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BAYCROFT BAZINET BEADLE BEALTHY BEAMISH BEAN BEARD BEATH Bertram Bertroff Berwanger Bess Bessinger Besstak Bestinger Bettinger. Mariette Elise BOUC Rosaire Christian BOUCHER Anna Estelle BOUCHER Antoine Raymond BOUCHER Charles Rosinant BOUCHER Eric BOUCHER Ernest Emilien BOUCHER. (Palgrave Macmillan, * * Patterson, Eric Latin America s (Routledge, * * Bettinger, Robert L. Orderly Anarchy: Sociopolitical Evolution in Aboriginal. SMART SPORTS BETTING ADVANCED STATS AND WINNING PSYCHOLOGY MADE SIMPLE PDF

Derrida and Feminism: Recasting the Question of Woman p. Columbia U. Godel s Proof, 3rd ed. Routledge Classics p. Dewey s Social Philosophy: Democracy as Education p. Bloomsbury T. Edited by Thomas Riggs Vols. Brunn, Vols. State Univ. Colonial Contexts and Postcolonial Theologies: and Religions p.

Animals as Religious Subjects: Transdisciplinary Perspectives p. Forsyth p. An Introduction to the Study of Paul, 3rd ed. Reihe p. Stanford U. Duke U. Writing Culture and the Life of Anthropology p. Why Bother with History? The Hippocratic Corpus: Content and Context p. Ancestral Maya Economies in Archaeological Perspective p. The City in the Greek and Roman World p. Health and Healing from the Medieval Garden p.

Bastard Feudalism The Medieval World p. Origins Of Modern Wars p. The Modern European State System p. Europe , 2nd ed. General History of Europe p. Medieval Flanders p. Europe , 3rd ed. Ashgate Publishing Ltd. British Imperialism: , 2nd ed.

Theodore Ireland since ed. Studies In Modern History p. Lawson, Jane A. Titled Elizabethans: A Directory of Elizabethan ed. Queenship and Power p. Anglo Saxon England and the Norman Conquest, 2nd ed. Social and Economic History of England p. The Rise of Prussia : p. Germany under the Old Regime : p. France and Britain, : Entente and Estrangement p. Longman History of Russia p. Scarecrow Pr.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Routledge Historical Biographies p. Historical Dictionary of Panama p. Modern China, 3rd ed. Religious Interactions in Mughal India p. The History of Saudi Arabia, 2nd ed. The Greenwood Histories of the Modern Nations p. Cornell U. Serfdom and Slavery: Studies in Legal Bondage p.

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Greek Tragedy Routledge Classics p. Greek Fiction p. Aristophanes and Greek Comedy Understanding Classics p. Coleridge, Romanticism and the Orient: Cultural Negotiations p. Longman Literature In English Series p. Ted Hughes New Casebooks p. Shakespearean Tragedy Shakespeare and the Question of Theory p. Faith in Shakespeare p. The Cambridge Encyclopedia of the Language Sciences p.

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Psychology and the East Routledge Classics p. Psychology and the Occult Routledge Classics p. The Psychology of the Transference p. Handbook of Critical Psychology p. Zimbardo p. By Richard M. Lerner, Vols. Edited by Richard M. Molenaar p. Lamb p. Edited by Thomas P.

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Anderson Martin Anderson Florence E. Andres Lovingly cared for at her daughter Age 1. Webberville died Sl,nday, Nov. Anderson died on Nov. Andres was a homemaker In failing health for several years Mr. Miwatching over hei' growing family. Anderson,was a member of service will be at 5 p. Anderson; great-grandchildren, Ni-!

She hadxesided in sister, Luretta Broderick. Lawrence grandchildren and nine great-great- Maple Grove. He predeceased her on Delaney officiating. April 8, Mrs. Andres was a Interment will follow at Chapel Mr. Anderson was predeceased by member of st. Michael's Catholic. Hill Memorial Gardens. She also attended the I day between 6 p. Maple Grove Senior Citizens. ServIces WIll be held I p. Wed- i Survivors include: three daughters, The family wishes to thank nesday, Nov.

The Rev. Schleicher will officiate of'mt. PI;asant Susan and' Vern Fox for their excellent care. Jan , in Pasadena, Te. Andres was predeceased by ospltal, LaJ:smg.! Antcll ff owned and operated' brothers and one sister. Store in Laingsburg for years. Anna E. Andres " Services will be held Saturday", Age ,. Pastor J. WIll officiate. BUrial Care Center. Help Catholic Church with the Rev. Funeral Home, Chesaning, where friends may calt Sunday, to a. Arndt was employed 11 years as a cook at Memorial Health.

Marion Ellis will officiate with burial to be in Hillcrest Memorial Gatdens. Arndt, was a member of S. On Dec. Arthur Irene Hodge, Corunna; eight gran d c h if d r en;. Arndt was predeceased by her 'parents and two brothers and one sister. Johns died Tuesday, Fcb. Visitation will be tqday 2 to 9 p. Memorials may be made to the Arthritis Foundation.

Pauline J. Arndt was employed as a Mr. Angus worked for the press operator at the AC Plant in Owosso and. Albuquerque, N. Flint from until she retired in Post Offices and was a meat cutter for Krogers for 21 years. Services will be held Thursday, Kay was an attendant at Shiawas- July 21, 10 a. Joseph Aubin will officiate with bur-. Services will be held Saturday, ial in Byron Cemetery, Byron. Vis- May 14,. Pastor p. A rosary will ; Sheen will officiate with burial in be held Wednesday evening at 8 i Hilkrest Memorial Gardens, p.

Mary's Church.. She had resided in Durand since! Angus was bom in Flint" , previously she had lived in! Byron from to IAngus was born in Flint, Mich. Amdtwas a member of the Elmer and Edith High Freeman. Mary's Catholic Church, Durand,.

They had resided two years in member of the Sf. Dan Lucille Sherwood of Mr. Angus served in the U. Jackie Mrs. Arndt was. Age 85, of Lennon died Monday, A. Rd 30 W. Grand River. Funeral services will be held Thursday, Jan. Baldwin was a homemaker.. Chapel, Swartz Creek. Bahr was bom June 22, Mrs. She had lived in Brown Padden. Lennon for 54 years. She married h V. Bahr and he preceded her School ReVere, Mo. Baldwin death Feb. I, , she and Stanley Products for many years.

Isadore Timothy "Tim" time and past P. He S h I predeceased her June 12, c. Brian Back 00 Board. She enjoyed sewing, needlew-. Township, Shirley and husband Gail! Laingsburg, Mrs. William JoAnn Mr. Baldwin was predeceased by a. Joseph Aubin will officiate of Lennon, Nancy and husband her husband, father and grandson.

Paul Cemetery. Harry Kaiser Jr. Back was bom in Owosso on and Gilbert Cain. He graduated Baby -Alyxandrea or tel age 0 ap e apt s. Infant, died Friday, Aug. Back was a member of the St. Joseph Hospital, Flint. Funeral arrangements by Osgood Paul Catholic Church. He loved to listen to music and held 1 p. Surviving are: parents, Michael P. He was fond of 0 g Leo J. Haring will officiate.. Flint; Oary A. Hood, near Welches, Oregon.

Bailey was a homemaker. Services will be held Saturday, 11 Services will be held Saturday, 'a. Friends may call at the Gardens, Owosso. Friends may call funeral home today 7 to 9 p. Bailey was born in Gideon, Mrs. Bailey was born in Big Ra- Mo. And,Flossie Ross Huddleson. She attended Douglas Tribe. She graduated from Flint Central School.

Remus Schools. Bailey had resided her early On June 17, , she and Charyears in Owosso and the last several les E. Bailey were married in Jean Eo' Bailey in the Flint area. Age 83, of Owosso died Tuesday, Survivors include: two daughters, Mrs.

BaileylQved to care for Dec. Judy McIntyre of Owosso, Mrs. Electric for 13 years, for Dr. Cancer Society for four years. Friends may call at the' Randy, Huddleson; several nieces wrence Mikie Tribe;' nieces, nefuneral home today 7 to 9 p. Bailey was born in Ricardo, Mrs. Bailey was predeceased by Mrs. Bailey was predeceased by a N. She had resided most of her father. In , she married Frank Neal. American Cancer Society. Memorials are suggested to the In , she married Frank Bailey.

Bailcy passed away in Lucy M. Babcock Mrs. Babcock was a homemaker. Bailey was a member of the 't Services will be held at Jennings- Cremation has already taken place. Post, Rev. Richard Beemer will officfate. Visitation will be atthe chapel, Survivors include: two sons, Walt Mrs.

James Patricia Alfredson of today 7 to 9 p. Janles Mar- p. Babcock was born in Mid- son; nine grandchildren; 16 greatchildren; 17 great-grandchildren; a dlebury Township" Sept. She and nephews. Bailey was predeceased by 'Charles J. Babcock was a member of. Memorials may be directed to Society. Bannan Donald C.

Banta Age 84, of S. Main St. Barks was a homemaker. Banta was retired from Uni- Services will be held at the Mr. Bannan owned and operated versa I Electric-MagneTek. Paul Catholic Church" Tuesday, April 19 at 2 p. Friends may owosso,s. Kolenski willies Belhnger Will officiate.

Burial and Thursday 9 a. Burial will be in St. Patil 'will be in Hillcrest Memorial Gar- Mrs. Barks was born in Booth : Cemetery. The body will fest at ' dens. Owosso Friday from 9 a. She attended p;. She was affil,fnends from 2 to 4 p. Columbus rosary,will. Barks was a lovmg i Ml. She died March 16, grandmother and friend of. Alice McKinney Bannan. He Mr. Paul High School sleyan. Bannan was a member of St. Douglas Banta, of Owosso 'and Mrs.

Char- Tenn. S, Army. SurvIvors tnclude: his. Michael Cynthia S. Blunt Of. Barks was predeceased by nan. Don Margaret leakle of Tucson, Ariz. Barnett Age 83, of Owosso died Sunday,. Age 72, of Owosso died Tuesday, Nov. County Medical Care Facility,: Mr. Barnett retired in , after Corunna. Ballou had worked for Wash- The Argus-Press for 15 years. Prior aurn Grocery for a number of years to thai he was employed by the and worked for Pan American Montgomery Ward store, Owosso Airlines.

Services wiii be held Tllesday,' There will be no visitation or Nov. Arrangements by eral Homes, Kribs Chapel, Corunna. Jennings-Lyons Funeral. Chapel,' Sister Mary Pung will officiate with Owosso. Paul Cemetery, Mr. Barnett was born in Owosso, Owosso. Ballou was bom in Owosso, nett. He was a lifelong resident of on Jan.

He served in the U. Navy He attended St. Church in Owosso. Bartram Survivors' inc1ude:two brothers, Owosso V. Survivors include: his wife, Irene; Healthcare Center, Owosso. Ballou was predeceased by a son, Kenneth C. Barnelt of San Mrs. Bartram retired from K-mart his pilrents and two sisters, Margaret Francisco, Calif.

Stimson of Owosso, Helen C. Bar Products. Memorials can be made to St. Colleen Barnet! Ellie Barnett of Lake Monday, July 18, at 11 a. John Barro-n Jr Mr. H I h 'c ' e nona Memonals are suggested to ea t care enter Owosso '.. Center ' , the daughter of Mr. Services will be held at the Nelson-. Bartram' was a membero '. Vernon Chapter.. Morns, Bradenton, Fla. K rs and h sband,0 Traverse tty; one Sister, Mrs: D a. Miss Bauman was' retired from. PeetPacking Co. A memorial mass will be celebrated on Saturday, Jan.

Survivors include: her nieces, nephews, and 'numerous great-nieces and great-nephews. She was predeceased by a brother and six sisters. Bastian was a LPN at the Mr. He retited Sept. The body wiil test at Funeral mass was celebrated Nov. Joseph Church, Pen- Wednesday 2 to 4 and 7 to 9,p. Father Wihiam,Cosgrove Mrs. Bastian, was born in Gladofficiated. Joseph's win, Nov. II, ,. Arthur and Mary Armstrong Mr. Bartell was born June 28, Hetherington. She attended schools , in Corunna the son of Mrs.

She had re John Basso James D. He graduated from! She was a, member of the L: Woodard Co. Dominies Parish, Shortsville,, ciation,and also a member of years, retmngm 1? He served in the Navy during,. Henry; two sons, Donald and wife. Kolel,lski will officiate. I Macedon, N. The rosary will, be prayed two greafgrandchildren; several,blanc;, three sisters,' Betty J? Basso was born on Six Mile Mr. Bartell was predeceased by a Leona Shelton of Lapeer.

Memorials may be made to the July 18, , the son of Joseph and Memorials are suggested to the Owosso Sa! Clara Thiede Were married in St. Home, Penfield Rd. Basso's family first settled in, Owoss;o; seven grandchildren, David the U. Basso worked all over the ; Charles. Hannah Basso;, U. David' Basso; and by five brqthers: Lorene E. Bashore Age 76, of Ovili, died Monday, an.

Services will be held at Smith Funeral Homes, St. Johns Chapel, Wednesday, Jan. Stephan Weinberger will officiate. Burial will take place at Mt. Rest Cemetery, St. Visitation will be today a. Bensinger Age 89,. Baughman was a mechanic.! Mid-West Abrasives after 18 years 'Chesaning.

Services will be held Friday, Jan: of service. Funeral services will be held 7, 11 a. Kenneth' service. Herbruck will officiate with burial Mrs. Friends may call today 7 to 9 p. Bensinger was born in CHnto 9 p. On Oct. Survivors include: a son, David fery Bensinger. She died Sept. Beard, was predeceased by Mr. Bensinger had resided most most of his life in Detroit. Broob were married in Windsor, American Cancer Society.

Survivors include:' one son, Ontario. Beers of Lansing; many nieces and Beach, Fla. Grand Blanc; six,grandchildren; two. Beers worked for 30 years at Memorials can be made to the great-grandchildren; brother, Marvin Oldsmobile in Lansing. Baughman of London, Ontario; sis- Services will. Age 85, orst. Burial will be in Chapel. Visitation try Manor. Clarence- "Mouse" p. Johns Chapel. Visitation will be today Beers with the family present 2 to 4 p.

Cayle Age 63, of Gaylord died Sunday, andl 7 to 9 p. Beagle will offici'ate. Be01s was born in Lansing, May 8, Oct. Beers attended high school in,anna May Bassler Beers. I Esther M. First United Methodist Church, Mr. Memorials may be made to Hosson Funeral Home; N. Gaylord, MI A private graveside service was held today with burial in Hillcrest Memorial Gardens.

Paul R. Beck Age 77, of Ashley, died Sunday! March 13, , at his home.. Visitation will be today and Tuesday 2 to 9 p. Burial will be in Eureka Cemetery. Age 75, of Bartlesville, Okla. Belanger was employed by Sunday, Nov. Joe Colaw E. Hickory St. Phillips will officiate wi! Friends may call at the Owosso, Wednesday 2 to 9 p.

Bellen was born in Grand until time of service. He had resided in Owosso , earned her BS degree from since , coming from Flint. Lyons for 30 of Harrison, William and Wayne Mrs. Bellen was a member of the years. March 20, 4 p. Binger Sr. Ignace, formerly of stries. There Will be an h'. S't Igllace was then employed as a counselor.. Survivors include: her children, today and Saturday 2 to 4 p.

Alex W. Bellen s. Beebe was born in Owosso, W. Felton of Ridgecrest, Callf. Gail Bellen of Musko- Mich. Bellen of Ann Ar- Schwartz. She graduated from bor; '10 grandchildren; four great- Owosso High School, Class of grandchildren; brothers, Orville E. Cowell of Chicago, III. Bellen was predeceased by at? Ew- brother, ':'ern N. Survivors, mclude. Beebe was predeceased by ge 04, of Osborne, Kan. Birchmeier Noreen Elaine,CarsonC.

Age 52, of W. Lansing Rd. Birchmeier retired from ; rice, died Friday, Nov. Iher home I Mrs. BenJanlln was a bus driver,then worked for Schmelzer Corp. Michael for Morrice Area Schools for 1"5; Durand, retiring in Michael Cemetery. Zimmerman will officiate. There will be a Cemetery.

Visitation will be today :'1'1,"", body will rest at the Love Fun Scripture service 7 p. Thursday from 3 p. Benjamin was born in Oct. He gra Schuster Birchmeier. He sided in Maple Grove Township Hildebrant. She graduated from had resided in Bancroft for the past most of his life. Owosso High School. Montroy On Aug. She was affiliated with the Mr. Bentley was a member of the Mr. Birchmeier was a member of Free Methodist! Bancroft Congregational Church.

Michael Catholic Church and! J'B nesday, Aug. New Lothrop. Bower worked for GM Truck! Carol J. There Mr. Birchmeier was predeceased will be no visitation. Bower was born in Flint, Arrangements by Whelpley- Mich. Roscoe L. City Hospital. Maria, Calif. Arrangeitlents by Jennings-Lyons Home, Crystal. Funeral Chapel, Owosso. Aue Age 85, of Owosso, died Saturday! Aue was ahortieulturalist. OakJimd Housing Corporation, in Commerce, for 12 years.

Aue will be held Wednesday at 2 p. Lewis COl r,ton officiating. Burial will follow in Oak Hill Cemetery, Owosso. The body rests at Jennings-Lyons Funeral Chapel where visitation has been set for 9 a. Tuesday, with the family present 2 to 4 p. Aue was born in Muskegon on Jan. Zorn Aue. Btrd worked at the Ttle Plant Mrs. Birchmeier was a: hotne- in Corunna for 15 years, retiring in maker and had been a postal clerk for 17 years in the New Lothrop Services will be held at Nelson Post Office.

Mi- turday at 10 a. The in Fife Lake Cemetery. The family Rev. Don Dueweke will offici- will receive friends at the chapel ate. Michaels today 7 to 9 p. Friends may call at the p. Bird was born in Shiawassee New Lothrop after 4 p. County, Jan. He attended schools of Columbus rosary at 8' p.

Conoway were married in bee Township, Dec. She resided most of her life in I Mr. He re- She was a member of st. Legion of Mary.. Survivors include: two daughters, Survivors include: her husband, Mrs. Memorials are 'suggested to St. IC gan tate College, he was a member of Farmhouse Fraternity.! David M. Carole Vreibel of Owosso; seven grandchildren, Mrs. He Was predeceased' by three Sisters and four brothers. Leonard Eileen Barber of Owosso, Mrs.

Tony Margaret Cibula of Corunna, Mrs. Paul Florence Bird of Roscommon; also nieces and nephews. He was predeceased by a son, Cecil F. Bird Jr. Bishop Jam. Morris, formerly of Wednesday, Sept. Grove Township, died Satur- He was born Feb. Blight retired in as a Luzerne, Miell years. He built and operated three LPN with 30 years of service. She The funeral for Ms. Bishop will frozen food locker plants in Ovid, began her career at Hurley Hospital, be held Tuesday at 11 a.

Elsie and QWosso. He also built and then worked for Dr. Bob Byrne officiating. Lansing, for many years. In , he :at 11 a. Morris Cemetery. Blackburn was a member of call at the funeral home today after then at the church until 10 a. Ovid and received his 60 year pin will be held Sunday at7 p. Morris Chapter on Aug.

Blaekbum was predeceased O. Bis op. Surviving arc: two sons, Bernard Mrs. Jerry Ruth Ann N. Maple Grove area, moving to Mt. Jeff,Blight were married in Mt. She was a at Plant 38 engine plant for many, sisters-in-law, Ruby Smith of Bath member and past worthy matron of,,years and Johnny's Restaurant in! Mary LOll Hanold; and several ber and past worthy high priestess of Survivors include: Her mother, nieces' and nephews..

Saturday at the Tiffany Funeral. Rebekah Lodge ; she was an Home, W. Saginaw, Lansing. The family will be Survivors include: two grandsons, of New Lothrop; and four brothers,and 7 to 9 p. Donald Blight of the U. I cles,' and a speel'al God-child, Ni-,A. Blaha was a homemaker. Myrtle Beach, S,C. Friends may call at the fun- by son, Robert in , granddaugh- 0 Mr. Blood joined the Owosso eral home today 7 to 9 p. Masonic Home. A memorial will be held at a later date.

Bocek Jr. Age 83, of Owosso, died Saturday, June 18, , at his residence. Age 76, of W. High St. Bloomfield : Age. John's at the Memorial Healthcare Center St. Father Leo Taubitz officiating. Joseph Community Church in Laingsburg, B. C: in i Cemetery, Gllines. Thursday, Sept. I, , at 10 a. Friday, Nov 1 18 at II a. Ken Coughlin will officiate with 9 a. A prayed Monday at p. Bloomfield was porn April 'at 10 a. Thomas March 31, , the daughter of Homes, ovid.

She attended Lee School and fr to 4 p. He graduated from Cleary was a juflior at Springfield High Mr. Bocck was born in Flint on College in School. She attended Hartwood IDe Feb. He Lake were married at St.. She died in Olympics at the state level winning and Ovid. Bloomfield taught school for several gold and silver medals. She i On April 19, , he and Helen, five years.

Journal Register 'article entitle. Bloomfield was a member of Court Kathryn David Bartram and Eleanor J. Jean Paul Speaker field; brothers, Norm and Michael tgrandchildren;. James Boardman of Doer of,flushing.. Nommn: Mr. Memorials may be made to Margaret M. Friends may: ip. Box , Valpariso, IN call at the funeral home today until 9 p. Beaumont Hospital.. Boonstra retired from R,B. Mary Catholic Church, Royal Qak. Paul Cemetery, Owosso. II Mile, Royal Oak.

Peters- BId burg, Fla. Age 63, of Detroit, died Tuesday day, Dec. Boudreau retired 'as manager Nursing Center,. Bonnin was a h0l! BoledOVIch was:a waitress. The Rev.! House, Funeral Homes, Owosso, Morris.. DaVid Weitz will officiate. Burial Tuesday, Dec. Baptist Church, Byron, Wednesday,' Vernon. Visitahon will be Friday BUllal Will. Pastor Larry from noon until. Burial will be! Boledovlch was born in Mi- to 9 p. Boledovich of NewYork,j Mrs. Bonnm was born in Hopkintoday from 7 to 9 p.

She was affil Wednesday from a. Boledovich 'was predeceased SUl:vivors include: a son,. Robert to the Byron Baptist Church. Bonnm of Owosso; two daughters, Mr. Boudreau was bom in Re-' Irene Olive Mrs. George Elaine Harris and mingtol1, Ind. Barbara Boudreau. He had resided in' st. Petersburg, Fla. On Jan. II, , he itation.. Cremation has already taken M and Gera. Bonsor were marned Byron. Louis Vi- Owosso High School.

She had re- moving to Florida in ola Blake of Flushing; two step- sided most of her life in the Owosso She was a homemaker andmemdaughters, Mrs. Church of Leesburg, Fla. Wmona Lake, Ind. He ried July 16, , of which two Greenville, N. He preceded dren,.

Blanc; eight great- Lenore Devereaux of Owosso, Mrs. Eureka Springs, Ark.

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Eric bettinger rethel bean Friends may call at the chapel today 2 to 4 p. Age 83, of Owosso, died Saturday, June 18,at his residence. Sport, Health and the Body in the History of Education p. Turnwald of Chesaning. Titled Elizabethans: A Directory of Elizabethan ed. Memorials are suggested to the American Parkinson's Association or the Hospice of choice.

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