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sasha evdakov forex charts

I was watching a person named Sasha Evdakov and have been attempting Babypips, although it used to be meant for forex trading, has a free "school" you. Shiba Inu is an Ethereum-based altcoin that features the Shiba Inu hunting dog as its mascot and is considered an alternative to Dogecoin. more · Forex (FX). Money Making Stock Chart Setups: Profiting from Penny Stocks: Volume 3-Sasha Evdakov. #BookWorm #FinancialFreedom #books #booksph #Crypto #Forex. REQUEST ADDRESS ETHEREUM SAFE TO POST

Today, when anyone can become a blogger, the quality of content matters. Do not trust impostors — subscribe to famous hosts with proven experience and thousands of subscribers. Those searching for trading experts or Forex broker YouTube should check out these 10 channels. Best channels are ranked by their current number of subscribers.

Some of these pros focus entirely on currencies, others also trade stocks and other instruments. Choose your favorite expert or follow them all for a wealth of trading insights! These channels provide excellent content. Top Traders Newbies will appreciate videos dedicated to the real trading experience of the host and his guest speakers. These have undeniable educational value, as experts zoom in on their motivations for each trade, and the technical and fundamental analysis that preceded it.

As a result, viewers are shown the financial outcome of every trade, even if it failed. This teaches rookies to admit their own errors and treat losses as learning opportunities. Top Traders is a decent YouTube no-nonsense Forex channel 9. She is also a talented motivational speaker, which means her videos are both professional and inspiring.

Since , they have gained over 5. Karen has even dedicated a few of her works to trading psychology and common triggers of bad decisions. This is something only a few channels cover. Knowledge of psychology is useful for any trader. As humans are irrational creatures, our behavior in the market is often based on subjective motivations, rather than logic. The better you understand your own mindset — the easier it is to trade successfully.

TraderNick K subscribers This channel was launched in , but it already boasts over 5 million views! Nick is a professional trader and entrepreneur whose Forex success is backed by knowledge of computer science and tool-building. The expert can teach you a lot about the implementation of different strategies, including price action trading. There are videos dedicated to specific currency pairs and the best ways to trade them.

These are a rare find! These have interviews with pros, in which they talk about their methods and career paths. These conversations offer a wealth of insights for those who seek trade in Forex for beginners YouTube can provide. Sasha Evdakov is a pro who authored several books, so he is definitely worth your attention!

He shares insights for day traders and swing traders, as his experience covers both fields. Rookies are guaranteed to love his style — even complex terms are explained in simple language. ForexSignals TV K subscribers When channel host Andrew Lockwood started his career, he was a pit trader focused on futures and options.

The Londoner is famous for his ability to make complex terms understandable and come up with vivid examples. For instance, when showing how to conduct a trade, he will start with the basics, proceed to implementation, and conclude with real examples. As Andrew has been working in the industry for 3 decades, he is worth being listened to. Perhaps, he is even the most experienced YouTube trader today. Beginners love his masterful explanations.

Since , his channel has received almost 8 million views. You can also visit their website forexsignals. UKspreadbetting K subscribers Hosted by Mark, this channel has a wealth of information on the subject of currency trades. As its name suggests, spread betting is the key direction. This practice is most common for UK brokers.

Most of the videos explain the basics of Forex trading in various styles. Thus, if you would like to learn the differences between popular approaches, this is a good place to start. Mark is a fast talker — it may be difficult to keep up at first! Poor judgment is a common cause of wiped accounts. Information is awesome! I have traded over 10 years and I was absolutely clueless regarding technical analysis.

Thank you for keeping it simple! My understanding of the charts used in this book is helping tremendously. I wish it provided a little more reading It basically is a book with a lot of charts to practice noticing and learning patterns.

Concise notes with each chart are nice. I wish it provided a little more reading materials. I have followed him for years Evdakov is a great teacher. I have followed him for years. Learned everything i know and have become a profitable trader from him Jay Reviewed in the United States on Reviewed in the United States on December 1, Five Stars I thought this book was great and shows some really good examples of swing trades with charts. I love all of the work from this author. Keep up with the great work!

His videos are awesome! This "book" consists of roughly ten pages of undistinguished text followed by roughly pages of charts with annotations on them. How this dizzying and repetitive display is to help you in trading is anyone's guess. I concluded that the money making setup of the title was to download a mess of charts, scribble on them, and package them up for the unsuspecting out there. And I was the setee.

This "book" has no table of contents and no index. Caveat emptor.

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The right retracements are healthy in a stock and knowing what is a healthy retracement or a fake retracement will give you more confidence on pull backs. If you know whats a healthy retracement, then you will know areas of support, resistance, and opportunities of where you can purchase the stock on a bounce. In this module you will learn: How most people think stocks move and how they really move What a healthy retracement looks like in stocks and what to watch for Why I love pull backs and retracements and you should too What is Fibonacci and how to use it in your retracement levels What are the important Fibonacci levels to watch in stocks How to calculate Fibonacci levels in your stock retracements How to calculate expansion levels in a stock move DVD 10 Module Gaps Run time: 23 minutes Gaps occur frequently in stocks if you watch the markets closely.

In this video you will learn: What are gaps in a stock Why gaps are important in a stock and why you should watch them Why the distance and space the gap creates is important How gaps can create support and resistance areas Why gaps typically get filled and what it means for the stock Why sometimes gaps do not get filled What are the three types of gaps and when do they occur DVD 11 Module Reversal Patterns Module 13 Run time: 56 minutes Reversal patterns are key signals in a chart that develop prior to a stock changing its direction.

Reversal patterns give you clues and signals of when a potential trend could be over. When you know how to spot continuation patterns, they will create opportunities for you to add to your position so that you can make the most out of the trade. You will also learn a few ways to trade just off the moving averages. In module 16 we will cover the basics of oscillators.

Oscillators are usually better suited to use as exit signals and in this module you will learn about some common oscillators and how you can use them. You will learn: The basics of moving averages and what they are Popular moving averages that many traders scan and watch Different types of moving averages that you can use in your trading How to use the double crossover method in moving averages What are oscillators and when you should use them What are some popular oscillators and the basics of how to use them DVD 14 Module Putting Your Analysis into Action Run time: 28 minutes The final module is about wrapping things up and putting things together.

You will get some final tips about trading, some ideas of what you should think about prior to executing a trade, and some final insight. Topics we cover in this video include: A basics game plan that you should think about before trading What company specific data you should look at before entering a trade A few final general tips on trading A list of resources that you can use to continue your training The next steps you should take with your trading and what you can do to continue to improve Bonus 1: page printed study guide included!

Now included — a study guide that outlines and summaries all the videos! It includes sections that you can take notes in as well as any exercises and examples from the course so you can easily reference back. Please note: a digital downloadable PDF version is also available with online access. Related Products. You will learn: Common stock market terms, the players in the game, and various brokers.

What are trading rules, why you should have them, and 10 sample trading rules that you can use. Video 2: Trading Core In the second video, we go over topics that relate stock movement, what makes stocks move, and build up your awareness of when is the right time to enter trades.

In this video, you will learn: What are stock trading systems, two types of systems, and a simple system example. How to read volume, spot quality volume trends, and the four phases of a stock. The cause and effect principle and what makes a stock move to the upside. How to spot swing points and find the ABCD patterns on stock charts What is support and resistance and how stocks are held up at different price levels How confluence regions forces many traders to enter or exit early and how to avoid this trap.

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