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bitcoin ath meaning

Rising energy costs, a new hash rate ATH and flat bitcoin prices pose challenges to some miners as margins get squeezed. ATH is an acronym for All Time High. It is the maximum price attained by a cryptocurrency after it has been listed on exchanges. If the price of a coin. This term has been used in traditional financial markets, when referring to stocks, for decades. The meaning of ATH in crypto is the all-time. CRYPTICS CRYPTO

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Being the biggest cryptocurrency by market cap, the ATH of Bitcoin attracts the most attention in the world of crypto and beyond. It took nearly three years for the ATH on Bitcoin to be topped. This occurred on November 10, When an asset hits an ATH, it will be down to several factors but it is essentially down to supply and demand. It means that someone, somewhere, is willing to pay that amount for the asset.

Many long-term investors, or hodlers, will look at the potential for an asset to hit ATHs in the coming years when they look at its viability as a long-term investment. Taking Bitcoin as an example, looking at some of the times when the cryptocurrency hit its ATHs can paint a picture of its history.

November 30th, Clearly, late November is a special time of year for Bitcoin maximalists. On trading blogs and news websites, writers use ATH to discuss what valuation an asset has reached in the past. They might also report a coin or stock that recently reached a new ATH price. On the other hand, on cryptocurrency forums and social media platforms, ATH is used to speculate that a coin is about to hit its highest price ever.

An asset exceeding its previous ATH is a positive sign for its trajectory. What Reaches an ATH? These are a form of currency intended to be an alternative to fiat money, such as the dollars you might have in your bank account. Many people use cryptocurrencies as an investment tool, so a particular coin you own hitting an ATH is probably great news.

That means it has almost definitely exceeded your initial investment, no matter how much you own of it. Additionally, you might see people using ATH to refer to the prices of more traditional investment methods like stocks. During economic prosperity, stock prices hitting new all-time highs is considered a sign that companies are performing well.

ATH became a more prominent term on the internet with the rise of cryptocurrency. On top of the use-cases for cryptocurrency, many people treat crypto as a speculative investment.

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Willy Woo said BTC won't reach ATH again. My thoughts.

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