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asian handicap odds betting

An Asian handicap bet is one in which a handicap is assigned to one of the competing teams. The handicap is always given when referring to the bet; for instance. Soccer Betting At Your Fingertips. The Best Soccer Odds And Latest Fixtures. Bet Now. Asian Handicap is a popular betting type in football that originates from Indonesia. It works similarly with puck lines in hockey or run lines. TAAMEER REAL ESTATE INVESTING COURSE

The easiest way to illustrate the Asian handicap is with a table. Beneath the table, we are explaining in more detail what the quarter and three-quarter points are all about. In the top line of the table you can see the final result of the game, while on the left the different handicap variants.

In relation to Asian handicaps with quarter and three-quarter steps, bets can also be won or lost with half the stake. The other half is returned to the player as cashback. In this scenario, you get half of your stake back and you lose the other half. In this case, it is exactly the opposite: you get half of the stake back and you win with the other half.

Specifically, these intermediate steps, which are unusual at European betting sites , mean nothing more than that your stake is divided between two betting outcomes. Therefore, if you play an AHC If you struggle to be certain on basic bet types, Asian handicap betting may not be for you just yet.

The use of half and quarter goals can be confusing, and whilst explanations will help to understand, the best way to learn, check and understand Asian handicaps, is to see a visual table of the scenarios and possible outcomes. Click here to skip to the tables How Does Asian Handicap Work As you can tell from browsing the tables above, Asian Handicaps are not straightforward at first glance, with half and quarter figures offered.

Whilst the tables provide a visual of possible results and bet outcomes, let's look a little closer. Read his full explanation on how to take advantage of Asian handicap betting. Asian Handicap Full Lines People often think that Asian handicap betting comes into its own when there are relative mismatches in football matches where one side has a far higher probability, and therefore much lower odds on offer to win the game, and conversely, higher and larger ods for the underdog.

This is not always the case and by using the Asian handicap lines you may be able to find more value in the odds if you think the handicap set is misplaced. Asian handicap Full Line are those with round numbers. This signifies that the underdog is provided a 1 goal head start in the match.

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Asian Handicap in Sports Betting Explained asian handicap odds betting

The origins of the Asian handicap This is quite easy to explain.

Crypto money laundering If Liverpool loses by two goals or more, your bet is a loss. The concept works in click same way as with the handicaps. Since Manchester City would be heavily favoured, you might see a handicap of -2 for Manchester City in this one. Well, this guide will help you through the complexities of this bet type, which is actually quite straightforward and useful for punters betting on uneven fixtures. Example: Match: Everton v.
Bodog betting bonus Liverpool If Chelsea were to play Tottenham, you can reduce the risk of a classic 1X2 betting model click two outcomes by playing on Asian Handicap 0. With a push, all bettors have their original wagers returned as there is no winner. Handicap 0. Register at Bet and get 12 months full access for free!
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