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investing in walnut trees

It goes without saying that the walnut tree is a remarkable investment. The promise of long term consistent high return coupled with low maintenance cost and. producing black walnut syrup, and 3) leasing black walnut trees for tapping. and managing a black walnut plantation as a financial investment. It takes over 50 years to grow a veneer quality walnut log under ideal conditions. To know the future value of the log, you need a crystal ball. CRYPTO WALLET MULTIPLE

Our team will travel to your location and layout the Black Walnut Plantation, using our mapping drone system to mark the spots where trees are planted to make a perfect spiral, which is essential to create the energy field to promote fast tree growth. You can plant the trees yourself or hire us to do the planting for you. Contact Us For Pricing 6 Times Your Money In 5 Years There is a shortage of black walnut tree seedlings, particularly black walnut seedlings that are aged several years and taller than 10 feet.

Tree Plantation uses a proprietary method to grow extremely tall tree seedlings; in excess of 10 feet in as little as five years. We Grow Tall, Straight Tree Seedlings We grow tree seedlings that are tall, straight and branch free most of the length of their trunk. The photo below shows Black Walnut tree seedlings 1 year after transplant.

They show an average 3 inch caliper and heights of between 5 and 9 feet. It is almost entirely branch-free, which means at harvest, these trees will have grown and produced valuable knot-free grade 1 veneer or timber.

Their pyramid shape conforms to the natural rooting habit of a tree, which is bottom half hourglass shaped. The shape encourages superb root development and rapid terminal branch growth, which will determine the height of the tree. The root shape eliminates the need for after transplant tree supports and guide wires.

Pots are easily assembled and disassembled for a quick plant and harvest. The formed root and long stem of the tree facilitates ease of transport by container, truck or trailer. Tall trees are transplanted using a PTO tractor mounted post hole digger. Send me the PDF files By planting trees we….

Help solidify the ground structure 2. Inhibit soil erosion 3. Enable the land to absorb more water 4. Cleanse the air and lower overall temperature levels 5. Help heal the biosphere 6. Maintain biological diversity and help upkeep a healthy ecosystem 7. Lower the risk of flood damage 8. Help minimize greenhouse effects 9. You will continue to receive your entitled profits, and your trees will be replanted.

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It takes over 50 years to grow a veneer quality walnut log under ideal conditions. To know the future value of the log, you need a crystal ball. You also need to subtract the entire cost of the project, to know whether your investment was in fact profitable. We would venture to guess that only one out of a hundred mature walnut trees would be veneer quality. There are many steps between planting a walnut seed and harvesting marketable timber.

Each of these steps costs money, time or both. He compared the future value of an investment in walnut tree growing to investing the same amount at compound interest. Still, the idea of planting such a legacy is appealing. Most of your investment would be time and effort, not dollars.

Here is a summary of the steps from start to finish: 1. Lay out a planting area, allowing space for straight rows of trees spaced 15 feet apart, and treat a four-foot circle for each tree with Roundup. Select walnuts from the straightest, healthiest walnut tree you can find, and remove the husks. Put the seeds in a feed sack and bury them for a month or so, then dig them up and wash them in a bucketful of water.

Throw out any that float. Plant three seeds at each tree location, in separate holes. If more than one seed comes up in any location, pick the straightest, healthiest sapling and cut off the rest, painting Roundup concentrate on the cut stumps. Unlike other investment platforms where you do not know how your money is being used, with The Walnut Fund you get to see exactly where your money is going.

With The Walnut Fund, you get to physically watch your investment grow! Great community Join a community of people devoted to the environment and making the world a better place, while at the same time making a serious profit! Customer service Our customer service team is first-class! Call us, send us an email, or contact us directly via our telephone number.

We are there to answer any questions you might have. Great return on investment No investment platform out there promises such a high and steady ROI as we do. Although it might be a while until you get to see the money flow, it is well worth the wait.

Do something good for the planet By investing in walnut trees you are doing something good for the planet! Plant a tree and make the planet just a little bit more green. A gift for the next generation The Walnut Fund is an investment that is not only for yourself.

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