

An overly excitable projector could easily run into trouble during a projection through a simple lack of self-control. The out-of-body environment is fluid and easily affected by thought and imagination, most especially by those of the subconscious mind.

A slight tingle of fear, caused perhaps by a glimpse of something imagined moving among the shadows, combined with a slight fear of the dark, could easily escalate into a major fear episode. This could result in trauma and negative psychological conditioning against further OBEs. There is another, more subtle, aspect to consider, concerning the mind-split effect.

This can make it difficult for the projected double to download its shadow memories into accessible levels of the physical brain during reintegration. The projection side of an experience can thus be lost. This can be a major problem with new projectors who have little experience with shadow memory recall.

The solution to all these above problems is to stay calm, focused, and relaxed. Keep a firm grip on emotions before, during, and after the exit and throughout the whole course of the projection. If projectors can ignore heavy exit sensations and overcome fear, anxiety, and excitement during the exit, they can also refuse to feel these after the exit.

They can jump up and down and celebrate and release all their emotions once they return to their physical body! They can, in fact, use this emotional release to empower shadow memories, and make them literally more memorable during the reentry phase. It is therefore permissible, even advisable, to mentally jump up and down and shout out success — only during the reentry phase. Once projectors have successfully passed through the conscious-exit barrier, managed to maintain self-control, and have returned for controlled reentry, they have passed an important test.

They are now ready to begin learning how to operate in the out-of-body environment and to travel and explore farther afield. The Unknown and the Darkness Fear of the unknown out-of-body environment is another natural barrier all new projectors face. This is an experientially unknown environment.

It is quite natural to feel some measure of trepidation, even a little healthy fear. New projectors may have read many stories about what this is like, but they have never truly experienced it for themselves. Many children are afraid of the dark. Their parents tell them there's nothing to be scared of. They open the wardrobe doors and prove there is nothing lurking there or under the bed. After all that, children still fear the unknown and all-encompassing darkness and demand a nightlight.

This is natural caution turned into fear by imagination, simply because they cannot see in the dark and hence don't know what's really there. This is very much like what can happen in the back of new projectors' minds, fed by imagination, when they first get out of body.

The unknown qualities and changed aspects of the once-familiar environment, plus the rumors, horror stories, and movies can scare them witless. This can easily break their nerve and ruin their focus, time and time again ruining otherwise successful projections, driving them back into the perceived safety of their physical bodies. Some courage is definitely required during an OBE, especially when sojourning into the real-time environment at night. These fears must be quashed before they can take root and start interfering with the OBE.

Always remember that the sensitive out-of-body environment is greatly affected by emotion, and like attracts like in a big way. If fear is allowed to grow, then a more fearful or even sinister aspect can be added to the out-of-body environment, manifested around projectors by the creative ability of their own subconscious mind.

Even if deep inside some genuine fear is felt, it is strongly advisable not to allow it to surface in the conscious mind. Be positive and brave and act as if you are totally fearless. Face the unknown out-of-body environment bravely! If you cannot do this, you really should not be projecting. Always remember that nothing can hurt you while you are out of your body. The projected double is an energetic being and therefore virtually invulnerable. It can swim in molten lava or fly through the middle of a supernova without getting a scratch.

Cultivate becoming a calm and dispassionate observer at all times, fearless in mind and spirit, and you will soon become unafraid of the out-of-body environment. This attitude will help you progressively overcome any genuine fears you may have, even little ones, through the accumulation of personal out-of-body experience.

This turns the unknown into the known and familiar, which progressively reduces fear levels. This is an emotional energetic interaction related to waking paralysis and astral feedback. It is not caused by an independent source. This feedback will progressively intensify and compound if nothing is done about it. The stronger the emotion, the stronger the feedback, especially if the projector is operating close to the physical body in the real-time zone.

This effect pretty much disappears if you put some distance between yourself and your physical body. Leave the house and keep on moving until the feeling subsides. Mental focus and control, plus a calm and dispassionate observer attitude, stop emotional feedback from starting and reduce the likelihood of other potentially negative problems manifesting.

During the conscious exit, or the spontaneous exit in which the projector becomes aware during the exit, the body and mind of the projector experience strong, full-body sensations caused by energies normally only generated during the sleep state. The presence of waking consciousness magnifies these energetic sensations greatly; the conscious mind has no experience with these energies and therefore has nothing to fall back on as it tries to get used to them.

Projectors experience a fearful gut reaction, a strong sense of wrongness and great danger all around. I believe this is caused by the primal fight or flight response. Projectors sense danger, but as no source of danger is apparent, they intuitively sense flight as being the only option for survival. This primal survival instinct floods the projector's mind with overpowering primal fear. Most new projectors will have to deal with some level of primal fear during early OBEs.

This fear progressively eases as they gain experience, but some level of fear is usually always present. This fear forms a strong natural barrier to OBE. Your ability to master your fears and plow through this barrier shows you have passed a significant test and are ready for OBE. Dweller on the Threshold The infamous dweller on the threshold type of experience, plus astral noises and voices, are probably the most well-known manifestations faced by some new projectors.

The dweller phenomenon is, I believe, another aspect of the natural barrier that fear creates. This must be faced and dealt with bravely before new projectors affected by this problem can operate freely out of their bodies. The dweller type of manifestation, while well known, is definitely not a universal OBE-related problem that everyone has to face.

Far from it. My research shows that a dweller-type manifestation will trouble less than one in twenty new projectors, and then only during their first few OBEs. Astral noises and voices, however, will intermittently bother most new projectors.

Please do not expect this to happen when you first get out of your body. Worrying about this could easily cause your own subconscious mind to manifest it. I think this is what happens in most cases, considering the sensitive out-of-body environment and the effect that fear can have on it.

The dweller can happen in a great many variations, but is usually a combination or variation of the following: Immediately after exit, you find a shadowy, menacing humanoid shape, usually all featureless black with burning red eyes. It may just stand there motionless, or it may take a few steps forward and make threatening gestures. It may be silent or may breathe heavily and loudly. It may snarl, growl, giggle, or laugh.

It may even speak and order you back into your body, often by name. It may threaten you with doom and gloom if you continue with your projection. The classic dweller monster never attacks or harms a projector. I have not had a single report of a dweller so much as touching a projector. It is an illusion. It should be confronted and ordered away, or totally ignored, or both.

Then, turn around and leave the area, totally ignoring it from then on. It will not be there waiting for you on your return. I have given here what may appear to be some fairly extreme examples of the dweller type of experience. These examples are pretty standard, though, and are not exaggerated in the slightest. I much prefer to prepare new projectors for what they might have to face, rather than to play all this down and have them taken by surprise in the middle of the exit.

The dweller on the threshold is a bully! Like all bullies, when bravely confronted, the wind is taken from its sails, and it either runs or is reduced to harmless ranting and raving. Logic suggests that if the dweller were indeed a genuine threat capable of causing actual harm, it would not just stand and threaten. It would attack immediately, making use of the element of surprise and of the fearful state of the projector. Dwellers would most certainly not consistently warn and scare projectors back into their bodies before the exit with astral noises and voices, not if they were genuinely interested in harming them, or if they were capable of doing so.

All this indicates that they are probably afraid of projectors and have no real power with which they could harm them. I believe that some dweller types of experiences can be considered manifestations of a projector's own subconscious fears. At other times, interfering low-order astral wildlife appear to be responsible, possibly attracted by the projector's own fears and by the energetic vibrations these produce and broadcast before and during early projections.

I have not come across any evidence or experience, mine or anyone else's, to support the idea that the dweller is any type of personal watcher or guardian angel of projection. I have never experienced any type of being that fits this bill. The watcher being or guardian idea, I think, stems from the widespread belief that the physical body is left empty and vulnerable during projection.

I have never faced a true dweller type of experience. My mother, though, had dweller experiences during her first few conscious-exit projections, many years ago when I was still in my teens. Being a spiritualist, my mother actively ignored these beings when they appeared, and kept repeating the Twenty-third Psalm until they left her alone, as she had been instructed to do by her church. For her, the dweller manifestation appeared as many small, ugly, monkey-sized beings that growled and sniggered and clutched at her as she was leaving her body.

When this happened she repeated her prayer and actively ignored them while continuing along her way, soon leaving the area and the elementals far behind. They were not there when she returned to her body some time later. I have heard the same story from many other spiritualists and found they were all in some way instructed that this was to be considered normal.

They were told to expect these elementals to be there when they first got out of body. This brings me to consider that psychological conditioning may be partly responsible here, and that the dweller will sometimes manifest as a form the projector either consciously or subconsciously expects.

The projected double is an extremely powerful being, even if a projector does not know this and has no idea how to use its defensive or offensive capabilities. The projected double of a living human being, with all its enormous resources, is definitely not to be trifled with. Negative entities can sense this potential and are naturally wary of all projectors and most especially of strong real-time projectors.

I think the above provides some very real clues as to why these negative types go to all this trouble to inhibit novice projectors in the first place. I think that any new projector about to consciously project into the real-time zone causes negative entities in the local area to panic. They then do everything in their power to stop them from projecting, simply because they fear the potential consequences. I consider all elemental and dweller-type manifestations to be illusions.

The sources of these illusions may vary, but if generated by an independent source there must, logic suggests, be a reason for it. In the case of negative entities, everything points to this being a widespread push against projectors that appears to have been going on for a very long time. Knowing this, I suggest that all new projectors do not give these negative types the pleasure. A little competition is said to be healthy, and every new projector let loose in the real-time zone adds one more potential soldier to the ranks of the good guys.

Always keep in mind, no matter what happens during a projection, that projectors never leave their physical body empty and exposed during any type of OBE. The physical body always safely contains the original copy of mind and memory. Having an OBE does not expose you in any way, shape, or form, to any kind of interference you would not otherwise be vulnerable to during your normal waking and sleeping states. Astral noises and Other Things That Go Bump in the Plight Astral noises may be heard during the exit, with scary voices and things going bump in the night, like chains dragging, sinister giggling and muttering, evil laughter, and nasty growling and snarling.

These intimidating sounds are a type of audio illusion; they have no substance and are therefore no threat. They are a big distraction, though, and must be totally ignored before and during the exit. Astral noises are quite common during the exit, but always cease the moment the exit is complete.

It is much more common for new projectors to hear astral noises and voices than for more seasoned projectors. I rarely hear them these days, but used to hear them regularly during my early years of conscious projection, about every fifth projection. Strange noises are often heard as a prelude to OBE, usually right on the verge of the exit, conscious or spontaneous, just as the projection reflex is about to kick in and buzz the projector out of body.

Be ready to deal with these when they happen. This may appear to contradict what I said earlier, but I have found astral noises so prevalent that their likelihood does not seem to be affected by suggestion. A great many people who have approached me with astral noise problems had never previously heard about astral noises. They did not expect them, but they happened anyway.

I have already mentioned some of the scarier types of astral noises, but think they deserve more thorough mention. The types of noises vary enormously. They can be very loud and incredibly real. You may hear bells ringing, sirens wailing, heavy chains dragging and rattling across corrugated iron sheeting, the sounds of someone smashing their way into your house with sledge-hammer blows, the sound of many people talking noisily, racing engine noises, chain saws, knocking and banging on your bedroom door, even the sounds of children playing and laughing or crying or pleading for help.

You may hear your name being called loudly and clearly, sometimes by a voice you know well. This voice will usually report some kind of an emergency in your house, or simply demand you get up as there is something important you need to attend to right there and then. They are so real you may decide if not prepared to abort your projection and find out just what the heck is going on in your house.

These noises will usually appear to be from fairly close by, often from just outside your window or bedroom door, or even from inside your room. You may think your locality has gone completely nuts and decided to do some late-night road repairs just outside your door, withjackhammers and chain saws going full bore; they can be that loud and that real.

I have been tricked out of the conscious exit many, many times, especially during my first few years of conscious-exit projection. Astral Voices A loud and aggressive astral voice may order you often by name to stop what you are doing and return to your body immediately, or face a terrible doom. The dialogue and timing of this voice s will vary greatly from experience to experience, but the main thrust will always be the same: to intimidate you into aborting your projection.

You may also hear a voice talking to another voice about you, loudly discussing and criticizing you for your stupidity for trying to leave the body, intimating strongly that this is a very dangerous thing to do, or that this is a very dangerous time for it.

Doesn't he know anything? What the hell is he up to now? Look at what he's doing This onslaught of negative input causes projectors to begin seriously doubting themselves. They begin to worry that they might indeed be doing something foolish or dangerous. But these distracting and intimidating voices never harm projectors and should be totally ignored.

Once the exit has been made, these voices will stop immediately and no cause for them will ever be found. Two Possible Causes for Astral Noises I believe there are two possible causes for astral noises: Accidental: It is possible that natural sounds and voices are picked up by the heightened senses of the projecting double, as it tunes into parts of the local real-time or astral environment during the prelude to the exit.

The random nature of these noises suggests they may only be heard when there is activity in the local real-time or astral area to cause them. The state of your energy body, specifically your active configuration of primary centers at the time of projection, may also play a part.

It is possible that some projectors sporadically develop a type of clairaudience, the ability to hear into the real-time zone and astral dimension and to hear spirit voices and sounds, as well as the voices of other projectors. Where simple astral noises and voices are heard, and the projector is neither directly nor indirectly referred to, this is the most likely scenario. Deliberate: Another possibility is that some astral noises are deliberately produced and telepathically aimed at projectors by low-order astral wildlife.

These noises appear to be a very cleverly designed audio illusion, a sneaky distraction designed to worry or trick a projector into aborting an imminent exit. This trickery and deceit is well in theme with the whole apparent purpose of elemental and dweller-type manifestations. If this is indeed the real source of astral noises, then they are simply an audio scare alternative to the more visual dweller-type manifestations.

Where the projector is addressed or called by name, or indirectly referred to in any other way, this is the most likely scenario. These harmless sound effects will distract and disrupt your balance and keep you from projecting if you pay any attention to them. This is especially so when it comes to being pestered or called by someone inside your own house.

No matter what you hear and no matter what is said, totally ignore it! The chances of any real emergency happening right at that particular moment, when you are on the threshold of an OBE exit, is remote in the extreme. Think about it. If there were a real emergency, someone in your house would surely enter your room and wake you up. They would physically shake you awake if you were really and truly urgently needed.

On top of this, if someone were actually banging on your door, the real noise from this would instantly shock you out of the trance state. Friends and family members also will not usually just stand on the other side of a closed door, pounding and shouting through it, especially late at night or in the early hours of the morning. If you continue with your projection, you can go and check to see if there is a real emergency in your house, as your projected double. If anything is really happening and you are truly needed, you can then simply return to your body, reenter it, and deal with the situation moments later.

I have projected countless times while ignoring astral noises and voices. Everything is always dead quiet when I finally get out of my body. There is never anything there waiting for me that could have caused all the earlier noise and kafuffle. This shows that astral noises and voices are not directly related to the more visual elemental and dweller-type scare manifestations. Just because you hear astral noises and voices, it does not mean any kind of visual scare manifestation will follow this if you continue with the exit.

I have been caught out by astral noises many times over the years. It is absolutely infuriating! I've learned to ignore most astral noises when they happen, but they still catch me out occasionally; they can be that convincing. Clutching Hands and Other Annoyances Before or during the exit, you may feel cold and clammy hands grabbing and clutching at your body. You may even see fleeting images of monstrous faces leering and snarling at you. You may hear these shadowy beings apparently scuttling about the room.

These hands never hurt projectors; they can only scare them. They are a type of sensory illusion and should be ignored. No cause for them will ever be apparent once the exit is completed. Before or during the exit, you may feel, see, or hear an annoyance; a small animal, often a dog or a cat, may jump onto your bed and start washing your face, or start scratching and snarling, or annoying and distracting you in some other way.

A variation is a friend or relative coming into the room, or trying to get into the room. This person promptly begins distracting or annoying you in some way: demanding you get up immediately or entering the room and touching or even tickling you.

This is an illusion, and should be ignored, as hard as this might be at the time. OBE Hitchhikers A rare type of OBE problem that affects approximately one in two hundred projectors at some time in their life — a real-time or low-astral problem — is an OBE hitchhiker, which can happen to seasoned projectors as well as novices.

After the exit, you become aware that some being is holding on to you from behind. You often see a pair of arms encircling and holding on to you. This being may be silent or may speak and make threats or threatening sounds. It will often answer if spoken to. You may feel you are being carried around by it, or you may feel you are carrying it yourself. If it answers at all, this being will usually give short, cryptic, negative, or nonsense replies, which may or may not contain threats.

It may even state it is there to help you in some way-do not believe this. You will usually be able to turn around and see your hitchhiker. You will often see a rough-looking male face with glaring eyes. When looked at, it may abuse you loudly or scare you in some other way. Alternatively, it may do and say nothing at all. It may even appear to be asleep or unconscious when looked at.

In case you are concerned about missing a chance of beneficial spirit contact: a simple way to test a spirit to tell a good spirit from a bad spirit is to politely but firmly ask it to leave and return another time when called on. A good spirit will understand and leave immediately, and will return another time when called on. A bad spirit will either point-blank refuse or will make up some excuse, e.

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Therefore no vision exists you are wrapped in blackness. Wrapped in deepest darkness, I stepped forward into the black night, having nevertheless a good orientation by a kind of inner space sensing. In a certain distance from my physical body I always was able to see. This kind of vision was astral.

Therefore I did not see the etheric counterparts of the physical plane structures of both should be identical, as Theosophs say and as I believe as well. On the other hand, for instance, being in the etheric body I once saw my guardians living on astral plane , whom I knew, because I have met them several times in the astral plane. There are as well some rare OBE's where the physical environment was seen and heard, but they are rather an exception and difficult to explain.

Voices: Usually I was accustomed to silence in OBE-prestage, in contrary to false awakening, in which state I was surrounded by noisy "people". When overtired I experienced another state, which happened in the first years of Yoga, when I made my exercises late in the evening.

At these occasions I very often heard unpolite words and curses of entities, which seemed to surround me. Once when the voices became too molesting, I pushed them away like a foggy cloud, and this kind of disturbance was gone for ever. Hearing voices in the state of false awakening, however, is a totally different kind of phenomenon this is more dreamlike and less psychic.

In false awakening I actually can see the persons, who are speaking to each other or to me and they are not threatening and mostly polite. Partial body-separation: When the consciousness is shifting more and more towards the etheric body, the etheric body gains increased liveliness and independence. The consciousness in the etheric body state was always clear, as to my experiences, I was alert exactly as in daytime awake state; therefore I often thought to have become awake and to have fallen out of trance.

But by ignoring this pretended awakeness and by continuing my exercises none-the-less, I usually was very amazed, when I became aware that I could move my etheric limbs. Testing my freedom of movement, usually there were no difficulties to move legs, arms and head.

In contrary to limbs and head the trunk mostly was stuck firm in the physical body. When frequently OBE-ing the difficulty of sticking to the body vanished and then stepping out became more and more easy. Ectoplasm Ektoplasma : Ectoplasmic emanations are not very common they are a sign of mediumism and consist of a denser ectoplasmic matter than all the other mentioned etheric phenomena.

I have seen ectoplasmatic emanations only once: "It's a curious thing to see ektoplasma flow slowly out of the mouth, in its viscosity like honey. It was a broad stream of greyish color, with black, crystal-like spots. At the edges it seemed to evaporate like steam. After a while, when I drifted to a deeper relaxation, I felt something like cold wind or a cold liquid, which seemed to flow from the right edge of my mouth down to the chin.

For a long time I could not distinguish, if it was cold saliva or cold wind. By the years I found out, that it was "cold wind", a feeling produced by skin contact with ectoplasm, as I suppose. When I felt a kind of pulsating knock at the footsoles or at the basis of the spine, this was a signal to me, that obsession spirits wanted to enter and incorporate my body.

When I felt bothered, I took a grip on them and then threw them away. Except once they seemed to have nearly no weight. I was not afraid, and there was no real danger. It's not possible for a healthy person to be obsessed.

Silver cord: In all "stepping-out"-OBE's, which were induced in trance, I could feel the pull of the silver cord, which limited my excursions to a certain distance. The distance was too short to make wider excursions and to experience interesting situations. Therefore the silver cord was a bothering limitation for my OBEing when using the "stepping out" method. Figure 1 : After having moved to a certain distance 50 - 70m I usually felt the pull of the silver cord.

Struggling against this fixation I had no chance t move further and then in the next moment I was back again in my physical body. Double consciousness: In etheric OBE's, although I felt myself bodily present in the subtle shell, I had acoustical inputs by my physical body. For instance I heard loud noise of cars and tram. I could suppress this interference for a short time and continue my travelling. If the noise was too loud and persisted, my attention was caught by it unwillingly and I was pulled back.

Exterriorization with the Etheric Body Ways of Body Separation: Stepping out of the physical body in trance or in the state of false awakening. Rolling out of the physical body. Floating out of the physical body. Thus, the idea of the seven planes of existence can be used as an understanding of the spiritual way of viewing intuition.

Only by knowing our own spiritual nature can we find out more or less where and how our thoughts arise and thereby become more aware of our own intuition. Aura — Through the understanding that man exists on seven planes of existence, we also gain a deeper understanding of the concept of aura. An aura has different layers, each showing different sides of the person. People often talk about the four main layers, also called bodies in the aura.

The four aura layers are from within the body and out: the etheric aura, the astral aura, the mental aura, and the spiritual aura. All human beings participate in the development process. Strengthening the emotional life, for example, helps to raise the frequency at the level of the collective astral consciousness, etc.

These planes of existence also means — states of consciousness that are characterized by different densities and dimensions of matter. In our solar system, there are seven planes of existence, each of which has seven sub-planes. These planes of existence together constitute the lowest plan of cosmic consciousness and constitute the sub-plane of the plane.

The seven planes of the solar system are: 1: The physical plane — which is divided into three purely physical and four etheric sub-planes. The Buddhistic Plane. The Atmic or Nirvanic plane. The Monadian Plane. The Logoic Plane. These planes do not lie on top of each other like shelves in a bookshelf, but instead they penetrate each other.

In this way, in the course of evolution, man becomes able to recognize finer or coarser states. The planes are at atomic level separated from each other, as each plane has its special atoms, and it is their compounds that form the sub-planes and the shapes.

It is said that each plane has one dimension more than the nearest and lower, such that the astral plane has four dimensions, the mental plane has five, etc. However- Higher dimensions are likely to be characterized as a kind of consciousness expansion. Each level of consciousness has a frequency.

The lowest frequency belongs to the seventh plane, the Physical Plan. For each plane, the frequency increases. The Astral Plane — which is the sixth plane, has a higher frequency than the Physical Plan, and can therefore not be experienced through the physical senses that are created to relate to the Physical Plane, but the physical world can be experienced on the Astral Plan, Because the frequency there is higher. The astral plane — is the collective unconscious of Mankind.

It contains the sum of the emotional life on Earth. Everything that humanity has felt, coveted, and desired has taken shape on the Astral Plan, and exists there as astral archetypes, whose frequencies affect those people, tending to the same kind of emotions. The astral body is a prerequisite for a human being to feel.

When a human incarnates — the soul constructs a personal astral body with the same shape as the physical body out of the matter found on the astral plane. The astral plane can be perceived as the astral body of the Earth. Souls not yet incarnated are also on the astral plane, where they are waiting to incarnate, or where they work as helpers or are on their way to the mental and soul plane the causal plane when their emotional desires have been lived out and processed.

The first body is the physical body, which is to say, the physical body, our body. It is deadly and dies when the biological processes cease. The second body is the etheric body, which has the same shape and size as our physical body.

This body is divided into two parts, the doublet, and the health aura, which differ from the other bodies in that it is re-formed at each incarnation of man and dissolved upon the death of man. The other bodies continue to exist after physical death, and they enter at each new incarnation in connection with the newly formed physical body.

The part of the etheric body called the doublet can be considered as a kind of architectural drawing for man. It is the duplicate that is believed to shape the physical body. At the onset of death, the doublet leaves the physical body, and the body disintegrates because what held it together the doublet is no longer present. The duplicate can sometimes get stuck near the physical body, and this is what is interpreted by many as a ghost.

Within a few weeks, the duplicate dissolves. But the scientist also thought he could ascertain that exactly at the moment of death all the patients had a weight loss of about 26 grams, which of course has been taken by some as proof that man contains a soul body. The second part of the etheric body — The health aura — has its origin in the energy centers called chakras, which are discussed in more detail in the next section.

In short, the health aura attracts life energies and channels them to the physical body. From this follows an interesting assumption, namely that due to the protective mantle, man can in principle not become ill due to external causes. The causes of illness always lie in oneself. Negative thoughts, emotions, and unhealthy lifestyles can diminish the power of the health aura, thereby creating weak points in the health aura through which negative energy fluctuations can penetrate the body and cause disease.

Herein lies the explanation that positive thinking, within the spiritual, is seen as very important for health 2, — THE ASTRAL BODY — like the etheric body, has the same shape and size as our physical body, but its aura radiance has an oval shape that extends up to several meters from and around the person. The astral body contains our desires, psyche, emotions, and emotional moods.

As we find here all our conscious and unconscious states of anxiety, aggressions, feelings of loneliness and rejection, lack of self-confidence and so on lies, it shows that we are truly inside an area that shapes our view of the world, and which is the background for many of the energies we emit to the outside world.

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