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Marc bettinger francois mathy

marc bettinger francois mathy

Third place went to German rider Marc Bettinger in the saddle of Barino in a penalty-free time of seconds. Marc Bettinger (GER) and. Marc Bettinger. Quabil. bay / 11y / Frh Quaid / Stakkato / HANN / SK90 / António João Caixinha. GER. Maria Natalie Olsen Stamnæss. Chico II. cameron hanley · cassio rivetti · CSIO4* lummen · daniel deusser · denis lynch · Details · douglas lindelow · Events · francois mathy jr. AFB FOREX BONUS

What joy and what a feeling of work well done. Laura Mathy was in France , in Dinard, with Blue, her young dog, who for the first time put the legs on a beach and in the sea. Laura ranked very well with Gantira and Jackson. Our American students were also present. Here are their results.

In Germany, Charlotte Bettendorf has undoubtedly achieved what will remain one of her of the best performances of her career. An incredible journey for our young Luxembourgish rider who went back on board a little racing car. I think it's normal that riders want to compete.

This has always existed. A rider like Hugo Simon always answered when asked why he didn't sell his horses that he had never seen anyone riding on a wad of cash and that he wanted to ride! He didn't care how much someone offered for his horses, there was no question of selling them. In my day, the business side was much less important.

There were fewer shows, fewer riders and fewer competitive horses. In the last years, the horse world has changed a lot. In the last few years, horse prices have risen dramatically, there are more competitions, more riders. In my time, the military finished riding horses and there were still a lot of amateurs.

It was reserved moreso for a certain class of people. Today, everything has changed: the number of buyers, riders, dealers. Everything has become huge. Today, anyone who wants to be a rider must be a professional and devote all their time to it, thinking about it day and night. You have to be rigorous in your training and in the way you manage your stable. The competition is too tough to leave room for improvisation.

It was not as publicized as today but for the time, it was a very important event, especially two bronze medals for a country like Belgium, it was a great publicity and a great pleasure. The whole population participates in the Olympic Games. There are riders who win big championships without anyone knowing it, whereas for the Games, people say "we won".

Everyone has won a medal and is participating. It's a huge difference that makes people much more aware. An Olympic medal is about 8 and 10 million people saying, 'We won a medal'.

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Cheston de la pomme d'or Z by Ecurie François Mathy


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Marc bettinger francois mathy ethereum transaction w4

Falco van de Clehoeve \u0026 François Mathy Jr - CSI 5* Windsor 2018 1.45 class

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